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Commercial Mats and Flooring
Greatmats offers all types of industrial, warehouse, commercial, and rooftop rubber, vinyl, carpet, and plastic flooring and mat options. Check out our selection now.
Herongripa Slip Resistant Matting Roll 3 x 33 ft Roll
Herongripa slip resistant matting that is ideal for food processing and kitchen areas. Large open grid design allows spillage to dissipate effectively.
LonMat UV Vinyl Rolls 3 x 75 Ft
LonMat UV Vinyl Rolls 3x75Ft by Lonseal have a UV-cured finish for long-lasting use w/ electrically insulated surface. They are fire retardant, available in 4 colors.
Rubber Gym Floor thumbnail
Can You Use Radiant Heat Under Rubber Flooring?
While radiant heating won't likely damage your rubber flooring, there are other factors to consider when installing flooring over in-floor heating. Read more here.
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What Is The Best Cherry Flooring?
Cherry flooring is perfect for home or commercial use. This flooring is available in wood vinyl, laminate, tile, and plank.
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What Is Sheet Vinyl Flooring Used For?
Sheet vinyl flooring and vinyl flooring rolls can be found at Greatmats
LonWood with Foam Commercial Vinyl Rolls 6x60 Ft
LonWood with Foam Vinyl Flooring is designed for commercial installations. Use this sheet vinyl option for fitness and gymnasium facilities. Order yours now.
Trade Show Flooring
Browse our selection trade show flooring! Enjoy interlocking carpet, foam, & wood grain, anti-fatigue tiles for standing all day in your booth. We offer free samples.
Plush Comfort Carpet Tile 5/8 Inch x 10x10 Ft. Kit Beveled Edges
Star Rating Image Rating: 4.5  - 8 reviews -  $580.64
Interlocking trade show floor carpet tile 10x10 ft kit. Use Plush Comfort Carpet trade show carpet tiles for show booth floors, expo flooring, and events.
Pride Athletics 3/8 Inch Rubber Flooring thumbnail
Gym Flooring - Rubber and Foam - Pride Athletics Testimonial
Discover why this Kentucky athletic center chose Greatmats athletic flooring for its new fitness facility.
Jazzercise Exercise Mat System thumbnail
What Is The Best Flooring For Jazzercise?
The best jazzercise flooring options will provide comfort, stability and durability for group dance exercises all in one package.
Artificial Turf for Sled Work thumbnail
What Are the Most Popular Uses for Artificial Grass?
Grass Turf isn't just for indoor football fields anymore. Check out how other sports are taking advantage of this low maintenance grass.
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Comparing Garage Gym Flooring - Rubber vs Foam & PVC
Greatmats compares garage gym flooring including rubber vs. foam and PVC flooring options.
Silent Tread Noise Reducing Apartment Flooring thumbnail
What is the best soundproof flooring for an apartment?
When creating a soundproof apartment floor, there are a number of noise reduction flooring options for apartments to consider such as underlayments and stand alone tiles.
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Using Gym Floor Covers For Events
Greatmats discusses how you can use a protective gym floor cover for an event being held in a gymnasium or other large room.
Commercial Vinyl Flooring
Find commercial sheet vinyl rolls and floor tiles for retail, office, and school spaces. Check out our wide selection of flooring here.
Industrial Mats & Flooring
Shop our selection of industrial flooring & safety mats for factories & warehouses. Top products for factory floors, wet areas, welding & anti-fatigue environments.
Lonseal Commercial Sheet Vinyl Flooring Rolls
Lonseal flooring commercial sheet vinyl rolls are available for everything from marine and aircraft to deck and sports court applications. Check out Greatmats selection.
Border Ramp Pair for Meter Mat 1.5 inch x 1x1 Meter
Star Rating Image Rating: 4  - 4 reviews -  $9.15
The Border Ramp for our Grappling MMA Mats and Indoor Playground Tiles provides a ramped edge. This pair is easy to install and clean, and waterproof. Buy now.
Sheet Vinyl Flooring Rolls
Greatmats has a large selection of sheet vinyl flooring with different wood looks and textured patterns for home, commercial, and specialty vehicle settings.
Vinyl Flooring
Commercial and residential vinyl flooring is available in many different forms, including sheet vinyl, LVP & LVT flooring.
Display Flooring
For display floors, you need easy to assemble flooring that looks great. Use display flooring for show, event, and booth floors. Order now.
LonEco Commercial Vinyl Rolls with Topseal 6x60 Ft
LonEco Vinyl Flooring designed for commercial installations. Use this quality commercial grade sheet vinyl for schools, office, institutions and more.
