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Sprung Dance Floor Options

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Portable and DIY Sprung and Ballet-Cushioned Dance Floors

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Whether you have a home or a professional dance studio, a is a must, both in terms of preventing injuries and in establishing a professional dance surface. Greatmats offers sprung dance floors for sale designed to match a variety of dance studio types and budgets. We offer the very best in sprung dance floor solutions by Rosco, as well as affordable underlayment solutions for home dance studios. In addition to sprung floors, Greatmats also offers multiple cushioned dance underlayment sub-floor options to match your budget and your dance type requirements.

Consider a sprung floor for the following uses:

  • Add safety and comfort to your dance studio floors
  • Create a desirable dance surface for rehearsals or performances
  • Make your own dance rehearsal space right in the comfort of your own home
  • Invest in a portable sprung dance floor to bring with you when touring or going to competitions

A sprung dance floor provides the following benefits:

  1. Design absorbs impact from a dancer while providing the right amount of resistance
  2. Sprung flooring helps to create a more comfortable dance surface while reducing the potential for injuries
  3. Flooring can transform a dance floor into a professional, desirable dance surface
  4. A quality sprung floor can enhance performance, making it a priceless investment

Shopping for a Sprung Dance Floor

Greatmats is proud to offer a variety of sprung dance floors for sale.

Consider the following factors to help you make the right choice of sprung dance floor:

  • What type of dance will your dance floor be used for?
  • Do you need a floor that can be easily removed and transported?
  • Are you interested in a do-it-yourself option?
  • What is your budget?

If you find that these sprung dance floors for sale are outside of your budget, then be sure to explore our subfloor underlayment options, outlined in the sections below. We offer options for every budget, whether you're outfitting a professional dance studio or want a rehearsal space in the comfort of your own home.

Rosco Sprung Floors

When looking at sprung dance floors for sale, you absolutely must consider our top-of-the-line Rosco sprung dance floors. Constructed from a pre-built panelized system, these spring floors are the best on the market and are an excellent way to invest in your dance studio, as well as in the health and safety of your dancers.

The Rosco sprung dance floor system for professional dance studios is suitable for the most demanding of dancers. Made in the USA, sprung underlayments by Rosco create the top dance sprung subfloor system on the market. This sprung dance floor is used nationwide in professional ballet and dance studios, universities, and dance troupes.

This system utilizes a WaveLock design that eliminates soft and hard spots in the floor and provides enough flexibility to absorb the dancer's impact and provide proper resistance. Closed cell foam pads connected to the underside of the sprung panels help provide superb resilience and dimensional stability. The 42x42 inch panels spoon together seamlessly and perimeters can be connected to wood or concrete. This design makes for improved performance and increased safety and comfort.

The Rosco Sprung Floor system is a popular sprung dance floor option. This system is a high-quality, pre-built panelized system which features overlapping panels to eliminate any hard or soft spots. The full panels are topped with medium-density fibreboard (MDF) sheets.

This is a great choice if you're looking for a portable sprung dance floor for sale, since the panels can be assembled and disassembled as needed. This means you can take the dance floor with you when you move your studio or when you need a dance floor assembled in a new location. This pre-built panelized sprung underlayment system simply fits together during installation and can be installed with customizing panels for a wall-to-wall fit.

The Rosco single layer customizing sprung dance subfloor panels provide an economical option for a DIY spring dance floor. These Sprung Dance SubFloor Do-It-Yourself Customizable panels give you an option to save money if you have basic carpentry skills, since you can install the finished layer yourself using BCX (B-grade face, C-grade back side with exterior adhesive) plywood or better.

Studio owners often use these panels on two or more sides of their studio floor to put the finishing touch on wall-to-wall installations. With these panels, you can customize your sprung floor around pillars, fit it to irregularly shaped rooms, and fill in remaining spaces between full panels and the remaining walls.

These DIY customizable sprung panels offer the same spring base as the full panels without the MDF top, and are highly versatile and economical. You'll need to purchase the finished plywood or MDF layer separately to complete the installation process. If you're handy with base power tools and have a tight budget, you may want to consider using the DIY panels for your entire floor and installing the MDF to the entire floor yourself.

Marley surfaces are sold separately with all sprung floor systems.

Subfloor Underlayments

Sprung dance floors are the ideal dance surface, but the spring dance floor cost may mean that you can't purchase a sprung floor right away. If that's the case, you might consider an alternative.

Cushioned subfloor underlayments are economical dance sub-flooring solutions. Underlayments help to separate your dance floor from hard concrete or wood floors. While not a direct replacement for sprung floors, underlayments do provide additional cushion for a more comfortable dance floor.

We offer a variety of cushioned underlayment dance floor systems in foam and rubber at affordable prices. These sub-floor options are suitable for ballet, tap, modern, and other dance types.
Below are a few of our most popular subfloor underlayments.

Foam Subflooring

The Sport Plus Foam Tile is the simplest underlayment to install. The durable 3/8-inch-thick high density EVA foam tiles interlock together like a puzzle in conveniently sized 2x2 foot squares. The foam underlayment provides essential separation between the dancer and hard floors such as concrete. This surface is ready to receive a rigid marley surface, such as Rosco Adagio, and is preferred by many recreational and home dancers. Install on any hard, flat surface with no adhesive. You can even cut the tiles to fit a wall-to-wall installation by using a utility knife. Marley surface sold separately.

Please note that this sub-floor material is not recommended for advanced ballet, as it may be too soft for average sized adult dancers.

Plyometric Rubber Subflooring

For use with advanced ballet dance, we recommend our plyometric rubber rolls. This product is a low-density rolled rubber in 3/8 or 1/2 inch thicknesses. These rubber rolls offer ballet dancers the fast response and rebound needed when exiting pointe. The flooring also absorbs impact to reduce leg injuries.

Dance Studio Subfloor Elite System

The Dance Studio Subfloor Elite is a subfloor system which utilizes three separate layers to create an ideal dance floor. The bottom layer features 1/2 inch thick interlocking foam athletic tiles to provide excellent cushion. The foam tiles have a non-slip surface that will keep the subflooring system from shifting. On top of the foam is a firm, yet flexible layer of raised plastic athletic tiles that provide proper support. Your marley surface (sold separately) is installed on top of the plastic tiles to complete the system.

The Dance Studio Subfloor Elite System is easily portable, as each of the bottom two layers are made of modular or interlocking tiles, conveniently sized for storage and transportation. The flooring system is also much lighter weight than most sprung floor systems that utilize plywood.

9-Tile Tap Floor Kit

If you are looking for a tap floor with moderate cushion, consider our 9-tile tap dance floor kit. This kit does not require any separate subflooring and can be installed in a flash. Simply snap the tiles together by stepping on the seams over a hard, flat surface. Complete the tap floor by snapping on the border ramps around the edges, and you will have a finished tap floor ready for action. This floor features a vinyl surface over a raised plastic base and has a 7-year wear layer, so you get the most out of your investment.

Commitment to Customers

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