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Padded indoor turf, Roll out sports turf, Durable soccer turf for indoor practice

Using the right indoor turf for an athletic facility or school makes a huge difference in the well-being of the athletes. Count on Greatmats to deliver indoor training turf that’s perfect for many types of athletics, featuring a padded backing with varying thickness options.

Customers can find the perfect material for their facility’s needs when they rely on us. We have knowledgeable customer service team members that give support through the purchase process, installation of the synthetic turf, and beyond.

Indoor Turf Pads

Natural grass provides ideal surfaces for many outdoor activities. Its natural look and slightly cushioned surface make it a desirable option at schools, universities, and athletic facilities for practices and games for football field turf options.

But when they are being played inside, grass is not an option. Fortunately, Greatmats has the most realistic options available, delivering safe surfaces for athletes that will stand up to repeated use, all while providing a great value.

Having the best indoor turf for sale on hand means teams never have to cancel practices because of poor weather or mud. Just move the practice or game indoors and take advantage of our high quality baseball turf that’s made in America and provides excellent durability.

Baseball Field Turf Rolls

No matter what types of indoor fields are required, Greatmats has sport turf product choices on hand to match durability needs and budgets. Ours yields incredible versatility and long lasting performance, meaning they’re an appropriate addition to any commercial gym setting.

Our customers appreciate the ease of indoor artificial turf installation, as well as the safe materials used in the construction of the football turf. Adhesives are not always required to install it. Some do deploy carpet tape on the backside to hold it in place.

The area with the indoor turf will quickly become one of the most popular practice areas inside the school or studio.

The 365 sport turf system can be laid out in almost no time, so teams can make the most of practicing sessions. And afterward, returning the area back to the original subflooring is just as easy.

Indoor Soccer Turf for Sale

Our indoor sports turf works nicely for both practicing and games. It will yield protected surfaces for kids to play competitive games, hone their skills, or just have fun. A harder style, such as a basketball or volleyball floor, won’t guard against falls like our turfs can, meaning injuries are a possibility.

The backing may consist of a foam pad or a rubber material. Both give athletes a nice cushioning as they’re working out, protecting their knee, hip, and ankle joints from repetitive stress injuries. With the padding, it naturally has a bit of give to it.

This backing is extremely durable, meaning it gives a good value, as it will stand up to regular use and provide years of high level performance.

As an added benefit, the yarns yield a nice resemblance to the real thing. Kids and adults will love the look of this synthetic grass, as it’ll feel like spring and summer all of the time. Even if used regularly, our turf’s yarns will continue to hold their color, as there’s no worry of sun fade if windows in the location allow sunlight to shine on it for parts of the day. These have a long warranty period too.

Indoor Sports Court Flooring

Coaches often prefer to start practicing during the winter to prepare for the spring season. Having indoor turf fields available inside large practice facilities gives players the ability to work on their fielding skills on grasslike surfaces when outdoor training is not an option.

Another use case for our agility turfs have nothing to do with athletics. Some choose to use anything from a small golf mat to rolls to create a memorable style of sports flooring for a trade show booth. Depending on the model selected, we offer these rolls in many different colors. This allows customers to select a color of mini golf course grass that matches the theme of the expo booth.

When considering indoor turf flooring, please contact us. We will help with figuring out the perfect type of golf turf to match the desired use case. We also can help determine the best means of shipping and delivery, all aimed at keeping the project on budget.

FAQ Indoor Turf Q&A

I’m wondering how to install indoor turf carpet?
It depends on the subflooring. On a flat surface such as cement or tile, glue is the recommended adhesive, although carpeting tape may also work. It can be stapled or screwed into wooden floors.

How much is a roll of artificial grass?
As a general rule, you can expect to pay anywhere from $3 to $6 per square foot. The higher priced units will have a thicker underlay pad than cheaper units. We sell each roll in custom cut lengths, although a full bolt runs 100 ft in length. A few different widths are available too.

What is the best artificial sports turf for soccer?
For sports fields for soccer, a slight cushion is good, but a bit of firmness is desired, which ensures the ball will be rolling across the surface as expected. A customer typically does not want a long pile height, which could inhibit way the ball travels.

What's the difference between turfs and grasses?
Synthetic sports turf can be used indoors or outdoors, making it more flexible for use cases than natural grasses, which are limited to outdoors use. Indoor turf for baseball does not need watering, weeding, or fertilizing, which reduces the work and cost required for maintenance.