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Hardwood, Ceramic, Cork Engineered Waterproof Laminates for Kitchen & Bathroom

Laminate flooring is flooring consisting of multiple layers of different materials and topped with a photographic laminated surface designed to look like other flooring materials such as wood or stone. Sometimes the laminate surface, often made of vinyl or a wood veneer, is even embossed to give the feel of the flooring material it is designed to represent.

One of the most popular flooring options, it is designed with quick installation in mind, meaning these make for great home DIY projects. It is easy to install your floor on any hard, flat surface in homes or retail spaces.

Benefits of Water Resistant Laminate Flooring

One of the major benefits of waterproof laminate tile flooring for the bathroom is its versatility. There are countless uses for bathroom laminate tiles.
  1. Mimic wood or stone at a fraction of the price of the real thing
  2. These are perfect for DIY jobs and can help save money
  3. Yields a beautiful, professional-looking finish
  4. Bring any vision to life
  5. Low maintenance and hold up well over time
  6. Many are backed by long term warranties

Choosing Laminate Floor Tile

Here are some questions to ask when seeking the best product:
  1. Will it be used in a residential or commercial space?
  2. How much foot traffic will it see?
  3. Could moisture be an issue in the area?
  4. Will it be for permanent or temporary installations?
  5. What kind of finish is desired?
  6. Is shock absorption, thermal comfort, or excellent durability desired?
  7. Does it need to be environmentally friendly?
  8. Will there be an underlayment?

At Greatmats, we offer both cork and vinyl.

Cork Laminate Floor Tiles

If you're looking for maximum comfort, then this could be the ideal pick. Cork composites, made from sustainably harvested bark from cork trees, are an ideal choice for homes, including living rooms and kitchens. It also works well for retail and office flooring and is found in two colors and patterns, including Coffee and Latvia.

Corks are shock-absorbing and comfortable, helping to prevent sore feet, legs, backs, and joints. They also provide excellent insulation from heat, cold, and sound for a more enjoyable living space.

Being a relatively soft material, it can be easily scratched or punctured. But with our ceramic microbead technology, these are resistant to surface abrasions and scratches. Ours are 1/2 inch thick and feature a 3-year warranty.

Ours are easy to maintain thanks to the CORKLOC system. This allows for a glue-less layout. It saves time and reduces installation costs. It is yet another reason why corks are such a popular choice.

Vinyl Laminate Flooring Tiles

These are versatile and durable. We offer a wide range that interlocks securely. For a great multipurpose option, consider our 1 sq ft slate and wood-look Max Tile Raised. These can be used for basements, dances, athletic courts, exercising, trade shows, and even showrooms.

The raised design allows air to flow underneath, preventing moisture from becoming trapped. With a snap-together system, they fit tightly together and will not come apart unintentionally. They can, however, be easily disassembled and reinstalled in a new location if desired. Max Tile is available in five different wood grain options, including cherry, walnut, oak, and maple, as well as slate and gray.

All you need to clean this dent-resistant vinyl flooring is a damp mop.

For a more affordable option, consider our Basketball Court Tile Gym Floor Pro. These have a raised base that lets damp air freely circulate, preventing mold and mildew growth.

These yield the appearance of real hardwood floors at a fraction of the cost. They're perfect for temporary, portable, or permanent installations and are equipped with a heavy-duty clear wear layer. Plus, they deliver a quality that may remind people of traditional hardwood.

For a super simple selection, consider our Vinyl Peel and Stick. These are available in a wide variety of finishes and are cost-effective.

The adhesive backing makes installation simple. They won't expand due to dampness, ensuring long-lasting value.

Our Portable Dance Floors may do the trick for a temporary layout. These look great for many uses.

Installations are fast and simple, with only one tool required. The cam-lock technology offers the strongest locking mechanism possible, ensuring they won't separate until it’s time to break them down.

When laying out a larger space, investing in a vinyl roll may be a more economical choice. Our LonWood Performa Full Bolt Roll is commercial-quality and suitable for larger installations.

This is sound-absorbing and skid-resistant. It is an excellent choice for high-traffic areas. This roll has anti-microbial properties, and includes recycled content, making it applicable to LEED MR 4.1. It is available in 4 different color options.

Laminate Planks

Luxury vinyl planks are one of the highest-quality forms of new laminate flooring available. They offer the natural look of wood plank flooring but are more tolerant of moisture, spills, kids, and pets. Many offer a scratch-resistant embossed top layer that prevents them from becoming slippery and adds to the high-end look and feel of the flooring.

With an LVP laminate floor, you can enjoy the visual appeal of wood flooring in a low-maintenance form. Greatmats offers many laminate plank floating floor systems with an SPC core layer and a matte finish.

Engineered Hardwood Flooring

Engineered hardwood floor planks are a unique form of laminate flooring in that they do use a veneer layer of actual hardwood on the surface. Homeowners love this type of flooring because it allows you to get authentic-looking hickory, oak, or maple flooring installation in your living room or dining room without the hefty price tag that goes along with a flooring project that involves solid natural wood.

You can even find engineered laminate hardwood floors with a handscraped veneer layer. Two of the most popular wood looks for this type of flooring are hickory laminate and oak laminate.

In many cases, you'll still want a professional installation with engineered hardwood, as it often requires some sort of adhesive.

Attached Underlayments

To add cushion and insulation underneath them, be sure to invest in something like our Cork Underlayment 3mm 4x50 Ft Roll, which is popular for both home and commercial applications. The 3 mm underlayment is made with a cork that is designed to prevent stress cracks.

Cork underlayments are a sustainable flooring option. Cork underlayment is also available in a 12 mm version.

While exploring our online catalog, be sure to give our Pro Floor Designer a try. It helps with design, determining just what quantity to buy, and cutting down on waste. For questions or help finding the right item, please give us a call.

FAQ Laminate Flooring Q&A

Is tile laminate flooring made from wood or plastic?
It does not consist of plastic, even though some of the older designs did have a plasticky feel and look. Instead, it consists of a mix of resin and fiber board, and the upper layer design is basically screen printed onto the square laminate tiles.

Is there waterproof laminate flooring that looks like tile?
Yes. Multiple models of white laminate flooring or light gray will resemble ceramic, stone, or slate. These products are extremely realistic.

What is the best flat black laminate flooring?
At Greatmats, we have numerous types of deep black colors in our product catalog, as well as units that resemble wooden or stone materials. No matter what model our customers select, we stand behind all of them, delivering long warranties and ease of installation.

What is a good thickness for high gloss laminate flooring over carpet?
The types of laminate over carpet will typically range between 0.25 and 0.5 inches thick (or about 6 mm to 12 mm). However, it is not always recommended to place this directly on carpeting, unless it is extremely firm with a low pile. If not, seek out products with an attached underlayment that’s firm to counteract the softness of the carpeting.

Is laminate wood flooring waterproofed?
Sort of, as most of these are constructed to resist water, which is important when planning out laminate basketball flooring. However, they are not completely waterproof. If exposed to regular dampness, it could soak into the material, ruining it. Just clean up any spills as quickly as possible to prevent damage. It should not be hand scraped.