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18x18 Inch Commercial Carpet Squares

Count on Greatmats to deliver 18x18 carpet tiles that are ideal for specific use cases with a size that’s easy to maneuver into place and install.

These carpet squares each measure 18 by 18 inches, and they will work in a variety of situations. Some of these models have a design made for a commercial location, offering a high level of durability and traction. Impressive design styles are available in some of these 18x18 carpet tiles made for luxury home layouts.

Size and Shape Options

These tiles all have a square shape, which simplifies the layout and the process of ordering the correct number of tiles. Versus trying to order the correct amount of square footage in coverage with a rectangular-shaped tile, these 1.5x1.5 ft tiles make the calculations far simpler.

Although the majority of our 18x18 carpet tiles have flat edges, where the installer will lay tiles adjacent to each other, we do offer a few models with puzzle-style edges. However, this does not affect the overall coverage area significantly, meaning ordering the correct number of tiles remains easy.

Material Options

These 18x18 carpet tiles frequently make use of traditional carpeting materials like nylon and polyester to create the final floor layout.

Some models make use of PET fibers, which consist of recycled plastic bottles. Others that emphasize durability use a mixture of rubber and other traditional carpet materials in the fibers. This prevents the pile from crushing under pressure.

Although some manufacturers use cheap materials in carpet squares, Greatmats sticks with the best brands, ensuring a durable layout. Select among brands like Foss, Waterhog, and Mohawk from us.

Frequently, a customer review regarding these tiles will mention the high level of durability and quality they offer. When you buy these tiles, you usually receive a warranty of one to three years. Some models carry a lifetime limited warranty.

Pattern and Texture Options

These 18x18 carpet tiles have a wide range of styles and texture options, making them ideal to use in anything from a man cave to a nursery to a customer reception area.

For an entrance to a building where visitors may need to scrape their shoes to remove moisture and debris, we have carpet tiles with a waffle texture pattern that can handle heavy foot traffic without showing wear and tear.

For the maximum in style, we have low pile carpet squares and those with a berber texture in multiple colors. Select among light gray, dark gray, tan, brown, charcoal, ivory, dark green, navy blue, light blue, red, and others.

Common Use Options

Make use of these 18x18 carpet tiles in almost any location of a residential or commercial building.

For commercial carpet tiles, install them in areas near the entrance to the building where visitors may be walking across them with wet shoes. The carpet catches the moisture, preventing it from tracking into the rest of the building while also preventing slips.

The highly stylish carpet top squares have a design and look that’s ideal in an office building, in a business’ customer-facing area, or in a bedroom or family room of the home.

Installation Options

The majority of these flat-edge carpet squares will use a peel-and-stick design. The tile’s manufacturer adds the adhesive at the factory, and the installer activates it by pressing the tile against the subfloor.

This greatly simplifies the installation process. Installers will not have to add their own adhesive to the backs of the tiles, eliminating the potential for a mess.

For those installers seeking the most permanent type of installation, Greatmats does offer some styles of this size of tile that require a glue-down installation.

As another installation option, a few of these tile models will have an interlocking edge, almost like a jigsaw puzzle. This allows for a simple DIY installation process, as installers just have to line up the tabs on one tile with the slots on the adjacent tile and then press the two together.

Cleaning and Maintenance Requirements

An advantage of these tiles is that customers do not need to perform any specialized cleaning techniques. Use a vacuum cleaner on a regular basis to remove debris and dirt from the surface of the carpeting layer, just as you would with a roll of carpet.

Should staining or soils appear on the carpet, use a carpet cleaning machine.