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Portable Dance Floor Tile 1x1 Ft

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Top Features for Portable Dance Floor Tile 1x1 Ft

  1. 12x12 inch tile size
  2. Durable commercial grade vinyl top surface
  3. Designed for repeated installations
  4. Allows water and air to flow underneath
  5. Tight fitting tiles after installation
  6. Ramped border edging available in black
  7. Easy snap together tiles
Use Types

Portable Dance Floors, Banquet Dance Floors, Hotel Ballrooms, Portable Tents and Event Floors

Modular Interlocking Portable Dance Floor Tiles

are durable, created to withstand repeated assemblies, and interlock to form a professional looking dance floor. This portable dance floor can go with you anywhere, and is the perfect solution for event venues, traveling dance troupes and more.

These interlocking dance floor tiles ensure that you have a dance floor where and when you need one. Designed to withstand multiple assemblies, these tiles are durable, professional looking, and create an eye-catching dance floor perfect for banquet centers, performances, weddings, practice and more. Suitable for both indoor and temporary outdoor installations, this dance floor is ready to go wherever you do.

The Details About the Portable Dance Floor Tiles
These dance floor tiles are designed with the needs of a professional performer or business in mind. This floor holds up to the rigorous use expected of a heavy-duty dance floor, and it will look great during event after event. You can choose from many luxurious wood grain finishes, or opt for a slate finish for a more modern touch. With a secure, locking fit, these tiles create a stunning dance floor that doesn't look temporary at all.

The portable dance floor is suitable for use with many different types of dance shoe types, including high heels.

When choosing the appropriate sized dance floor, we recommend 9 square feet of space per person. Each tile is 1 square foot, so you can order as many tiles as necessary to get the dance floor size that you desire. Expecting a larger crowd for a future event? You can simply order more tiles to create a larger dance floor.

We also offer transport carts that can be used to stack and store the tiles, which can be particularly helpful when you're working with larger portable dance floors.

These dance floor tiles can be installed over any flat surface, including concrete and carpeting. If you are assembling a dance floor on top of concrete, we recommend that you use a 3mm rubber underlayment to provide some cushion and sound dampening.

The tiles feature a durable tab assembly so that these tiles will withstand countless assemblies. The dance floor will not start to separate and wear out as some other products will. These tiles are easy to assemble and easy to break down, so you don't waste time on setup and can instead focus more time and energy on your performance.

And if you only use the tiles periodically, it's no problem. The tiles measure 12 inches x 12 inches, so they're easy to store in a closet, storage area, or basement until you need them again.

Why These Dance Floor Tiles Are the Right Choice for Your Next Event
Why choose these dance floor tiles? There are plenty of reasons why these tiles are better than the other products out there.

Max Tile portable dance floor tiles are designed with easy transportation, storage and assembly in mind. These tiles can be installed over any hard surface, giving you plenty of options no matter what venue you'll be traveling to. Additionally, these tiles are built to last, meaning that through performance after performance, they'll hold together as tightly as they did the first time you assembled the dance floor.

Though the 12x12-inch tiles are easy to store just about anywhere, consider keeping them assembled in larger squares of 9 tiles so that you can quickly and easily assemble a dance floor. It will mean less prep work for you and more time for you to focus on the event itself.

These portable dance floor tiles are made in the USA. With a 5-year warranty against manufacturer defects, you know that you're investing in a quality product that a manufacturer is proud to stand behind.

These dance floor tiles are waterproof for use in any weather. They are made from a commercial-grade vinyl top, and feature durable interlocking tabs. These tiles are made to hold up under repeated uses and are ready to withstand the traffic of commercial use.

Not only are these tiles versatile in terms of their ability to go nearly anywhere with you, but you can also customize the dance floor size to your particular needs. If you're expecting a larger event, order some extra tiles and create a large floor with plenty of dance space. For a smaller event, you can set up just some of the tiles, so you don't have the awkward appearance of a partially full dance floor. The ability to customize the dance floor's size can be a major money saver, as you won't need separate floors for different types of events. And if you're not sure just how many tiles to order, don't worry - if your dance floor turns out to be too small, you can always add on more tiles later.

Fast Installation
Your time is precious, and these dance floor tiles are the perfect solution when you're on the go. You can assemble a 10 x 20 foot portable dance floor in minutes when you use these tiles. It's even faster to disassemble the floor.

When time is of the essence, you'll be glad that you've opted for these portable dance floor tiles. There are no large, heavy pieces to lug around, and no extra tools required for assembly. Plus, with no special tools required for installation, you won't have to worry about arriving at an event only to discover that you've left an important tool back at home.

