Training Mats for Tactical Skills

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Options for Tactical Training Mats

As a professional, when you want to be as ready as possible for potential threats, tactical training is key. Such training is not just for law enforcement and military personnel, though. You can work on these techniques at home or at martial arts studios. No matter where you are doing self-defense or offensive-move workouts, the right training mats maximize the usefulness and safety of the space. You don’t want bumps and bruises affecting training, as injured athletes can throw the schedule off kilter in a hurry.

Having the right non-slip flooring with traction keeps you safe as you learn how to protect yourself. (Win-win!) These combat mats in the gym also deliver some cushioning if—or, more accurately, when—you fall while learning these techniques at the officer training, military training, or martial arts center. The experts at Greatmats can give you advice on the perfect police training mats for your particular needs.

Types of Law Enforcement Training Mats

When you are considering which type of flooring you want to use for your training, think about whether greater cushioning or greater traction is more beneficial.

More Cushioning

For times when the training may involve throws, wrestling, or people stumbling and crashing into walls, thicker, softer padding is a must to keep bumps and bruises at a minimum. Such pads consist of polyethylene (PE) foam with a vinyl covering to absorb the energy of someone crashing into the mat. At Greatmats, we offer:
  • Roll out mats
  • Folding mats
  • Support post padding
  • Wall padding

More Traction

Some types of training involve learning precise movements, where traction in the flooring is vital. Such flooring, which often consists of ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) foam, also provides some cushioning when people fall. Thicker EVA foam tiles carry more cushioning than thinner tiles. Thickness options in tactical training foam tiles typically include:
  • 3/4 inches
  • 1 inch
  • 1 1/4 inches
  • 1 1/2 inches

Features and Benefits of Mats for Training

We have numerous mats for practicing defensive tactics. Because they contain hook-and-loop connectors, you can quickly and easily attach multiple units together to create larger areas.

This innovative design keeps them easily portable and manageable in size yet allows customization of the area depending on the day and the size of the class being taught.

After the session, separate them, fold them up, and easily store them away. It's an ideal solution for spaces that serve multiple purposes, allowing for workouts almost anywhere.

For installations over carpeting, folding mats are the most secure option, as they can be attached directly to the floor to guard against shifting. They represent the most durable option for working outside, as the vinyl cover protects the foam.

Who Uses Tactical Training Mats?

Although many people think of tactical and self-defense training as being focused on professions like law enforcement, security personnel, and military personnel, almost anyone can take advantage of this type of training. Some of the people and places that can use tactical mats include:
  • Tactical training instructors
  • Self-defense facilities
  • Police training centers
  • Deputy training centers
  • Law enforcement facilities
  • Peace officer training centers
  • Security guard training centers
  • Military training centers
  • Martial arts facilities and studios

Training Mats Q&A

What are the best tactical training mats for law enforcement?

The best tactical law enforcement training mats include cushioned landing mats, padding for walls, folding mats for extra padding, and firmer foam flooring products made for martial arts. Regardless of whether you’re in a defensive or attack workout, Greatmats has versatile products that are perfect.

How do I choose training mats for a gym?

Figuring out how to choose the best training mats for a gym starts with determining what kinds of martial arts or gymnastics workouts in which you plan to participate. You can use thinner, firmer combat mats for karate, taekwondo, and kickboxing. You can use thicker, cushioned mats for training in disciplines like MMA, BJJ, and judo, along with gymnastics workouts.

What are the benefits of using training mats for martial arts?

Some of the benefits of doing martial arts with tactical mats are:
  • Create seamless flooring over a large area with puzzle mats
  • High-quality flooring for practice or competition
  • Long-lasting material
  • Durable enough to withstand athletic footwear
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Various colors available
  • Combination of cushioning and sure footing

What type of flooring is used with Tactical Hapkido?

The best flooring to use with Tactical Hapkido is a puzzle-style taekwondo mat. This product is extremely durable, providing great value over time. It consists of tournament-quality EVA foam that’s firm enough to deliver quick foot movements while providing helpful cushioning during takedowns.

Should you cover poles, posts, and walls with pads?

For tactical workouts at military and police training facilities, you should cover poles, posts, and walls with padding for extra protection. Using custom pads on these hard surfaces protects the people in training if they end up falling while learning new defensive techniques or if they end up flying out of control during offensive tactics. Thick pads on walls result in fewer bumps and bruises, allow people to train longer with less pain, and limit the liability of the facility.