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Greatmats offers a wide selection of quality octagon mats perfect for training forward rolls, walkovers, and front and back handsprings. These versatile yet cheap octagon tumbling mats are available in six sizes to fulfill your varied needs. Use them at home, at school, or even at All-Star gyms; octagon gymnastics mats can complement just about any gymnastics or cheerleading program. Our mats are custom made to order with the best quality manufacturing available.

Benefits of Our Octagon Gymnastics Mats

Considering cheap octagon tumbling mats from other retailers? There are plenty of reasons to choose our quality mats instead. Here are a few of the benefits you'll enjoy when you buy octagon mats for gymnastics from Greatmats:

  1. Top-quality mats are available in six sizes, so you can purchase the exact mat for your needs
  2. Versatile mats are useful for both the beginning stages of training and also to assist experienced gymnasts; they're a worthwhile investment you won't regret
  3. Mats are available in one or two colors; you get to pick colors that complement your school, team, or brand
  4. Our mats are designed in the USA and are made with premium materials; you're buying top-quality mats designed to last
  5. Even though our mats are custom-made, they're still affordable and offered at highly competitive pricing, so they won't break your budget

Potential Uses for an Octagon Gymnastics Mat

There are countless ways to use an octagonal gymnastics mat. Here are just a few:

  1. Train torso-bending skills such as walkovers, back handsprings, and forward rolls
  2. Fine-tune experienced gymnasts and cheerleaders
  3. Teach advanced skills like leaps, tick-tocks, and over splits
  4. Set up mats as obstacles for fun training games
  5. Equip your home practice space, school, gym, or professional training program

With an octagon mat, gymnastics training can be streamlined, improved, and made even easier for kids learning new skills. With an octagon mat, gymnastics students can learn how to control their bodies to accomplish skills such as walkovers and forward rolls. These mats help support students and put their bodies in the proper positions for skills. Gradually, with improved strength and body awareness, students can graduate to performing these skills without the mats' assistance.

About Our Octagon Mat Gymnastics

Our octagon mats aren't the typical cheap octagon tumbling mats that you'll find offered by so many suppliers. These mats are custom-made in the USA, using only premium materials. You're getting quality mats that are designed for top performance and are durable enough to hold up under rigorous use in professional programs.

Choose from six different mat sizes to get the perfect mat for the age ranges and skills that your program teaches. Standard sizes range from 15 to 40 inches wide and from 24 to 40 inches long. As an added bonus, our largest octagon mat can be split in half, giving you two developmental shapes. That mat features generous hook-and-loop fasteners that connect the two pieces together into the octagon shape.

We are proud to offer these mats made of premium materials. Filled with top-quality 70-ILD polyurethane foam, these mats are covered with a strong 18-ounce coated vinyl. All seams are sewn with durable Dacron thread, and the mats feature rugged webbing handles. They are designed for top performance.

When you order an octagon gymnastics mat from Greatmats, you'll be able to choose up to two custom colors. You can incorporate your team's colors, your branding, or even your school's colors into all of your mats, creating a cohesive look for your training space.

Versatile and essential tools for skills training, our octagon mats for cheerleading and gymnastics can improve the performance of your athletes. Whether you use them to train basic skills like forward rolls or rely on them for more advanced training in movements like leaps, there are potentially endless ways that you can put these mats to work in your program.

Offered at competitive pricing, the quality and performance of these mats simply cannot be beaten.

Additional Gymnastics Training Mats

When you order your octagon tumbling mats, consider adding some of our other gymnastics training mats to your order.

We offer a wide variety of incline wedge mats, perfect for any program. These versatile mats work as progressive skill builders and are available in many different sizes to suit your needs.

Incline wedge mats are an excellent option for training uphill vaulting, transition training on bars, basic tumbling on the floor, and basic conditioning. These mats are used for many different purposes, from Mommy and Me classes to recreation to elite athletes training for international competition.

Our incline wedge mats are available in solid and folding designs. You can purchase the mats in one or two colors and incorporate your team's, school's, or business' branding.

You should also consider our folding gymnastics mats, which can also be used for skill building. These mats can be completely unfolded to lay flat, creating a shock-absorbing surface perfect for gymnastics or cheerleading practice. However, when these mats are partially folded up, they can be used for skills building. You get multiple options from a single mat, increasing its value and maximizing your investment.

Our folding gymnastics mats are made with a quality inner foam core that helps absorb shock and cushion impacts. The professional quality 18-ounce vinyl cover is durable and rugged, ready to stand up to plenty of use. The seams are double stitched for excellent strength and a long lifespan, and the quality of the manufacturing in these mats is evident. Two-inch-wide hook-and-loop connector strips allow you to connect multiple mats together, creating larger practice spaces. When you're done with the mats, simply fold them up and store them away, saving space in your facility.

If you're looking for a mat that is easy to store away, you will want to consider our Cheer Mats. These high-performance sports mats are lightweight and easily portable, and they're the ideal size for traveling cheer events. These mats roll up for the ultimate convenience, and installing them is as easy as unrolling them.

Our cheer mats feature a durable, needle-punched carpet top that provides just the right amount of traction for cheerleading and training. They can be connected together with other mats and used both indoors and outdoors in dry areas. These mats are an excellent way to quickly create a practice space in virtually any location, whether you're at home, in your gym, or traveling to an event.

Ordering Your Octagon Mats

Are you wondering which size mat is appropriate for your needs and your students? We've created the following size guidelines to help:
- 20 x 28 inch: 3-5 year old child
- 25 x 30 inch: 5-8 year old child
- 30 x 36 inch: Child under 50 inches in height
- 35 x 35 inch: Child between 50 and 60 inches in height

Because our octagon mats are a custom product, please allow a significant production lead time.

If you have more questions about our octagon mats, need help choosing the perfect product, or are ready to place your order, please contact our flooring experts. We would be happy to help you find the perfect mat for your gymnastics or cheerleading needs.