Professional Appearance
When you're traveling to a performance or are providing entertainment at a wedding, you want a dance floor that is eye-catching and professional looking. These dance tiles create a floor that will not disappoint. Choose from a variety of attractive finishes for the exact aesthetic that you want. Easy snap-on border ramps and corners create the perfect event floor package. Your dance floor will look clean and complete.

Potential Uses for Portable Dance Floor Tiles
These versatile portable dance floor tiles are ideal for countless situations. Some of their most popular uses include:
- Temporary dance floors for dance troupes on tour who never know just where they'll be performing.
- Backup dance floor solutions for professionals hosting dance workshops or competitions who need a little extra space just for a few days.
- Removable dance floors for venues, like hotels, which host banquets and weddings.
- Traveling DJs or entertainment professionals who need a dance floor that can go with them.
- Temporary dance floors for venues, such as recreation centers, hosting dance classes or events.

When you invest in these portable dance floors, you're investing in your business and your future. A portable dance floor allows you to:
- Travel anywhere without worry about the facilities at the next venue
- Perform confidently, knowing that you will always have a safe, quality dance surface (even if it's only a backup to a venue's stage)
- Travel to or perform at venues which couldn't otherwise accommodate a dance performance
- Perform both indoors and out without worry of damaging your dance floor
- Expand your studio capacity, yet save space by simply packing up your dance floor when you're done
- Increase your DJ business' appeal by being able to accommodate just about any venue
- Host dance workshops, classes, or events without the significant cost or space requirement of investing in a permanent dance floor
- Maximize the usefulness of a space, allowing for multiple activities including dance without any permanent changes or construction
- Access a dance floor quickly without the need to work with a contractor or wait for construction to be completed
- Practice dance in the comfort of your own home

The potential uses for these dance floor tiles are endless.

Summary of Benefits
- Tiles snap together for easy installation
- Commercial grade vinyl top surface is durable and will look great, use after use
- Tight fitting tiles create a secure and safe dance surface
- Designed for repeated installations, these tiles are long-lasting
- 12x12 inch tile size is easy to handle and transport
- Tile design allows water and air to flow underneath to prevent mold and mildew
- Choose from 8 different eye-catching finishes for an attractive floor
- Ramped border edging creates and attractive and safe surface

These portable dance floor tiles are versatile and have countless potential uses. Consider these portable dance floor tiles for the following venues and situations:
- Traveling dance troupes
- Competitions and workshops
- Events and venues
- Hotels and banquet centers
- Recreation centers planning to offer dance classes or events
- Dance centers needing extra practice space
- Dance enthusiasts who want a dance floor in their own homes


Clean with damp mop, hot water and common household floor cleaner.


Ships in cartons via ground service to your door, for larger orders product may ship freight delivery.

This Product Ships UPS Ground, FedEx Ground and/or Freight.
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Max Tile Corner
0.05 lbs
$302.00 $392.00
In Stock Yes
Product Type Tile
Material Type Vinyl on Plastic
Product Edging Interlocking
Thickness 5/8 inch
Width 1.01 feet
Length 1.01 feet
SF per Item 1.02
Weight 2.00 lbs
Packaging Cartons
Number of Pieces per Package Type 26
Non Absorbent Yes
Special Adhesives No
Universal Interlock No
Interlock Loss 0.00 feet
Material Hardness Shore A 85
Interlocking Connections Yes
Made In USA
Surface Finish Smooth flat
Surface Design Solid or designer colors
Installation Method Snap together, dry lay
UV Treated Yes
Reversible No
Border Strips Included No
Manufacturer Warranty 5 year limited
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Ask a question about this product

Product Questions:

