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Interlocking Foam Tiles and Mats - 38 Products

Interlocking Foam Tiles and Mats, Interlocking Foam Floors

are a versatile, affordable way to convert hard floors into forgiving surfaces. Foam tiles and mats are easy to install, making them an accessible option for virtually any homeowner. The tiles can be installed in just minutes - all you have to do is press them together like puzzle pieces, and you're done. Most foam flooring products come with border strips, so you can create an island layout with a clean, finished edge.

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Soft interlocking foam tiles, Foam puzzle mats, Kids interlocking foam playmats

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are a versatile, affordable way to convert hard floors into forgiving surfaces. Foam tiles and mats are easy to install, making them an accessible option for virtually any homeowner. The tiles can be installed in just minutes - all you have to do is press them together like puzzle pieces, and you're done. Most foam flooring products come with border strips, so you can create an island layout with a clean, finished edge.

Interlocking foam tiles and mats are popular for use in kids' play areas, aerobic exercises, and other athletic activities like martial arts or wrestling. They add cushion and increase the versatility of any hard floor.

Interlocking Foam Tile Benefits

Enjoy the Following Benefits of Soft Interlocking Foam Tiles:

  • Instantly cushion a hard floor surface, making a space safer and more forgiving for athletic activities and falls
  • Make a hard floor or room more versatile, so you can do additional activities like aerobics and exercises
  • Tiles can be installed over any hard floor, without any adhesive needed
  • Foam tiles provide a thermal buffer from cold floors, making a floor more comfortable against bare feet
  • Interlocking foam floors are easy to clean, saving you time and money
  • Installation is easy and takes just minutes; you can even cut the tiles to fit for wall-to-wall installations without any professional help
  • If a tile is damaged, you can replace just that tile, rather than replacing the entire floor
  • Add to and expand your floor at any time, simply by adding on more tiles

Consider using interlocking foam mats for the following uses:

  • Kids' playrooms and kids' bedrooms
  • Basement floors
  • Exercise rooms
  • Professional facilities, like YMCA's
  • Trade show booth flooring
  • Horse stall mats
  • Dog agility facilities

At Greatmats, we offer a wide assortment of foam tiles and mats, each suitable for different applications. We've highlighted some product ideas below.

Children's Play Areas

Foam puzzle mats and interlocking foam squares are soft and forgiving, making them an ideal choice for children's play spaces. These mats can absorb the shock from a fall or tumble, helping to reduce and prevent injury and making for a safe play area. The foam tiles that we offer for kids' spaces are free of both lead and latex, so they're safe for even the youngest children. Foam flooring is easy to clean and doesn't absorb water, so spills are no big deal.

Our Play Mats Foam Puzzle Tile 4 Pack is a popular option for use in playrooms, preschools, children's rooms, and more. Each pack contains an assortment of four brilliantly colored mats. The mats are both waterproof and non absorbent. They're also lead and latex free for a safe option for kids' flooring. Lightweight and portable, the tiles can be installed in just minutes and will instantly add a bright splash of color to a room.

You'll also want to consider our Foam Floor Mats 5/8 Premium. These beautiful play mats are available in 15 brilliant colors, so you can choose the perfect color for a room, or order tiles in multiple colors to create fun patterns. Each tile includes two border strips which create a clean finish for island installations.

Basement Flooring

Because foam mats are both waterproof and resistant to mold and mildew, they're a preferred choice for use in basement spaces. Interlocking foam flooring can be installed directly on top of your concrete floor, increasing the livability of your basement space. The tiles are comfortable to stand on and are warmer than concrete or wood. They work as an insulator, similar to carpeting, so your floor will be room temperature instead of cold concrete or wood. Soft, insulating, and incredibly easy to install, foam mats mean that you can enjoy your basement in multiple seasons, and that you'll get more use out of your existing space.

Planning to transform your basement into an exercise area or home gym? Our Home Sport and Play Mat are ideal for that exact use. The tiles are equipped with a durable top surface texture that will withstand the use of sport shoes. These tiles are often used for home exercise, karate, taekwondo, and play areas. The tiles are lightweight and highly portable, so navigating narrow stairways or small spaces is no problem. Installation is fast and easy.

