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Options for Crash Pads & Mats

No one wants to stumble and crash to the ground, but it often goes with the territory when learning a new athletic skill. Use crash pads to keep the bumps and bruises at bay. These pads protect gymnasts, cheerleaders, dance students, martial arts athletes, and other athletes who must fall to the ground as they learn their skills and workouts. These thick, cushioned mats are the ideal choice to make unintended, out-of-control landings as safe as possible. They even work in sensory rooms and for children with special needs.

At Greatmats, we offer crash mats in multiple shapes, thicknesses, and sizes, ensuring you can find the right pads for your specific needs. Take some of the risk out of learning new moves and tricks by deploying our fall mats, giving kids the confidence they need – hopefully, pain-free.

Types of Crash Pads

At Greatmats, we offer two different styles of pads for protecting against unintended falls.

Non-Folding Crash Mat

Non-folding mats consist of a single pad with no creases, which often allows them to be thicker than folding designs. Because of the bulk, they often have handles on the edges to help you carry them to the desired location.

One of our top non-folding mats is the Fluffy Denim Gymnastics Mat. It is extremely durable for repetitious skill work in martial arts, gymnastics, and cheer. It’s also ideal as a crash pad for a sensory room and for children with special needs. It measures 60x80 inches with 12 inches of thickness.

Folding Crash Mat

Folding mats consist of connected individual panels. With crash mats that fold, you receive a couple of benefits. It’s easier to store these thick pads when they’re folded. You also can create a greater thickness in the pad by folding the panels on top of each other, although you do reduce the coverage area by folding it. Select among a few different folding options, including:
  • Single fold
  • Bi-fold
  • Tri-fold
  • Quad-fold
  • Accordion fold

Features of Aerial Crash Mats

We offer the highest quality of materials and designs in our thick padding products. They’re designed to last while delivering the highest level of cushioning for athletes. Some of the key features that show off the quality of our products include:
  • Vinyl-coated polyester cover of 18-plus ounces
  • Dense foam filler that yields durability and cushioning
  • Breathable mesh sides on some models to disperse energy
  • Web handles on some models to ease moving larger mats
  • Velcro strips on some models to connect multiple mats
  • High-quality zipper in the cover that’s made for repeated use
  • Thicknesses available up to 18 inches
  • Coverage sizes up to 7x14 feet
  • Foldable panels on some models for easier storage
  • Multiple colors available

Use Types for Home or Professional Studio Use

We offer gymnastics crash mats for many uses. However, they aren’t just for athletics. You can use them in a variety of situations where you need maximum padding for kids and adults who may fall. Some of the potential use cases include:
  • Children at play
  • Gym workouts
  • Judo practice
  • Gymnastics workouts
  • Wrestling workouts
  • Weightlifting workouts
  • Stunt training for cheer
  • Aerial arts studios
  • Rock climbing
  • Sensory rooms
  • Special needs children
  • Children with autism

Crash Pads Q&A

What is the best thickness for a crash mat?

Although we at Greatmats offer products between 2 and 12 inches in thickness, the best thickness for a crash pad depends on the planned use case. Select thicknesses closer to the low end of the range for potential short-distance falls, like a gymnastics balance beam workout and basic martial arts. Select padding at the higher end of the range for cheerleading stunting and tumbling or for judo throws.

What are the best crash mats for indoor bouldering?

The best crash pad for climbing and indoor bouldering will depend on the potential height from which climbers could fall. You can select rock climbing padding that’s up to 18 inches in thickness to help protect from injuries in falls from height. Before selecting the pad, check with a climbing expert or our Greatmats customer service team for the proper thickness to deliver the necessary fall protection at your location.

Are crash mats good for safety use in aerial arts?

An aerial crash mat for safety is a great choice to provide protection during aerial arts sessions. A thick crash mat for aerial silks is the ideal choice if anyone falls or has a hard landing during a spin or other workouts.

What is a good recommendation for a judo crash pad?

One of our top recommendations for crash pads for judo is the Non-Fold Crash Mat that measures 5x10 feet with 8 inches of thickness. This pad delivers a soft landing area while creating a professional look that’s ideal for judo-throwing practice.

Do judo crash mats provide a high level of protection?

Selecting the best judo crash padding provides a high level of protection from falls and throws during practice. These landing mats have a type of foam density that’s made for body-first landings rather than feet-first landings. This makes them ideal for judo practice, where throws may be occurring.