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Options for Karate Mats

If your favorite martial arts workout involves karate, you know that the right flooring can make all the difference. Start your karate workouts on the wrong type of floor, and you can have bumps, bruises, and skin burns. Such painful issues will put a quick and premature end to your workouts.

At Greatmats, we specialize in martial arts flooring. You can be certain we carry karate studio flooring and mats for home that’ll deliver plenty of benefits to help you improve your skills in karate or the other striking arts. Keep unintended bruises and bumps at bay when you trust Greatmats’ karate floor mats.

Types of Karate Floor Mats

When it comes to selecting the best karate mats for sale for a dojo or at home, puzzle mats are the most popular choice among our customers. They’re easy to install and clean, and they deliver the ideal mix of traction and cushioning. They often have a tatami surface that helps prevent skin burns.

Beyond karate pads and taekwondo puzzle mats, some of the other mats we recommend for karate when you need thicker and softer padding include:
  • Folding gym mats
  • Crash mats
  • Wall padding
  • Post padding
  • Pole padding
  • I-beam padding

Use Types for Karate Mats

One of the best things about our karate dojo mats is that they work nicely for multiple disciplines. Karate matting is also useful as:
  • MMA mats
  • Martial arts mats
  • Taekwondo mats
  • Kickboxing mats
  • Muay thai mats
  • Kung fu mats
  • Sparring mats
  • TKD mats
  • Mats for striking disciplines

Our high-quality flooring products work equally well for training and competitions.

Benefits and Features of Karate Pads

Karate matting has a number of benefits and features that you can use to deliver the results you are seeking from your workouts.
  • Durability for multiple kinds of workouts.
  • Tatami surface that reduces the chances of skin burns.
  • Traction and firmness for making controlled movements.
  • Excellent mixture of cushioning and traction.
  • Extra cushioning to guard against potential falls.
  • EVA foam is easy to clean.

Karate Mats Q&A

What are the best 1-inch thick karate mats?

The best 1-inch thick karate mats have a level of traction that allows for sure movements while also creating enough cushioning to protect against bumps and bruises from falls.

How large are karate pads, and what size is right for you?

Interlocking large karate pads can measure up to 1 by 1 meter (about 3.3 by 3.3 feet). At Greatmats, we also offer smaller interlocking puzzle mats at 2 by 2 feet and 1 by 1 foot, as well as roll-out mats in custom-cut lengths with 6 feet of width. The right size for you depends on the size of your facility and on the level of cushioning you need.

How thick should karate mats be?

The best thickness for karate mats should be at least 1 inch. This level of thickness is ideal for protecting the lower body joints while participating in karate. To save a bit of money, you could select 3/4-inch thick matting.

What are the best martial arts floor mats on a budget?

The best martial arts floor mats on a budget include EVA foam puzzle mats that are inexpensive but that have excellent durability. The Greatmats customer service team can help you find martial arts flooring that will fit your budget.

In what other applications can you use cushioned karate floor mats?

Using cushioned karate floor mats as yoga flooring in a studio is ideal for their ease of cleaning and cushioning properties. They also work in several other kinds of martial arts disciplines for studios and dojos, like MMA, taekwondo, kickboxing, and muay thai. We even have a customer who uses cushioned karate floor mats for boxing workouts for people with Parkinson’s disease because of the protection against falls they provide.