Christine Fink of Christine's Dance Company in Rice Lake Wisconsin thumbnail
Marley Studio and Portable Dance Flooring: Christine's Dance Company
Christine's Dance Company in Rice Lake uses Rosco Adagio marley flooring products in both its studio and on stage for recitals.
Blue Sky Corner Inside 90/10 EPDM 2.75 Inch x 14 Inch Width
Blue Sky Corner Inside 90/10 EPDM 2.75 Inch. Ships from Southeastern US. Quality rubber playground corner offers many color choices. Made in the USA.
Ohio home dance flooring thumbnail
What Is The Most Popular Specialty Flooring In Ohio?
Ohio specialty flooring are popular in cities such as Dayton, Columbus, Hilliard, Akron, and Toledo can be found at
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Commercial Gym Flooring - Rubber Mats Rolls and Tiles
With more than 200 commercial gym flooring flooring systems, Greatmats is the place to start when matting your health or fitness club, weight room or aerobics studio.
Wood Look Flooring
Faux wood flooring is a good alternative to hardwood floors. We offer floor tiles and woodgrain vinyl planks & mats.
dance floor for hip hop thumbnail
What Makes A Good Dance Floor For Hip Hop?
Dance flooring for hip hop is great for practicing choreography and work on hip hop dance skills.
Commercial Gym Flooring Rolls, Tiles, Mats & Turf
Commercial Gym Flooring comes in many forms, including Rubber Rolls, Tiles and Mats as well as foam and plastic tiles and artificial turf.
how to make a k-pop dance studio  thumbnail
The Best Flooring For K-Pop Dance?
K-pop dance is a Korean inspired fusion of hip hop, jazz, and house dance styles. It’s a cardio dance party that will bring out your inner dancer.
basement carpet flooring thumbnail
What Are The Top Cheap Basement Flooring Ideas?
Cheap basement flooring ideas that work well over concrete and are easy to install. These options come in carpet, rubber, and vinyl.
home dance flooring thumbnail
What Is The Best Flooring For A Virtual Workout?
Having the best mat or flooring under you will enhance your overall experience of your online classes. But which should you choose? View our recommendations.
Aerobic Mats and Flooring
Aerobic mats can quickly help create a professional quality spot in a home or commercial facility. We have a wide range in stock, including modular PVC tiles.
Pre-Sized Trade Show Booth Flooring Kits
Find pre-sized flooring kits of 10x10, 10x20, 20x20, and 20x30 displays and exhibition areas. These kits feature carpet tiles, foam flooring and more.
Temporary & Portable Flooring
Find portable floor options, including floor tiles & rolls of rubber and vinyl. Use for dance, event & trade show temporary flooring. View our products now.
Interlocking Foam Mats - Multiple Styles & Uses
Interlocking foam mats are soft, durable and easy to install. Use for home gyms, workouts, kids playrooms & martial arts (BJJ & grappling) floors. Buy yours today!
How long does a Marley Floor last? thumbnail
How Long Does a Marley Floor last?
With proper care, marley dance flooring can last in upwards of a decade. Here are some tips to make the most of your marley floor lifespan.
Mats & Tiles for Concrete Floors
You have plenty of options for placing new flooring over concrete in your basement or garage. Learn about your available floor options, including carpet, foam, and rubber.
Sundance Horse Stall Mat Kit Black 3/4 Inch x 10x12 Ft.
Star Rating Image Rating: 5  - 6 reviews -  $468.00
Horse stall mat kit in 10x12 ft size is available for immediate shipment. Use horse stall mat kits for stalls, barns and stables.
Garage Floor Tiles thumbnail
Are garage floor tiles any good?
Are garage floor tiles any good? Yes - Garage flooring, whether plastic tiles or rubber mats, are an excellent choice for home garage flooring.
bubble soccer indoor thumbnail
What Is The Best Flooring For Indoor Bubble Soccer
Greatmats identifies a few products that would be ideal for indoor bubble soccer, providing cushion, traction and durability.
Horse Stall Interlocking 6 Ft. Border Mat Cobblestone 3/4 Inch x 4x6 Ft.
Star Rating Image Rating: 5  - 2 reviews -  $74.48
Add traction, protection and comfort to your wash bay or foaling stall. Horse Stall Interlocking 6 Ft. Border Mat Cobblestone 3/4 Inch 4x6 Ft., 6 Ft. straight border edge.
