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Top FAQs for Karate Mats & Flooring

Consider karate mats from Greatmats for any professional dojo. Those seeking pro-level karate mats or something simpler to hone skills at home can rely on us. Greatmats is one of the biggest national suppliers of striking art karate mats. With more than 20 years of experience, we are known in the industry for quality and value, along with outstanding customer service. We stand behind everything we sell. We have everything needed to outfit a practice space at a great price.

What Is the Standard Measurement of a Karate Mat?

Look for a unit that has a manageable size, especially if using 1-inch thick interlocking foam tiles. When seeking to interlock the karate floor tiles for a permanent, semi-permanent, or temporary layout, individual pieces that are roughly 3x3 feet or smaller will be the easiest to handle for installers.

What is a Dojo Mat Called?

The dojo is a training area where Japanese-style martial arts practices occur. These floors often have a tatami surface, which allows athletes to slide across them without suffering skin burns.

What Do They Use in the Best Martial Arts Floor Mats?

Generally, these martial arts puzzle mats will consist of a type of closed-cell polyethylene foam. It needs to have strong durability and provide good footing, all while delivering protection for the athletes when they fall to the ground.

How Thick Should a Jiu Jitsu Matting Be?

Landing mats for this discipline should be 1.5 inches thick, according to the International Brazilian Foundation. Some customers go a little thinner, such as 1.25 or 1 inch, but the thicker karate floor mats are better at shock-absorbing capabilities.

How Do You Clean Martial Arts Mats at Home or in Dojos?

Our karate mats for sale are set up to be easy to clean. Most can be cleaned with a damp mop, a basic household cleanser, and hot water. For the best results, sweep and mop them daily. Vinyl can also be cleaned in a similar manner.

Are Easy-to-Install Karate Mats Durable Enough?

Greatmats martial arts mats are designed specifically for use with striking disciplines. These pop together quickly. Installs are fast.

Because these karate mats for home are a reasonable size, a single person can handle installation on his or her own. If expansion is needed in the future, doing so is as simple as adding more.

Our 1-inch karate mats offer high-density foams with a smooth surface that is ideal for barefoot and soft shoe footwork, as well as striking moves. These are reversible and come in four color combinations: black/gray, red/blue, black/red, and wooden/black.

Complete with four border strips per tile, these work perfectly for wall-to-wall installations. Because they can be reversed, customers will get the most use out of each one.

As taekwondo mat wholesalers, the Greatmats Pro 20 mm TKD product will meet the needs of the taekwondo discipline. Ours, featuring a thatch top pattern, will be resistant to shoes and athletic footwear. Also reversible, these are found in three combinations: red/blue, black/gray, and black/red.

Pro TKD is lead-free, latex-free, and non-absorbent. This is scuff-resistant. Students can jump, spin, and kick without causing excess shock to their bodies. These are backed by a 1-year limited warranty.

For excellent protection against burns, our Judo Interlocking Mats are a must-have. The rugged tatami karate mat surface is designed to prevent scrapes and burns, so athletes can practice in comfort. The double-sided units are non-toxic and highly durable. These are lightweight and portable, so installing them is simple and fast.

For the ultimate in shock absorption and safety, consider our Grappling MMA Mats measuring a full 1.5''. They offer a 4 ft ASTM fall height rating.

Our products are created for professional use in multi-discipline studios. They are the products of choice for BJJ World Champions Rodrigo “Comprido” Medeiros and Rafael Ellwanger. These come with a limited 1-year warranty, allowing customers to purchase with confidence.

Should I Use a Folding Gym Mat Featuring Vinyl?

These foldable models with vinyl coverings are intended for smaller workout areas. They are a simple way to add protection if practicing high-impact activities, like takedowns.

Our 5x10-foot roll-out matting product is 1.25” thick. It offers the same quality as professional designs. Multiple of these can be combined for larger coverages using releasable vinyl tape.

Our 5x10-foot folding gym mats are 2” and provide impressive impact absorption. A smaller option is the 4x8-foot foldable product, which also has a 2” thickness. It lays flat with a reversible design. It is easy to store when not in use.

Don't forget to check out our karate pole pads and post padding. High-quality karate pads are essential if posts or poles exist in the practice area.

Our padding is available in different sizes and colors. It is custom-made according to the training facility's needs. With a wide variety of colors to choose from, incorporating color designs in the training space pads for creating a specific style of branding is possible.

Are Wholesale Martial Arts Mats a Good Value?

As karate mat wholesalers, we use various shipping methods to send our products to any facility, ensuring the lowest cost. Our 2x2 foot interlocked puzzled edge products are often shipped via ground delivery straight to the door. Our larger 1x1 meter and fold-outs generally ship via common carrier freight delivery.

Our sales team will work to find the best shipping rates to meet deadlines.
Before installing them, let them acclimate to the room for 48 hours. Remove them from the carton so they can fully adjust to the heat and humidity conditions.

A major advantage of these is that they can be installed without help from professionals. Begin with a clean subfloor and start in a corner of the room. Push them together like jigsaw puzzles, working from the corner until a full piece no longer fits. At this point, add edge pieces for an island installation, if desired.

For a full-room installation, leave an approximately 1/2'' gap around the perimeter. This gap allows them to expand slightly, which naturally happens with fluctuations in humidity and heat. Measure the remaining distance between the tiles and the wall. Then cut the remaining units using a straight edge utility knife. No glue or extra tools are required.

The benefits of these include:
  1. Create a safe spot with these that is specifically designed to provide the cushioning and traction necessary for workouts.
  2. Install them as a DIY job in just minutes, saving money over hiring installers.
  3. Quickly and easily convert virtually any space at the house into a studio for practice.
  4. With our karate mats online, expand the coverage at studios in minutes by simply adding on extra pieces.
  5. Pull up and replace just a single one if damages happen.