Tactical Training Mats: Combat & Law Enforcement

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Top 5 FAQs for Tactical & Self-Defense Training Mats

Greatmats offers a wide variety of training mats for first responders and private facilities focused on teaching defensive fighting. Ours are made of the same quality material as professional training facilities, so they provide a safe place for combative practice situations. Ours have been used by city, county, state, and federal law agencies as well as state, county, and federal corrections for more than a decade.

1. How thick should my exercise mats be?

Yoga mats typically measure about 1/4” in thickness. For desirable yoga mat features, it needs to be thin to simplify storage afterward. For sports that require extra padding to protect against falls, 1/2” to 2” are ideal. If seeking to protect subflooring from dropped free weights or heavy equipment, rubber mattings of 1/2” to 3/4” work nicely. Read more information about gym flooring thicknesses here.

2. What are the best tactical training mats?

Our padded workout mat is among the most popular forms of these. They are 2” in thickness, which provides plenty of cushion for throwing practices. They are easy to lay out tightly on larger surfaces. We do offer a number of other law enforcement-type training mats.

3. Are workout mats necessary?

In many setups, the answer is yes. Consider the many benefits these have:
  • Excellent shock absorption helps prevent serious injuries
  • Extremely tough and will withstand rigorous use, so the investment is designed to last
  • Versatile and can be used in many ways, from creating safe floors to being attached to walls, poles, and other permanent items that could prove dangerous in a collision

4. How do I choose training mats for a gym?

Think about the plans for using these, allowing you to pick just the right unit. Certain products will clean up in just seconds, creating a professional look while saving time and money on maintenance. If portability is important, look for those that can be installed whenever and wherever. Take a look at our recommended martial arts training mats for activities and thicknesses.

5. Where can I find training floor mats?

We have the widest selection of these heavy-duty mats for trainers running a facility or for workouts at home; our best options can be found here. Safety is paramount when picking these products, so only order from a company that you can trust to deliver high-quality designs at a great price. Trust us to only sell the top products, just as police agencies across the United States have trusted our products and our customer service levels for years. Confidently buy from Greatmats, as we have the best models available.

What are the benefits of self-defense training mats?

We have numerous mats for practicing defensive tactics. Because these police training mats are equipped with hook and loop connectors, you can quickly and easily attach multiple units together to create larger areas.

This innovative design keeps them easily portable and manageable in size, yet allows customization of the area depending on the day and the size of the class being taught. With 18 oz. vinyl, these are designed to withstand intense and abusive workout environments.

When the session is completed, separate them, fold them up, and easily store them away. It's an ideal solution for spaces that serve multiple purposes, allowing for workouts almost anywhere.

For installations over carpeting, folding mats are the most secure option, as they can be attached directly to the floor to guard against shifting. They are also the most durable option for working outside since the foams are protected by the durable vinyl cover.

Why do law enforcement officers prefer interlocking training floor systems?

Police and corrections officers versed in martial arts disciplines have found our interlocking puzzle training mats to be helpful in their regimen. These connect much like puzzle pieces to create nearly any size or shape of training space. Connecting them takes very little time, and they stay connected securely until it’s time to separate them.

These have the greatest variety of surfaces, ranging from tatami that will not leave skin or floor burns, to a scuff-resistant thatch texture, and everything in between. They are lightweight and can be installed on any hard, flat surface. Remove them and take them along if needed, or leave them in a permanent installation when working with designated spaces. They can be cut with a sharp utility knife as needed.

Should you use roll-out padded mats?

Our combative training mats offer solutions for portability while providing virtually seamless coverage over large spaces. These have rugged vinyl designed to withstand the wear and tear of boots and shoes. We have rollable training mats with smooth or tatami texture, so find the exact one that’s needed.

A roll-out training mat will work very well to soften large, finished floors, such as school gymnasiums or home gym spaces. It has excellent coverage.

If you're seeking more permanence in a larger space, these may be your best bet, as they have fewer seams than interlocked products have. Tape them to create a single surface. Understand that these are not protected on the underside, so they do need to be placed on top of a flat subfloor.

How to use Underlayment Rolls

To truly maximize cushioning and protect trainees against hard falls, it's wise to invest in a foam core underlayment roll. Ours range from 5/8” to a full 2” thick and are an excellent way to make it more forgiving than wrestling mats.

It can be set up beneath finished flooring surfaces. Place these rolls beneath training mats to practice takedowns and falls. These offer superior shock absorption and are a cost-effective way to increase versatility and performance without having to invest in all-new units.

Keep in mind that these foams are an underlayment and must be covered by a flooring product to keep them protected. These are backed by a 1-year limited manufacturer warranty, so buy with confidence.

Should you cover poles, posts, and walls with pads?

To maximize the safety of the facility, be sure to invest in vertical padding, too. A collision with a solid structure can result in serious injury, so Greatmats has a variety of padding options designed to minimize that risk.

Our Thick Gym Mats Wall Pads are available in numerous sizes and colors. They meet the Class A fire rating requirements and are available with ASTM impact-rated materials. The 16-ounce vinyl is highly durable and puncture- and tear-resistant. Additionally, the vinyl covers are both anti-fungal and anti-bacterial, contributing to a healthier environment in which to train.

To make installing these pads as easy as possible, we offer both direct screw-on and Z-clip installation methods. Both installations are simple, and whether working with concrete walls or chain-link fences, we're sure to have setups that will fit.

Since no two spots are alike, we have plenty of customization options to choose from. Choose from custom sizes, 14 different colors, and install ideas.

If it will be installed over things like door handles, electrical outlets, or other features that need to be accessible, we can design padding for walls with custom cutouts to suit specific needs. Thanks to our digital printing, you can customize it with a business logo for a truly unique look.

While exploring the choices above, please feel free to give our flooring experts a call. We would be happy to provide product samples and detailed shipping information.