Dance Floors: Studio Marley Rolls & Portable Tiles

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Dance Studio Floors - Marley, Tap, Stage & Home

Professional Quality Marley Kit

This commercial sheet provides slip protection, cost effectiveness, and a high level of durability. It'll last for many years, even under heavy use and daily practices. It works for both stage and dance studio floor installations and is frequently found in pro organizations.

It is most commonly available in black, white, or gray. Our offers include full lengths at a discounted price. However, custom cut lengths are easier for transportation and for installation.

It is suitable for both temporary and permanent work. It's versatile enough for touring events. Just roll it up take it to the performance location.

Most customers install it in their studios with tape. Use single sided dance floor tape to cover the seams.

We ship our dance studio flooring systems nationwide at the most competitive prices. All are suitable for multiple situations. For residential customers, we also have rubber and durable foam tile.

Sprung Floors

We have a large selection of sprung floor products with subfloors. These work equally well for pros and for practice time at the house. The best quality on the market is found in the Rosco panelized systems, which are available in full or customizable DIY panels.

Professional dancers have tested and designed it, featuring the perfect combination of resilience, spring, and stability. Each one will nest inside others, delivering the patented WaveLock technology that eliminates soft spots underfoot.

We offer a two-part cushioned system called Dance Subfloor Elite. It has a mid-range price and two layers of material.

The bottom layer is softer for cushioning. The upper layer is a click interlock plastic tile that's usable for DIY assembly. For the final step, marley floors go over the top.

This system provides firm surfaces for tap or ballet dance flooring options, while providing cushion underneath. It eases the impact and stress on a dancer's body.

DIY Dance Floor

We have 3x3 and 3x4 ft panel sizes that connect via Cam-Lock. They feature aluminum border edging ramps for the perfect finishing touch. We also offer a commercial line of hotel quality dance flooring. This hardwood uses Cam-Lock connectors too.

Another popular pick is our 1x1 foot modular grid loc tile, designed for repeated installations at events or banquets. It consists of low density rubber or high density foam. These subfloors provide separation from hard surfaces, such as concrete. They give the dancers cushioned surfaces underfoot.

Our home package includes an underlayment. It's easy to install and lightweight for reduced shipping costs versus heavier material.

The Dance Adagio Tour product is specifically designed as a versatile option, outperforming dance floors for rent. It weighs only 1.6 pounds per square foot, which is great for temp theatrical installations. It's strong enough to stand up to any dancer shoes.

It has a matte, non-glare surface, which is perfect for stage flooring with bright lighting. Please note, though, that it is meant only for temporary usage. It's not thick enough for a full day of use at practice.

With the right care, it will continue to look great for years. To clean it, use heavy duty cleaner. We recommend cleaning it at least twice a week. More frequent cleaning is a smart idea for studios.

Portable & Practice Dance Floor for Home

We recommend a pop together design like this for use at a house. It easily snaps tightly in no time at all and later pops apart for disassembly.

The connecting systems link each piece securely. They will not pull apart when they're placed under stress. Even with frequent disassembly, the loop and tab connection will not degrade.

They can be used repeatedly for years. They are made of a commercial grade polypropylene with upper sections of vinyls. We offer several faux wood grain designs.

We have selections suitable for dancers wearing any kind of shoe. Our reversible marleys are extremely versatile.

They easily roll up when the performance is finished. They are a smart choice for those who require portability. Always store them tightly rolled up on the core and standing on end.

Customers for dances like modern and ballet floor often select our reversible vinyls. The softer and flexible feel is ideal for soft shoe or no shoe practices and performances.

Tapping academies like our modular tab and loop pieces with vinyl top tiling too. This is ideal for a temporary installation, where a custom size is needed.

They connect atop a hard surface. Afterward, they pop apart. They include a raised plastic base. This delivers excellent sound enhancement that's ideal for tapping.

Dance Floor FAQ

How do you install a dance floor on concrete?
Start with foams as the base layers. We recommend Sports Plus Designer Foam Tiles. These economical 2x2 pieces separate the cement and the vinyl surface. Lock the puzzle pieces together in minutes, completing the subflooring. Then place the finishing layers over the base. No adhesive is necessary, other than adding optional tape on the edges.

What is the best flooring for a dance floor?
Start by thinking about the plans for using it.
  1. A spring style will have a bit of rebound for a dancer, featuring a structure of wood and PE foams
  2. Adagio Marley is made to support both hard and soft shoes. It offers excellent slip resistance. It is popular for ballet, tapping, modern, jazz, hip hop, and lyrical genres.
  3. We suggest snap together products for events. They are portable and easy to assemble. They resemble a beautiful hardwood that can handle any type of dancing event. Banquet halls, hotels, DJs, and rental companies can make regular use of it. There’s even an outdoor model.

What type of floor is best for tap dancing?
The Greatmats Elite subflooring system has one section of rubber underlayment with firm upper plastic layer to produce a great sound for tap dance flooring. With vinyls, understand that aluminum taps may cause oxidation marks. Black color in the floorings hide the markings better than gray.

What is a dance floor made out of?
  1. Marley flooring consists of a vinyl sheet
  2. Portable bases consist of either plastics or hardwood laminate dancing floor mat panels
  3. Subfloor can consist of lumber and plywood or MDF wood such as the Rosco subflooring panels
  4. Underlayments are either foams or rubbers

How much do portable dance floor tiles cost?
Depending on the size of the studios and the product selected, the cost ranges from $2 to $9 per sq. ft. Basic subfloor and underlayment can range from $1 to $5 per square ft. Modular portables range from $4 to $7 per sq. foot.