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Loose Carpet Tiles

For those areas of your home or business when you want to create warmth in the flooring using carpeting, but where you don’t want to need to use glue to hold the carpet in place, floating carpet tiles from Greatmats are the perfect solution.

Making use of these removable carpet squares greatly simplifies the installation process, so you as the homeowner can handle it on your own, if desired, to save money.

Size and Shape Options

The majority of floating carpet tiles will have a square shape, which simplifies installation. With squares, you don’t have to make complex calculations to determine how many panels you need to use to cover a certain area when creating the floor.

Sizes vary from model to model. We offer squares that include sizes of 1x1 foot, 18x18 inches, 2x2 feet, and 1x1 meter.

When covering a large retail, commercial, daycare, or office space, selecting the larger 1x1 meter tiles should make the installation process go much faster.

For installing in a bedroom or basement at a home, however, the smaller-sized tiles should work nicely, as the installation is not going to take very long, regardless of the size of the tile.

Material Options

Our floating carpet tiles offer a few different materials, helping you find just the right model for your needs. The majority of these models make use of a low-pile carpeting, which is easy to clean and will stand up to multiple use cases well.

When you need a firm backing layer in an area that may have moisture in the subfloor, like a basement, select a tile that has a plastic base layer. The plastic layer enhances the durability of the product without requiring the addition of an underlayment.

Some of these models make use of a foam backing layer, which provides a bit of padding for the carpet. This is a nice selection when you will be using the tiles in a family room where people will be sitting on the floor to play or watch movies.

A StayTac backing layer is an option on these tiles, as it delivers cushioning along with noise reduction, preventing echoing in a large room. StayTac consists of a polyurethane foam backing and yields excellent durability while remaining in place.

Pattern and Texture Options

Our floating carpet tiles are available in a wide range of styles, patterns, and colors, simplifying the process of matching the flooring to the current design elements in the room.

Select darker, neutral colors, which simplify the cleaning process by hiding soils. Or pick bright colors for a fun kids’ playroom or a daycare. Multiple geometric patterns are available to enhance the look of the carpet as well.

A few of these tiles offer a textured pattern across the carpeted layer, which creates an interesting design element. Having a raised texture on the surface of the carpet is a good choice at the entrance of a building, catching moisture and soils as visitors walk inside.

Common Use Options

Our floating carpet tiles will work for a wide range of use cases. Whether you want a carpeting that can stand up to the roughhousing of kids in a family room, can handle the foot traffic of a busy retail location, or can deliver warmth in a bedroom, we have models to meet your needs.

Companies will install these in an office setting or in a walkway, creating a comfortable, durable flooring that looks great.

Retailers and hotels can install these tiles in areas where they want to impress visitors. They work in libraries and schools too.

Homeowners appreciate these tiles for use in a basement, bedroom, or playroom, as they’re easy to install and will deliver excellent performance.

Installation Options

The ease of installation is the greatest advantage of our floating carpet tiles. This will be a loose lay installation that does not require extra adhesive, further simplifying the process.

Some of these models have an interlock design using puzzle-style edges. Just pop the edges together by aligning the tabs and slots. The uneven puzzle edge should not be visible once the layout finishes.

If selecting a model that has a plastic base layer, the tabs and loops on the plastic layer will pop together securely. This interlocking edge is invisible in the final layout.

Those carpet squares with the StayTac design will grip the subfloor without the need for extra glue. Just lay the squares adjacent to each other and press them into place.

Cleaning and Maintenance Requirements

You’ll clean and maintain these carpeting tiles in the same way you would care for a roll of carpeting. Use a vacuum cleaner to remove dry debris and to prevent matting. Vacuum the carpeting more frequently in areas with busy pedestrian traffic.

To remove significant soils or to perform a thorough cleaning, use a carpet cleaning machine or hire a carpet cleaning service to perform the job.

Should a single tile become soiled to the point that cleaning is not possible, just remove the soiled tile and bring in a replacement tile. Because these floors do not use adhesive, replacing tiles is an easy process.