One Putt Artificial Grass Turf Roll 7/16 Inch x 15 Ft. Wide 5 mm Padded Per SF
Our One Putt Artificial Grass Turf Roll is one of the most durable fake grass products available. It is an excellent choice for golf simulators and bocce ball courts.
gym basement flooring  thumbnail
What Is The Best Basement Gym Flooring?
Basement gym flooring is perfect for anyone who is looking to work out from home. Greatmats has a wide selection of gym mats for your home that are cost effective.
dock jumping mats thumbnail
What Is The Best Surface For Dock Jumping Dogs?
If you have dock jumping dogs, you may be wondering what the best flooring surface is for them to have under feet while they are training for competition.
Bermuda Artificial Grass Turf Roll 15 Ft wide x 5mm Padded per SF
Bermuda Artificial Turf Roll with 5mm pad - one of the most durable artificial turf product available. This grass turf is ideal for sports, gyms, batting cages, and bocce ball
waterhog mats for inside the door on hardwood floors thumbnail
Are Waterhog Mats Safe For Hardwood Floors?
Greatmats discusses whether Waterhog mats are safe for hardwood flooring regarding moisture and backing type.
How Thick Are Judo Mats thumbnail
How Thick Are Judo Mats?
Greatmats discusses how thick judo mats are and recommendations for thicknesses to minimize risk of injury from falls and impact.
Firmagrip Industrial Matting 3 ft x 33 ft Roll
Use Firmagrip to provide your industrial areas with a slip resistant flooring. Firmagrip has a dense grid design to for slip resistance and drainage.
Sterling Ramp Black 2.75 Inch x 7x48 Inches
Athletic Sound tile 2.75 inch rubber floor tile ramp. High quality durable rubber flooring option in black.
How to Clean & Maintain Dance Studio Flooring thumbnail
How Do You Clean Dance Studio Flooring?
Dance floors should be washed using a cleaner or detergent appropriate for your specific dance studio flooring at least weekly, or after periods of heavy use.
Blue Sky Corner Inside 90/10 EPDM 3.25 Inch x 14 Inch Width
Blue Sky Corner Inside 90/10 EPDM 3.25 Inch. Ships from Southeastern US. Quality rubber Blue Sky playground floor tiles feature fall height ratings.
LonCoin II Flecks UV Vinyl Rolls 6x60 Ft
LonCoin II Flecks UV Vinyl Flooring rolled are designed for commercial installations. This commercial vinyl flooring provides high gloss sophisticated look.
StrongPlay Foam Pad 2 inch x 4x5 Ft.
StrongPlay Foam Pad 2 inch x 4x5 Ft. use with StrongPlay Playground Tiles for increased fall height rating.
LonWood Madera with Top Seal Commercial Vinyl Rolls 6x60 Ft
LonWood Medera Vinyl Flooring designed for commercial installations. Commercial quality and durability in many color options.
Flexible PVC Low Profile Edging Roll 3/8 Inch x 2 Inch x 33 Ft. Pack of 2
Flexible PVC Low Profile Edging Roll 3/8 Inch x 2 Inch x 33 Ft. provides a safe transition for your Heronair or Heronrib safety flooing. Pack of 2, each roll 33 feet long.
Sterling Outside Corner Black 2 Inch x 19x19 Inches
Star Rating Image Rating: 5  - 1 review -  $70.48
Sterling tile 2 inch Outside Corner Black rubber floor tile. High quality durable rubber flooring option.
LonMat UV Vinyl Rolls 6 x 30 Ft
LonMat? UV Vinyl Rolls 6x30Ft by Lonseal? have a UV-cured finish for long-lasting use w/ electrically insulated surface. They are fire retardant & come in 4 colors.
Walk Behind Tape Dispenser
Walk Behind Tape Dispenser for our 3 inch transparent vinyl gym floor covering tape. Add convenience when installing your vinyl gym floor cover system.
GamFloor Self Adhesive Vinyl Floor Full Roll 4 x 100 Ft.
GamFloor Self-adhesive vinyl floor rolls can be used as a temporary vinyl floor covering, and you can paint on it. Determine whether if this will work for your needs now.
Blue Sky U Lock 4.25 Inch x 2x23 Inches
Select the Blue Sky Playground Tile U Lock 4.25 inch for your interlocking 4.25 inch Blue Sky Playground flooring. Made in the USA with durable, recycled rubber.
Horse Stall Mats Straight Edge Cobblestone 3/4 Inch x 4x6 Ft.
Star Rating Image Rating: 5  - 10 reviews -  $48.64
Shop heavy-duty 3/4 inch horse stall mats with a pebble-texture on top. Ideal for horse stalls, barn aisles, or where a heavy-duty rubber mat is needed.