Can this floor be used on grass?? Thanks
Potentially yes, over very short and very flat grass. However its best to use the Portable Outdoor Floor Tile under the portable dance floor tiles as a base.
Can this be used on top of carpet?
Yes this can be installed over any hard flat surface, including carpeting. For more information, visit our dance floors over carpet blog.
Can this floor be used for tap dancing?
Yes, our 'Tap Kit' product page, which is the same tiles, has a good video of someone tap dancing on the tiles. For installations larger than 3x3 ft, some people have commented that this floor tile may be a little slippery for tap shoes if moving around.
Can this be used without buying the black edging? Thanks
Yes, the border ramps are not required.
Can this be used over concrete,.Thinking of creating a dance floor in our basement for daughter who does Irish Dancing.
Yes it can be, and we would recommend a 2 or 3 mm rubber underlayment or similar for some cushion from the concrete. This tile is great for dance with tennis shoes or similar. For ballet, modern or similar, use a marley vinyl dance flooring surface.
I do pole fitness can it be cut to place a pole through
Yes the material can be cut using a sharp utility knife.
Can this be used on concrete?
Yes this is a good surface for an installation. For extra cushion and quiet, consider a 3 mm rubber underlayment.
I'd like to put this down over my brand new hardwood floors so I can have my dance party. What is the underside of say the checkered flooring made of? Would it scratch my wood floors?
The base of the tiles are made of polypropylene plastic, which is a durable hard plastic, if the tiles shift, its possible that some scratching might occur. If the tiles don't move I don't see a problem.
Can this flooring be used for pointe?
It could be, and generally for ballet, dancers want a surface that has few if no seams, so marley is preferable. We have a flat top click together tile that can be installed over carpeting, then put marley vinyl on top for a finished surface. Visit our Top 5 Ballet Floors blog for the best marley floor options.
Is this floor good for practicing turns? Also is it good for practicing lyrical and jazz?
The modular tiles have a commercial grade vinyl surface and is not rated for traditional dance such as ballet or jazz and lyrical, I would recommend one of our marley floors of your use.
I am planning on putting together am outdoor dance studio for public use in the summer. How many tiles would I need to purchase to good 50 people? And how is it stored for accessible transporting.
We recommend 9 square feet of space per person for a general dance floor area, each tile is 1 SF, so about 450 SF would be suitable for 50 people. We have transport carts that can be used for stacking and storing of this portable dance flooring tile.
Would this floor be adequate for practicing ballroom or latin dancing? And is it feasible to create small, temporary practice space a few days a week (in other words, install and break down every few days)?
Yes this portable flooring tile option is very good for ballroom type dancing. The tiles are 1x1 ft in size and easy to install, take apart and re-install as needed.
After installation, is there any noticeable space between each tile? I would like to use the flooring for breakdancing and I do a lot of slides and spins along various parts of my body. Would the spacing between each tile be noticeable if I slide across the floor?
Yes this is possible, for your dance type I would recommend a solid surface material, like a marley sheet vinyl rolled good.
Can this be used as a runway/aisle?
Sure this is an option.
Does the black ramped border edging come with this product?
The ramped edge is sold separately, depending on how many you might need.
Can this floor be used for a home yoga set-up? The floor would be set-up on top of carpet, a yoga mat would be used on top, and it would be partly collapsed daily.
Yes you can install this tile over carpet and yes you could do yoga on this surface, and the tiles can be put together repeatedly, but I'm not sure I would want to put the tiles together and take them apart everyday.
What do you suggest for a floor that is currently covered with slightly not-level Mexican/Saltillo tile? They are roughly one foot square. We are hoping to practice Argentinian Tango on it; i.e. some turns and spins.
I would first install some rubber underlayment in 6 mm to help level the floor then install our Max Tile product as the finished surface.
Which type would be best since I do use heels and I will be laying this down on marble flooring. Thanks!
Greatmats portable dance flooring in 1x1 ft tiles works well for all dance shoe types, including high heels.
I have already purchased the tiles, but didn't think about storage until after first use. Do you sell a storage bag to store or transport the tiles? I have 9 total tiles. Thanks!
We do not offer a storage bag or container for this product. Good idea.
What is the best cleaning method ?
Simply damp mop with hot water and a sponge, and you may use a common household floor cleaner.
Can you use floor on grass?
Its best to first install a temporary floor tile on top of the grass, then these modular portable dance floor tiles. See the product Portable Outdoor Floor Tile Gray.
I pole dance and want to install a pole at home. However I do not want to ruin my brand new carpet with the underneath of the tiles or my pole. What would you suggest using underneath these tiles so it does not add severe indentations? The pole would be on top of the tiles. Would that also be safe with not moving as this pole is not permanently fixed the the ceiling?
This is a good product for your purposes.
Would this work for highland dancing? There is a lot of jumping involved.
Yes as long as the tiles are installed on a hard flat surface.
Can this be used over a plush carpet?
Maybe not such a great idea. The tiles might move to much up and down.
Would it be possible to leave the tiles on the floor 24/7 or would you not recommend that? Thinking it would be easy leaving them attach everyday instead of taking them off and putting back together every single day
Yes the tiles can be left installed as long as needed.
So for the $6.19. It says 26 pieces for that price. So I’m wondering are there 26 tiles connected together for that price?
The price per tile at the moment is $6.19 EA with free shipping. These tiles are interlocking to create any size area.
I am looking to get a dance floor for my wedding that’ll be an outside party. I have looked for information on sqft for around 100 guests. About how many would I need to buy for max of 100 guests?
Anywhere from 12x12 to 18x18 is pretty common for 100 wedding guests. I think it will depend on how many you think will be dancing.
About how many tiles do I need to create a dance floor for a backyard wedding? It’s a very small wedding
A common dance floor size is 20x20. You could go smaller for a smaller wedding. Please contact us for a quote.

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Customer Rating:

Beautiful dance floor, very good quality. I will definitely buy from Greatmats again.

St Cloud, FL