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Greatmats offers a variety of quality trade show shipping cases. Use our display case options to easily transport portable interlocking or modular expo floors from location to location. These are cargo-ready and easy to transport via freight or ground service. They make the task of toting the flooring easier, minimize back strain, and help to keep it protected from the elements, too.

Benefits of Trade Show Shipping Cases

  1. Simplify storing and transporting
  2. Everything is securely contained and ready for installation upon arrival
  3. Eliminate multiple trips to the car by carrying all of the pieces into the venue at once
  4. Protect your investment with the foam-lined interior, and it will look great for many years
  5. Select trade showcases with wheels to save back pain and reduce the number of items to lug around
  6. Tough trade show display cases wholesale will hold up to rigorous use and will travel many miles without issues

If you invest in branding for expos, it only makes sense to invest in a graphics case to keep it looking great and protected. If you're setting up in a large venue, having these on hand will make the job easier and faster.

Most of our trade show shipping cases are designed with durability and portability in mind. They will accommodate almost any kind of floor plan for the convention space.

Foam tiles are a popular option, thanks to the cushioned, forgiving surface that they provide. For a welcoming booth with the look of carpeting, our carpet-topped tile is an excellent choice. After finding the right items for the displays, put in the time to ensure that they are disassembled, sorted, stocked, and stored properly.

During transportation, accidents happen. Whether it is stored in the back of a van and other boxes fall over onto it, or it needs to go on a plane where it could be placed at the bottom of a stack of luggage, it's essential to invest to protect it.

These are a one-time investment that can ensure that it lasts, stays like new, and is neatly stacked and secured when arriving at the destination. With a variety of options for sale, we have options for both smaller and larger booths. We've outlined some models below to help get started.

Tradeshow Shipping Cases for Carpet Squares

Our Trade Show Shipping Cases 2x4 Feet is an excellent way to keep items safe during shipment and transportation.

With interior dimensions of 25 x 48 x 7” to 13” deep, this can hold a generous amount of foam floor tiles. This is the equivalent of a 10x10 foot booth floor, plus some room to spare.

This will be easily pulled through event centers, airports, hotels, and more. The removable top provides complete access, while the straps can be adjusted according to the amount that it contains at the moment. This always ensures a tight fit, preventing the flooring from shifting and being damaged during transit.

It can go anywhere that the job requires. It weighs just 30 pounds, which helps minimize the weight that is needed to carry it around.
  1. Ideal for smaller numbers of tiles (up to approximately 40)
  2. Easily rollable, leaving less to haul
  3. Preventing damage when moving to a new site
  4. Lightweight option for protection

Portable Display Cases for Trade Shows

If you're looking for larger units with greater capacity, our Trade Show Shipping Cases Jumbo 4x4 Ft will do the trick. This has a generous interior, measuring 48 x 48 x 28.5” deep. It is capable of holding up to 200 2’ x 2’ x 5/8” premium foam squares and up to 150 2’ x 2’ x 5/8” interlocking carpet squares. This generous capacity makes loading convenient. It weighs 100 pounds when empty. This model does not feature casters, so use a dolly or a cart to haul it into place.
  1. Need to transport or store large numbers of pieces (up to approximately 200)
  2. Excellent durability required
  3. Have the ability to use carts or dollies to get supplies into the venues

Trade Show Shipping Cases with Wheels

If you're looking for a simple transportation solution for big jobs, our Jumbo Trade Show Shipping Cases 4x4 Foot With Casters are a great solution. These feature a large protected enclosed space, measuring 48 x 48 x 28.5” deep. It will hold up to 200 2’ x 2’ x 5/8” premium foam tilings and up to 150 2’ x 2’ x 5/8” interlocking carpet tiles.

It features a hinged top and a durable closure device, making it suitable for years of use and traveling. It measures 100 lbs. when empty and is set on casters for easy movement. There are no dollies or other equipment required, meaning there’s less gear to worry about and the overall travel is streamlined.

When transporting it from the parking garage, through elevators, and into a large venue, the caster design here is very helpful.
  1. Transporting up to 200 tiles at a time
  2. Durable and rugged, suitable for travel
  3. Must haul gear over larger distances and don't want to be troubled to use a cart or a dolly

We are proud to offer a significant selection of roto-molded plastic casings suitable for a variety of purposes. To order, please give our experts a call. We would be happy to provide product samples, detailed information on shipping costs, and even advice on which product may be the best fit for the project.

These three containers are all made in the USA from durable polyethylene and come with a 1-year limited warranty.

FAQ Trade Show Shipping Cases Q&A

What can I use as trade show shipping cases?
Seek out a unit that is rugged enough and is both cargo- and freight-ready. A high-level storage case protects the gear inside. Exhibition shipping containers should have the highest quality exterior materials for maximum protection, but they also should be as lightweight as possible, reducing the cost of sending them.

What is the best expo hard case designed for sending exhibit materials to conventions?
It depends on the number of materials that will be sent and how much weight the people setting up the expo can comfortably lug around once it arrives. Some people prefer carrying several smaller units and making numerous trips. Others don’t mind having one heavy-duty carry case that holds everything.

Where can I buy trade show shipping containers?
Greatmats has an extensive selection of trade show shipping cases, including a lightweight trade show shipping case with wheels and/or carrying handles. Whatever is required to ensure the job is as easy as possible, we have it. Our customer service team is eager to help find just the right banner stand case with handles and wheels if desired.