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Gymnastics, Aerial, Judo and Climbing Wall Crash Pads

When looking to create the safest possible landing space for athletes working on their skills during practice sessions, a crash mat from Greatmats is an outstanding choice.

A wide range of athletes can take advantage of the significant level of cushioning in a thick crash mat. Gymnasts, cheerleaders, dance students, martial arts athletes, and other athletes who must fall to the ground to perform their skills and workouts will appreciate the safe landing space.

Size and Shape Options

We offer a wide range of crash mats, varying in overall size and in thickness.

Our thinnest mats will be folding mats. With these, the vinyl covering over the foam has seams in it that creates several sections. You then fold the mat upon itself. This means you can lay the mat out flat to provide maximum landing space, or you can fold sections of the mat on top of each other to create a greater thickness.

A folding mat designed as a crash mat will need to have at least 2.5 inches in thickness, which delivers excellent soft cushioning in a folding mat. Coverage sizes range from 4x6 feet to 6x12 feet.

We also have larger mats that may fold once or twice or that may not fold at all. These are extremely thick mats that deliver the highest level of cushioning. These mats can range in thickness from 4 to 12 inches and in coverage size from 4x6 feet to 8x18 feet.

Material Options

When selecting a crash mat for sale, it is important to pick materials that can stand up to the impact of significant amounts of force.

Commonly, these mats will have a 16- or 18-ounce vinyl cover material that protects the foam on the inside. The vinyl will resist tears, giving the mat a long-lasting design. (We do offer patch kits for many of these mats if a puncture or tear occurs.)

Another option for the coverage layer is denim. This is also a long-lasting material that makes it easier to slide the large mat across the floor of the gym.

Manufacturers will make use of double stitching to ensure the covering can stand up under stress. Larger mats may even have a zipper, so customers can remove the covering safely.

The foam in the interior of these mats can absorb the impact of kids or adults falling on it. It then will rebound back to its original shape quickly, absorbing the force. The foam may consist of polyurethane or polyethylene, delivering a landing that feels as soft as silk.

Pattern and Texture Options

A crash mat is not going to have texture on the surface of the vinyl or denim covering. These coverings will be as smooth as possible, hopefully helping athletes avoid skin burns.

You do have multiple color options in the coverings. Royal blue is the most common color for the vinyl covers, but you can find more than a dozen colors, including:
  • Black
  • Burgundy
  • Green
  • Gray
  • Maroon
  • Navy blue
  • Orange
  • Pink
  • Purple
  • Red
  • Royal blue
  • Sky blue
  • Tan
  • White
  • Yellow

Some styles of our crash mat products can accept a custom color and a custom logo. You even can find a rainbow colored folding mat, if desired.

Common Use Options

Gymnastics classes and studios are a common customer for these mats. When students are working on their landings off various apparatuses, the thick mat can give them confidence to work out at full speed.

For aerial gymnastics, these mats provide a safe landing area, should the gymnast fall while working on the skill.

Cheerleaders also can use these mats when working on a tumbling pass or when practicing stunting. To create a larger coverage area, these mats often are connectible.

For wrestling practice, team members can practice new holds and throws, all while reducing the worry of suffering injuries during falls. With extra padding in the floor from these mats, team members will be able to work out for longer periods with a far lower risk of injury.

For martial arts workouts involving throws, such as judo or MMA, having a safe landing area allows athletes to practice different techniques with a minimal chance of injuring a practice partner.

Installation Options

One of the biggest benefits of these extra thick mats is that they do not require any specific installation work. Just lay them in position to catch the athletes working on their skills, and they will provide the desired level of protection.

There is no need to secure the mats to the subfloor. Many of the larger mats are heavy enough that they will not slide out of place, even when subjected to a significant amount of force.

Cleaning and Maintenance Requirements

To clean the vinyl or denim surface in a crash mat, use a safe cleaning product that does not contain bleach. You can use a disinfectant to eliminate bacteria.

A quick wipe down with a cleaning rag or sponge and a disinfectant should keep these mats clean and ready for the next class or workout session. Allow the material to dry completely before folding or stacking the mats for storage.