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School Gym Wall Padding, Vinyl Covered ASTM Foam Wall Mats

Wall padding protects high school and university gyms. Vinyl-covered gym wall mats offer shock absorption and cushion for players, reducing the physical harm that may happen if an athlete flies off the playing surface out of control.

Safety wall padding for school or home gyms is available as either wood-backed gym wall padding or non-wood MMA gym wall padding. All of ours are made in the USA to custom shapes and specific customer sizes. Greatmats home gym wall pads carry warranties and use quality workmanship.

Benefits of Lightweight Wall Padding

  1. Maximize safety, whether working with young children or sports teams in fast-paced games
  2. Potentially prevent devastating injuries that can occur in just seconds by providing important cushioning
  3. Create a cohesive, professional appearance
  4. Incorporate a school's, team's, or facility's branding
  5. Outfit either indoor or outdoor sports areas
  6. Customization to fit around objects

Choosing the Right Model for the Facility

  1. Will it be used indoors or outdoors?
  2. What types of activities will be performed in the facility, and what types of impacts are possible?
  3. What kind of mounting surface is there?
  4. Are there electrical outlets or door handles to work around?
  5. Will they be permanently mounted, or is a temporary option better?
  6. Is customization with the school's logo, team's mascot, or branding required?
  7. Are there poles, beams, or obstacles that need to be padded?

Customizable Wall Padding

We have numerous selections suitable for schools, universities, and commercial gyms. We are proud to carry polyethylene foam pads with various installation styles and design options, as well as some customized selections.

Gym Wall Mats 4x8 Foot x 1.5 Inch represent one of our more basic units. These feature a durable inner PE foam core, which provides great impact absorption. They have tough 18-ounce covers and are available in a variety of brilliant colors. While these are suitable for floor use, they can also be attached to the walls.

If you're looking for a more professional, customizable option, our colorful, panelized matting will add a splash of brilliant color. We can emblazon a logo, team name, mascot, or another image on them. These are available in custom sizes and cutouts. They are equipped with a wooden backing to allow for direct attachment. These use Z-Clip installations and have 14-ounce vinyl covers for excellent durability.

If working with an outdoor space, then our Outdoor Wall Padding with Grommets is up to the task. With a variety of size selections, this is created with 3-inch thick high-impact polyurethane foams. The 18-ounce cover is UV resistant and comes with a 5-year limited no fade warranty. This moisture-resistant option comes in a variety of colors, and digital lettering and graphics are also options.

Our Outdoor Removable Wall Padding is a great choice for use on chain-link fences and gates, in baseball fields, and surrounding running tracks. This has a durable 18-oz covering. The matching backer board has a bolt and plate attachment method. The 3-inch polyurethane provides plenty of cushioning. Add on digital graphics or lettering for a customized appearance.

Column and Pole Custom Padding Solutions

Occasionally, gyms, wrestling facilities, and athletic rooms might have I-beams and other square, rectangular, or oddly shaped poles. Some of these support structures are found in the center of the room, too. These structures need to be wrapped for the safety of athletes. Customized column pads and corner pads are a smart solution to this problem.

Column paddings are delivered in the same colors and thicknesses as our standard products. We can have the perfect sizes and shapes cut to fit the specs for random obstacles that the gymnasium may present. Our high-quality units are sure to last for years, even in the challenging environments of gymnasiums. They are bright and colorful and look amazing in athletic facilities of all types.

Channel-Style I-Beam Paddings use a channel design to wrap the face and the edges of the I-beam. They are made with 3-inch poly foams that are covered with 18 oz polyester fabric coated with vinyl. These have bright colors and can have customizable graphics.

Our pole and post paddings are a popular choice for covering steel support poles in basements and football goal posts. These simply wrap the pole and connect back to themselves using a 2-inch hook-and-loop fastening flap. Keep in mind that these are not UV-treated and should not be left outdoors when not in use.

Installing Gym Wall Padding for Playrooms

There will almost certainly be unique challenges to installing protective gym wall mats, such as outlets, light switches, and other areas that must be accessible later. At Greatmats, we can accommodate these unique needs.

Our autism-friendly gym wall padding can be configured to fit obstacles so that they attach perfectly while still leaving some areas exposed and accessible. We can accommodate the handles of doors and windows for a non-invasive, clean installation. Our wall padding for a bedroom for a child with autism rarely requires special adhesives.

FAQ Wall Padding Q&A

How do you install wall padding?
Thanks to our design, they can be directly attached to concrete blocks or wooden studs. These are easy to install, as there are plenty of ways to handle the job, even when working with concrete. Upper and lower lip options are also available to easily replace and repair the vinyl as needed, keeping the gymnasium looking great and saving money versus having to invest in an entirely new pad.

How do you attach gym padding to concrete blocks?
Z-clips make installing them easier. These innovative clips can be attached to the panel's back by screwing them into the plywood backing. The other side of the clip is then screwed in, making for a simple installation. The mounting hardware is concealed behind them.

What do I need to make padded walls?
Purchasing precut materials is the best way. The most common gym wall padding thickness is 2 inches, utilizing cross-linked foam wrapped in durable vinyl. Ours is made to fit perfectly, using the best materials.

How long after installing can I use the room?
We provide an interlocking installation system that eliminates the need for glue or drying time. The room will be ready immediately.

Are gym wall pads fire-rated?
They can be, with the right material. We offer quite a few models that have a Class A fire rating. Additionally, many of the wall padding options found with Greatmats are anti-fungal and anti-bacterial.