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Anti Fatigue Mats Options

When you are preparing to stand and work for long periods of time, anti fatigue mats are the ideal type of flooring to have on hand. These products provide durability while protecting the lower body joints of people who are standing and working. 

At Greatmats, we have extensive experience supplying these products to retail and industrial customers, ensuring they receive the benefits they need. Whether you need extra cushioning, trip resistant edges and borders, or a textured pattern to prevent slips, our team can recommend the perfect option.

Types of Anti Fatigue Mat Flooring

Multiple formats are available in these cushioned mats for work, helping you match the expected use case.
  • Mats: These are pre-sized options that can be small or large to cover a variety of spaces.
  • Interlocking Tiles: Tiles that interlock without needing glue give you the opportunity to create a custom larger space installation.
  • Matting Rolls: Rolls that have a specific length and width are perfect along assembly lines or in areas where people must stand in a line.

Benefits of Anti Fatigue Flooring

Beyond creating a comfortable surface for people who must stand and work, these designs have quite a few benefits.
  • Prioritizing employee health
  • Protect lower-body joints from pain
  • Textured surface to resist slips
  • Beveled edges to reduce tripping hazards
  • Safety-colored mats and borders for high visibility
  • Improved employee morale
  • Work for longer periods of time comfortably
  • Perforations to drain away water and liquids
  • Resistance to harsh chemicals

Where Can I Use Anti Fatigue Floor Mats?

Industrial, Manufacturing, or Factory Areas

The yellow safety border on the Safety Soft Foot With Dura Shield product alerts other workers about the trip hazard at the edge of the mat. It has a urethane coating that enhances its durability in an industrial setting.

A diamond tread pattern in the surface makes the Supreme Diamond mat a great choice for workers standing at a bench or workstation all day. It encourages subtle movements, which combats lower leg fatigue.

Our Diamond Foot Ergonomic mats offer diamond plate patterns, which maximizes both worker traction and softness underfoot. They have colored border edging for enhanced visibility. Additionally, these are non-flammable.

The ArmorStep mats offer durability intended for extreme applications. They're resistant to chemicals. They can withstand manufacturing environments that would degrade or damage average units.

The Safety Matta Perforated Tile is ideal for wet environments because the perforations maximize liquid drainage. If liquids are spilled, they will drain down through the raised tiles, meaning the workers' feet along the assembly line stay dry.

Garage, Laundry Room, and Workshop at Home or at a Business

In areas where damp conditions may be present, an anti-slip diamond pattern, such as is found on the Ergo Matta product line, is a key for safety. When the moisture is excessive, perforated Ergo Matta products allow the water to drain away to the subfloor, instead of sitting on top.

The Supreme Sliptech mat is a good choice in garages, where oils and grease are problematic. It also has an anti-slip texture. The closed cell memory foam maximizes comfort, and the wear layer is resistant to the majority of chemicals.

Commercial Kitchen

The Herongripa Matting Roll is ideal for areas where the floor can become slick, such as kitchens or other spaces that tend to contain wetness. These have an open grid construction that allows water and debris to fall through. Plus, they are grease resistant as well.

Safety Fatigue VIP mats are a popular choice for both restaurants and commercial settings, thanks to how they resist slips. They have perforations to allow liquids to drain away. They resist grease, too, which is an important feature for busy kitchens.


For areas behind a retail counter or at a cash register, a cushioned product protects the employee who must stand constantly. The Safety Soft Foot product is especially good for this purpose, as it has a yellow border edge that alerts the employee who must move on and off the mat regularly, helping to avoid a trip hazard.

For thicker mats that maximize comfort, consider the Supreme Diamond Tread Cushion product. Its ErgoFlex foam creates enhanced standing comfort.

When you want a high-quality design for your customer-facing retail area, the Marble Sof-Tyle mat has a distinctive and interesting marbleized appearance. These are incredibly easy to clean. The K-Marble Foot Fatigue product is similar, offering some different color designs.


Our BubbleFlex fatigue mat is ideal for those in an office at a standing desk, as the air pockets in the bubbled surface deliver excellent comfort.

The Ultimate Diamond Thick Cushion model has 3/4 inch thick ErgoFlex foam, offering the ultimate comfort when workers need to be able to stand for long periods of time.

Anti Fatigue Mat Q&A

Does a large anti-fatigue mat really work?

Yes. Our options are set up to yield a pleasing workspace anywhere. These are frequently used in workstations, kitchens, offices, and warehouses, or anywhere where people need to spend a large amount of time on their feet.

What do you need to know about purchasing anti-fatigue mats?

Because so many options are available in these products, it helps to think about how you plan to use the flooring. At Greatmats, we have a number of resources you can use to find the perfect solution, including our buyers' guide for cushioned fatigue mats.

What anti-fatigue mats can be used in garages or industrial settings with oils and chemicals?

Chemical resistant anti fatigue mats for industrial use and at-home garage use deliver the durability required to survive spills of oils, grease, and chemicals. At Greatmats, we offer several models of these products that have the cushioning and resistance to dangerous chemicals that you are seeking.

How long do commercial anti-fatigue mats last?

You can receive varying longevity options with our products at Greatmats from one year to many years. When you are wondering how long a certain model will last, check out the manufacturer's warranty period. This gives you an idea of the longevity of anti fatigue mats.

What are the best anti-fatigue mats?

If looking to truly go easy on the lower body joints, then the Supreme comfort cushion mats may be the right choice. These are thicker than the standard versions, so they have even more shock absorption and relief for a tired lower half of the body. They have five size option selections as well as custom cut lengths, providing extra large anti fatigue mats where needed.

What are the best standing mat sizes for work areas?

To reduce stress on workers, it's important to select the perfect size of anti fatigue mats for work that fit the area in which the employee naturally will be moving while working. At Greatmats, we offer wide anti fatigue mats in pre-cut and custom-cut sizes, helping you find the perfect coverage for your work area, whether you need 3 feet in length or 100-plus feet in length.