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Indoor and Outdoor artificial grass, Turf for Sleds, Sport and Dogs

Artificial grass and custom turf flooring are practical and popular alternatives to the real stuff. Outdoor and indoor artificial turf creates inviting, soft areas. It will hold up to rigorous use. It can quickly transform any location into a usable space. It delivers a spot suitable for pets, baseball, golf, play areas for kids, and more.

Greatmats has a variety of models available. These all offer excellent drainage and look just like the genuine thing. They can withstand frequent usage.

Outdoor Artificial Grass

No longer spend time and money spraying gallons of water onto the natural landscaping around the home, as artificial turf are water saving. These are versatile, delivering a beautiful green color that lasts year around.

Landscaping turf has numerous benefits, including a lot of square feet of coverage area at a reasonable price. Go with Greatmats to receive better prices than are available at a local store.

Sports Turf

We have numerous options, including those that have foam padding on the back. Others don't use paddings.

A soccer playing surface requires the correct ball roll speed and traction for the athletes. Without a heavy duty construction, players will not receive an enjoyable game experience.

We have free samples and volume discounts for installers and contractors. Sports turf for baseball or soccer typically uses a shorter yarn than others. It is generally installed indoors with a full glue down or with a seaming tape method.

Backyard Putting Green Turf

When it comes to a golf course, our Money Putt Artificial Grass Carpet Roll is a high quality choice. The 15-foot wide rolls will make for a putting course that has minimal seams, which should avoid negatively affecting ball rolls.

When using this, there's no infill required. This reduces the costs of installation. It can be used for golf courses or practice putt greens.

Outdoor Fake Grass for Dogs

For pet locations outdoors, our UltimatePet and Pet Heaven are excellent options. Pet Heaven Turf has a shorter pile height at 7/8 inch, while UltimatePet has a 1-5/8 inch pile height for a taller turf option. Both products are made to withstand the demands of use from a pet. These products are resistant to tearing, fading, and staining.

UltimatePet Turf will drain rainwater at more than 250 inches per hour. Never worry about standing rainwater accumulating on the surface, causing odor, after installing artificial turf drainage systems. Following a heavy rain, it will be ready to use immediately. They are made in the USA and have a 100 percent permeable backing.

Pet Heaven features a polyethylene polymer in the primary stalk yarn with a pile height of 7/8 inches. This combination is perfect for giving pets using the fake grass for dogs a soft surface on which to play. The backing of this pet turf consists of a dual layered woven polypropylene with a SilverBack polyurethane coating that contributes to the toughness and durability.

Playground Turfs

Our Playground Play Time is a particularly versatile option. It's safe for use for children.

It has a plush body that will create a desirable look and feel. These measure 15 feet wide, covering large spaces quickly. Consider this for home or public playgrounds. It even works as trade show flooring.

Turfs for Backyard

Our synthetic grass product works for backyard installations and landscape areas. It is virtually maintenance free.

Well maintained lawns are beautiful. But the work required to achieve that is too much for some people. Our model solves many of the issues found with caring for lawns.

For something a little bit different than the norm, count on Greatmats to have amazing ideas. Our Bermuda is a unique looking model. Select from seven different colors, providing plenty of options for the project.

It works for indoor use too. It requires no infill for installations. This will save money. Consider this for track and field, trade shows, agility training for dogs, softball, football, lacrosse, field hockey, and baseball applications.

Indoor Artificial Turf Tiles

  1. Sizes are easy to lift, manage, and transport
  2. If a tile becomes damaged or worn, just replace it
  3. At the end of the season, pick it up easily
  4. Can be moved to a new area as desired
  5. Easily install these on any hard surfaces

Every customer wants a durable option for an athletic indoors space. Our RageTurf Rally Interlocking Tile is a smart choice in these cases. This fitness turf is ergonomic for agility workouts. The turf surface bonds to a rubber base which absorbs impact.

These require little care and upkeep. They have an interlocking edge design that's easy to install as a DIY project.

Top Benefits of Artificial Turf

  1. Delivers convenience
  2. Save on back breaking jobs like weeding, mowing, watering, and aerating
  3. Lay it down anytime in the year
  4. Installable in small spaces for commercial landscapes
  5. An astro turf roll has the ability to drain in a hurry after rain
  6. Our faux blades feel great under bare feet with no weeds
  7. Can be installed anywhere, even where traditional plants won't grow

FAQ Artificial Grass Q&A

How long does artificial grass last?
Ours is highly durable. It’s backed by an 8-year manufacturer warranty, providing a great value. It has an expected lifespan of 15-20 years. This will create a smart long term investment.

What is the best artificial grass?
It really depends on the planned use case. We have products to meet customer demand. Think about the ideas for using it by asking these questions.
  1. What types of activities will be occurring?
  2. Will it be installed outdoors or indoors?
  3. What size needs to be covered?
  4. Will the synthetic lawn need to support high foot traffic?
  5. What's under the artificial turf covers? Will the subsurface affect the installation process?
  6. Will an infill material be required during installation and, if so, what kind?
  7. Will this be a DIY job, or will professionals be hired?

What are the disadvantages of Astroturf?
There really aren’t many disadvantages with this versatile product. Understandably, some prefer real grass, as they enjoy the watering, feeding, and mowing. The layout can take a while, especially if covering big spaces, but with multiple people on hand, the process goes relatively quickly. Others may dislike the initial cost incurred, but because of the reduced need for maintenance versus live grasses, the costs are reasonable when spread over the lifespan of the materials.

How to maintain and how to install artificial grass?
This material will require very little work. Fluff up the blades with a stiff bristled broom as needed. Use a leaf blower or rake to remove debris, such as fallen leaves. Installs are quick too. Just secure the seams as per the directions.

Is the artificial grass price worth it?
Yes. These units virtually eliminate the time and costs of care. The cost of ours is lower than the cost of caring for natural grasses years down the road. Save on upkeep with this.