Modular Entrance Tiles

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Commercial entrance tiles, Carpet top entrance tiles, Tire Tiles, Modular carpet tiles

Modular Entrance Tiles are either glue-down or snap-together tiles that are designed to be installed at doorways and entrance areas.

Snap together modular entrance tiles
Our top-of-the-line Entrance Linear Tiles are perfect for school entrances, commercial buildings, and shopping malls. Made entirely of recycled materials, this high-quality modular entrance tile can be used indoors or out and is UV- resistant. With its perforated top and raised base, you never have to worry about standing on a soggy mat. Water and dirt fall through the perforated surface, while the 1/2-inch-thick raised base allows air to access the water, permitting it to dry.

These 1x1-foot tiles snap together carpet top entrance tiles to create a professional black and charcoal parquet pattern. Regular vacuuming is recommended.

Glue-down modular entrance tiles
Recycled Tire Rubber Floor Tiles are one of the best glue-down forms of door and entryway tiles. These commercial entrance tiles are heavy-duty and affordable. They provide excellent traction and are ADA-compliant. In addition to price, the advantage these modular entrance tiles have over the Entrance Linear Tiles is that they are great for athletic areas where cleats or spikes may be worn.
Recycled Tire Rubber entrance tiles are also slip-resistant.

These 1x1 foot modular entrance floor tiles meet FF1-70 flammability requirements and are 3/8 inch thick.

The installation will require more work for gluing down modular entrance tiles than snap-together modular entrance tiles, but either way, you'll have a quality, durable floor for doorways and entryways.