If you'd like to create a family room or basement bar area, you may prefer to use ourWood Grain Reversible Foam Floor Tiles. These tiles are both waterproof and non-absorbent, so if you have moisture in your basement, it won't damage the flooring. The attractive wood grain finish looks just like the real thing, creating a beautiful space.

Trade Show Booth Flooring

Interlocking foam mats are lightweight and incredibly easy to install. These qualities make them ideal for trade show booth flooring. Foam flooring is highly comfortable and forgiving, which is a must-have when you're spending long hours on your feet. Because these mats are available in many different colors and designs, you can create a flooring look that's as unique as your business or product is.

Looking for something distinctive, lightweight, and portable for your trade show booth? Our SoftWoods Foam Tiles may be perfect for you. These tiles have eye-catching contemporary hardwood designs that will make your booth immediately stand out from the competition. The tiles each come with two border strips, so you can create a clean island installation no matter what size your booth or display happens to be on any given day.

Horse Stalls

Equestrians traveling to competitions face a frustrating, repetitive problem: Rubber stall mats are heavy, and dragging them out of a trailer and into a temporary stall is a cumbersome and tiring process. That's why our durable, high density foam tiles are the perfect alternative. These tiles are strong enough to withstand the weight of horses without being damaged, yet provide a forgiving stall surface that is easy to clean.

Our Gym Floor Tile Pebble Top Tiles are a highly durable flooring option that is suitable for use as temporary horse stall mats. The mats' non-slip pebble top surface maximizes the horse's traction for improved safety. Additionally, the mats are waterproof and easy to clean. The double-sided mats ensure you get maximum use out of them, and they're lightweight enough to easily load into and out of your trailer.

Dog Agility Facilities

Our interlocking foam agility mats are also highly popular with dog agility trainers. These mats are much more comfortable than dirt or concrete, and they also help to keep dogs both cleaner and safer. Our foam tiles provide enough traction to keep dogs from slipping during training, but they also maximize the amount of time that you can train your dogs while minimizing the fatigue on your joints and ligaments. This leads to increased productivity and comfort for both you and your dog. The soft surface of the tiles will indent and get scratched by the dogs' nails, but the mats' functionality will be unaffected by these superficial markings.

Our Dog Agility Mats are suitable for use in both agility and training facilities. They're portable, lightweight, and fast and easy to install. The tiles are waterproof, so they won't absorb moisture, making them easy to clean. They're double-sided, so as one side gets worn, you can reverse the tile to get maximum use out of the flooring.

Installing Interlocking Foam Floors

Interlocking foam floors are incredibly easy to install. You can place them directly on top of any hard surface, including wood and concrete floors. You don't need any underlayment or adhesive for installation. Instead, just place the connecting foam mats on top of your subflooring, line them up, and press them together like puzzle pieces. They'll fit together securely and won't separate during use.

For wall-to-wall installations, you can cut most tiles to fit using a sharp utility knife and a straight edge. Many foam tiles come with border strips, so you can create a clean, finished edge if you're planning an island installation.

Should a tile ever become worn or damaged, you can replace just that single tile, rather than replacing the entire floor. If you want to expand your floor in the future, all you have to do is add more tiles and reposition your border pieces.

Ordering Your Interlocking Foam Tiles

If you're unsure of just which type of interlocking foam mats is right for your project, please give our flooring experts a call at 877-822-6622. We're happy to send you a sample and advise you on what product may be best for you.

If you need to determine how much product to order, try our easy to use online Floor Planner Designer. This online tool allows you to plan your flooring layout and determine just how many tiles you'll need. It's a great way to minimize the amount of wasted flooring and save some money at the same time.

Commitment to Customers

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We offer a price match guarantee, so you will never overpay for a product at Greatmats. We also operate our business with the Golden Rule model, meaning we treat every customer just as we would want to be treated. We make sure that you're happy with every shopping experience and every product.

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If you have questions, would like a quote, or would like a product sample, please contact our customer service team at 877-822-6622. We would be happy to help you choose the right foam tiles and mats for your project.