Sprung Dance Floors

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A sprung dance floor will provide the ideal surface for students of any age, as well as for professionals, whether the studio is run from home, as a business, or in a professional setting. It prevents injuries with its forgiving configuration. Count on Greatmats to deliver great prices. Our inventory features Rosco panels as well as our own solutions, including dance applications for use in residences.

Sprung Dance Floor DIY Setups

This product can be a challenge for your budget. However, Greatmats offers this style in a variety of price points and styles, so we can accommodate any budget. Our floating dance floor construction is suitable for use anywhere, as it looks great and offers excellent durability.

We are proud to offer the Rosco portable sprung floor panel system, which is an industry-leading model. Using a pre-built panelized flooring system, it is easy to install. Users will appreciate that it has no soft spots, meaning dancers will stay healthier and be able to practice longer.

These work in any setting, as they're suitable for studios, university settings, homes, schools, and for professionals who are touring. These are made in America, so trust the durability provided.

The WaveLock design will have a consistent feel throughout, with no hard or soft areas. It's flexible enough to absorb impact while still providing a firm layout. The underside contains closed-cell PE foam pads that deliver stability, comfort, and safety.

Our sprung dance floor for home construction involves a simple assembly process with individual units that pop together perfectly. Our sprung floor system also allows for fast disassembly when moving it to a new location for a recital. With such a versatile design, it is a good value.

Portable Dance Floor

This is economical. Our Customizing Panels only require a BCX plywood finished top layer at a minimum, which means nothing more than basic carpentry skills are required for the installation of the wood floors.

Should there be an odd layout, our customized spring-loaded flooring will be able to fit properly. Configuring these around pillars or squeezing them into an oddly shaped room is a simple process, thanks to the high-quality materials we use. Placing these along the wall allows for a nice, pre-finished look at the edges of the full panels.

These deliver the same flexibility and spring base as the full units, making them an economical choice for anyone. These do not have MDF, so installers need to add a separately purchased layer of finished plywood or MDF.

Plyometric Rubber

We highly recommend our plyometric rubberized rolls. This product is low-density rolled rubber in 3/8- or 1/2-inch thicknesses. These give dancers the fast response and rebound needed when exiting pointe. It also absorbs impact to reduce leg injuries.

The Studio Subfloor Elite is a design that utilizes two layers. The bottom features a 6 mm rubber material to yield an outstanding cushion. On top are firm, yet flexible, flat plastic tile layers for proper support.

Top 5 Uses for Sprung Flooring for Dance Studios
  1. Add safety and comfort.
  2. Create a reliable spot for rehearsals or performances.
  3. Create a rehearsal space at the house.
  4. Invest in a product for touring.
  5. Increase the training time with less fatigue.

How to Build a Sprung Dance Floor

Count on us to have everything required. Some customers will buy everything from us, while others will just want an upper layer to go over a cushioned base they already have.

Most people must cut the pieces near the walls to achieve a proper fit if they want a close-to-the-wall layout. Some may cut them along only one wall for a faster installation. Either way, we have everything needed.

We recommend that all parts be placed in the rooms where they'll be installed for a 24 to 48 hour period. This allows them to acclimate to the temperature and humidity conditions, reducing the possibility of significant problems with shrinkage or expansion.

Hardwood Sprung Floor DIY Systems

The surfaces will consist of vinyl or hardwood floors. Hardwoods can handle foot traffic as well as dancing activities. Others may prefer a hardwood style to complement the room's existing floor and decor.

Vinyl offers a nice level of durability and quality too, all at a great price point. We offer a plastic setup, which also works well with marley floors. And when the dancer wears street shoes on the plastic, it’ll be safe from damage. Be sure to tape the marley to the base to prevent it from sliding around during practices and performances.

Safe Sprung Floor Gymnastics Systems

In the subsurface, we use a perfect mix of types of material for cushioning with just the right level of bounce back, almost like a basket weave. Excessive bounce, which many call a trampoline effect, could cause them to lose their balance. Ours will not result in a trampolining effect.

Through proper construction, the installer will avoid having spots that provide too much or too little cushioning. These unstable spots can make a dancer take a misstep. You can count on us to sell only the best materials to keep everyone safe.

For schools that have hip-hop teams, cheer teams, or show choirs, having the best ballet sprung floors installed for practices is extremely valuable. A student will be able to work out for longer periods because of the cushion. They will avoid problems with sore knees and ankles, no matter how frequently they go through the same routine.

It works well in a school because it is easy to lay out for practice and then pick up to return the room to its original purpose. With the long-term nature found in our products, schools will receive an excellent value.

We wouldn't recommend using this style for cheerleading practice where the students will be tumbling. But it works perfectly well for cheerleaders who are working on moves that they'll incorporate into a competition routine.

Residential Sprung Dance Floor Configurations

Our selections are affordable. They can work out as long as they want at home, as they won't have sore joints and tired legs.

Ours have cushioned layers that perfectly complement the sturdy footing on the main section. Ours typically use foam. Customers like these because ours can be installed as needed and then disassembled later. Install this at practice time and then pull it back up between practices.

FAQ Sprung Dance Floor Q&A

How much does a sprung dance floor cost?
It depends on the material in use. The most basic models will cost around $2 to $5 per square foot, but the price could be as high as $10 to $15 per square foot for tongue-and-groove units that have excellent build quality.

What is a sprung dance floor?
Use a DIY portable sprung dance floor to provide shock absorption for students and teachers in the dancing classes. The idea is to reduce the possibility of injuries by giving them cushioning underneath the marley flooring that protects the lower body joints.

What are the best floors for ballet?
Subfloor for Studio Elite is an economical subflooring solution by Greatmats. Underlayments help to provide separation from hard concrete. While not a direct replacement for sprung flooring, underlayments do provide additional cushion for a more comfortable space. We offer a variety of cushioned underlayment systems at affordable prices.

How do you make a DIY sprung dance floor?
Although some studios may attempt to build their own designs, our sprung dance floors greatly simplify the installation process, allowing customers to create a high-performance surface in very little time because the kit includes everything.

What do you put under marley?
The Sports Floor Plus Designer is the easiest underlayment to lay out. The durable 3/8-inch-thick EVA foam interlocks like a puzzle in 2x2 foot squares. The foam underlayment provides essential separation between the dancer and the concrete. Place it on a hard, flat surface with no adhesive. Cut these to fit by using a utility knife. Understand that this subfloor is not recommended for advanced ballet, as it may be too soft for average-sized adult dancers.