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Joy Carpet Tiles and Squares

When seeking a carpet or rug layout that features non-traditional colors and patterns, Joy Carpets branded products are a popular selection.

Greatmats is proud to be a distributor for Joy Carpets products, which work equally well for kids in the classroom as well as for large customer-facing layouts in businesses and organizations like hotels, schools, libraries, retail settings, and office buildings.

Size and Shape Options

These types of rugs and carpet squares have multiple size and shape options to match dozens of use cases.

For large flooring layouts, rely on the Joy Carpets tile models. These squares measure 1 by 1 meter, or 3.3 by 3.3 feet. Each tile has 10.78 square feet of coverage area. Because the tiles make use of a square design with no interlocking edges, it is easy to calculate the number of squares required.

For large Joy rugs made for use by children, circle, oval, and rectangle shapes are available. Customers can select the shape that best fits the planned use case and the space available.

For rectangular shapes, sizes range from about 5.5 feet by 7.5 feet to about 7.5 feet by almost 11 feet. Circular rugs measure about 7.5 feet in diameter. Oval-shaped rugs measure about 5.5 feet by 7.5 feet with rounded ends.

For the children’s rugs, a thickness of 5 mm to 8 mm is common (about 3/16 to 5/16 inches). The carpet tiles measure about 7/16 inches in thickness.

Material Options

Joy Carpets brands of rugs and carpet tiles are manufactured in the United States. When they buy these rugs, customers can trust the quality of the materials and the ability to use them safely around children and pets.

For the kids’ rugs from Joy, the carpet layer consists of a two-ply nylon fiber that yields impressive durability. These children’s rugs often carry a 1-year limited manufacturer warranty or a limited lifetime wear warranty.

The pile height on the fibers usually measures a little more than 1/4 inches. The backing on the tiles and rugs uses a flexible material that cuts down on noise and provides a little bit of cushioning.

Pattern and Texture Options

The patterns and color options found with Joy Carpets are eye-catching, which sets these rugs and carpet squares apart from other options.

With the kids’ tiles, you can find tiles that have fun illustrations of crayons or fireworks. These tiles consist of multiple colors, such as red, blue, yellow, orange, green, and black. Another option is unique geometric patterns.

With the carpet tiles from Joy, light, neutral colors are available, as well as darker colors. You also can find various shades of blues, greens, and reds. Multiple artistic patterns and stripes are available in these tiles.

When installing the 1x1 meter carpet tiles, installers can mix colors to create checkerboard patterns, if desired. All of the tiles from Joy Carpets have the same size and shape for creating unique patterns.

Common Use Options

Schools, libraries, and daycare centers often make use of the kids’ rugs to create a gathering place for reading or playtime. Homeowners may choose to purchase and install these rugs in a child’s playroom or bedroom for a fun and colorful accent piece.

When used in a retail location, the carpet squares are durable and easy to install. They can handle high-traffic areas. Because of the multiple colors and patterns available for customers, it’s easy to match the squares to the existing decor in the building or room.

Places like retail locations, churches, hotels, office buildings, and government buildings all can make use of the carpeting squares to create a specialized flooring in rooms and hallways.

Installation Options

Installing these carpet squares is easy. They have a self-adhesive backing that allows anyone to install the tiles as a DIY project. Just line up the edges on each tile, so they are tightly aligned before pressing down on the tile to activate the adhesive.

The children’s rugs do not have adhesive on the back. The design of these rugs allows customers to bring them to the usage location and return them to storage afterward.

Some customers choose to leave the rugs always available in a certain area of a classroom or a daycare, giving the kids a comfortable place to sit while reading.

Cleaning and Maintenance Requirements

These are commercial quality carpet tiles, meaning they will stand up to high-traffic areas without wearing down. Keeping them clean will help to lengthen their lifespan, however.

Vacuum the rugs and carpet tiles as needed. For a more thorough cleaning process, you can use a carpet cleaning machine or a hot water extraction machine. Then allow the carpeting to air dry for a few hours.

If you choose to make use of a spot cleaning substance to treat certain areas of the rugs or carpet squares after a spill, the manufacturer recommends testing the cleaning solution on a small, unnoticeable area of the carpet to ensure it won’t damage the colors or fibers.