Anti Fatigue Mats: Industrial Strength Modular Tiles and Mats

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Anti fatigue mats offer cushion for long hours of standing. They also have the durability needed for use with industrial and retail standup workstations. Greatmats is proud to carry a large selection that’s designed for a variety of needs. These are found in an assortment of materials and design options and are manufactured with safeness in mind.

Whether outfitting a factory for employees or desiring to make a garage workshop comfortable for personal use, we're sure to have what’s needed to accommodate the project. Many of these will help employees stay safe, and some are equipped with colored borders to help prevent tripping. All are set up for a quick and easy installation.

Whether outfitting a factory with non-slip flooring for employees or desiring to make a garage workshop comfortable for personal use, we're sure to have what’s needed to accommodate the project. Many of these will help employees stay safe, and some are equipped with colored borders or beveled edges to help prevent tripping. Some have nitrile enhanced sponges built in for repeated compression and bounce back. All are set up for a quick and easy installation.

Uses for Custom Anti Fatigue Mat

  1. Transform harsh concrete into suitable and welcoming workspaces.
  2. Guard against injuries from slipping.
  3. Improve employee morale by minimizing aches and pains.
  4. Work for longer periods of time.

If wondering whether it's worth it to invest in the anti fatigue flooring, the answer is yes. Whether seeking units for use around the home or considering an investment for a factory environment, these are great choices to cover a hard floor.

Ever spent hours on the feet in a warehouse, garage, or other space with hard flooring? Knees, hips, and the back start to ache before the day is over. It can cause significant pain, even when used to standing for long periods and wearing quality shoes.
If in pain, it's difficult to focus, let alone to put in a full day. Workers who feel comfortable will have better focus. Using this can increase the quality and the quantity of the work being put in each day.

At Greatmats, we have anti fatigue mats available in almost any configuration. Because we have a wide variety, we're sure to have something that will be suitable for various workspaces or projects. Order in specific sizes, making installation simple.

Our most popular choices are outlined below.

PVC Decorative Anti Fatigue Mats

Many of these consist of PVC plastic, since it is flexible and highly durable for everything from a workshop to a laundry room.

Matta has a anti-slip diamond pattern top that works in gyms too.

The Ergo Matta line has both solid and perforated surfaces. Models with perforations are intended for use outdoors or in an area where moisture is present, since water can run right through it.

Interlocked Tiles for Joint Protection

  1. Designs will fit a certain shape.
  2. Easily cut them to fit a tight to the wall installation.
  3. Expand and add as the space and needs change.
  4. Easily install them as a DIY job, thanks to user friendly designs.
  5. Most have easy clean-up

Our anti fatigue tiles are ideal for a wide range of situations. These fit together to create larger solid and safer surfaces. These consist of rubber, foam, and plastic blends, simplifying finding something perfect for a particular workday environment and help reduce work related back pain.

With these, cover any shape or size of subflooring. Most of these can be resized using a sharp utility knife. Expand it later on simply by adding on more pieces.

We have interlocking anti fatigue mats that use two different types of connection systems: A puzzle style interlock or a tab and loop connector system. Ours all interlock securely, ensuring they won't pull apart when they're under heavy traffic and use.

The puzzle styles are usually a bit less expensive, as they're typically made of foam or recycled tires. The loop and tab connection mattings tend to use a soft plastic material. These are a great solution for larger projects.

Industrial Anti Fatigue Mats

  1. Extra durable construction ensures they will last.
  2. Moisture and chemical resistance.
  3. Special coatings extend the life of the investment.
  4. Promotes employee health.

If industrial quality with a bit of softness is needed, we have dozens of options to choose from. These are durable, yet they bring comforts and are designed to hold up to the rigorous demands of anyone. Some are even designed as anti-static mats.

The Safety Soft Foot is popular for warehouses, factories, and retail outlets. It minimizes worker discomfort during longer workdays. These have yellow edging, which increases visibility in areas where forklifts and other vehicles are present.

The Safety Soft Foot with Dura Shield are coated with polyurethane. This coating protects the appearance and the lifespan, enhancing their toughness.

Supreme Diamond Foot has an ergonomic construction that naturally encourages workers' bodies to make subtle movements throughout the workday. This subtle movement promotes increased blood circulation, which contributes to improved worker productivity.

Bubble Flex has an innovative design for a highly-forgiving surface. This standing desk mat features air pockets for softness, while the rubber composition is tough enough to withstand the compression when a person stands on it. The rubber helps extend the lifespan, ensuring plenty of use out of this comfortable product. These are versatile too.

For extra traction and slip resistance, consider our Ridge Scraper Kitchen model. These are ideal for areas where the floor can become slick, such as kitchens or other spaces that tend to draw wetness. These have a raised edging that keeps liquids contained, instead of allowing them to spill over the edge. This feature can contribute to the usability of the entire workspace, as spills will stay contained, and slips and falls won't be such an immediate risk.

Does the workspace involve the use of chemicals? If so, the Supreme Sliptech may be the best option. The closed cell memory foam maximizes comforts, and the wear layer is resistant to the majority of chemicals. This has excellent grip. Choose from 12 different sizes to suit whatever needs exist. We also have custom size anti fatigue mats.

Customers love our Diamond Foot Ergonomic Comfort Mats on the market, as they have diamond plate patterns, which maximizes both worker traction and softness underfoot. They have colored border edging for enhanced visibility. Additionally, these are spark resistant, so they're a great choice for a welding area. These have several variations.

The Supreme is thicker than average and offers extras in the way of protection against joint pain. The Ultimate Diamond Ergo is a full 3/4 inch thick for maximized cushion and toughness.

The Marble Sof-Tyle Mat has a distinctive and interesting marbleized appearance. These are incredibly easy to clean, which helps to cut down on the maintenance time. The K-Marble is another marble-colored option that further improves working conditions, while maintaining the same ease of cleaning and distinctive appearance.

Manufacturing workplaces frequently need floorings that meet certain requirements, such as spark and chemical protection, as well as sound dampening properties. These anti stress mats not only have enhanced durability, but they can make for an overall safer workplace. The products listed below have features often required in specialty workplaces.

Our Weldmaster product line resists sparks. This is specifically designed for use in welding shops and machining areas.

ArmorStep offers durability intended for extreme applications. They're resistant to chemicals and excessive moisture. They can withstand manufacturing environments that would degrade or damage average units.

Safety Matta is ideal for wet environments, because the perforations maximize liquid drainage. If liquids are spilled, they will drain down through the raised tiles, meaning the workers' feet stay dry. Made of a heavy duty PVC, some of these are even available with a grit surface for tractioning.

Custom Anti Fatigue Mats Kitchen or Restaurant

VIP is a popular choice for both restaurants and commercial settings, thanks to their how they resist slips.

It resists grease, which is an important feature for busy kitchens. These are backed by an impressive 5-year guarantee against breakdown because of grease, so invest in these with confidence.

VIP brand models are perforated and offer excellent drainage, so staff members remain dry and water is drained away. We carry many different VIP branded products, allowing the entire prep space to be outfitted with these.


We understand everyone has a specific need for workplace dimensions, and that's why we offer numerous sizes.

For use in a special location, please contact one of our customer service representatives. We would be happy to help find the product that's just right for each use case.

Greatmats offers quantity discounts on large purchases and bulk orders. Most purchases ship via ground service nationwide.

FAQ Anti Fatigue Mats Q&A

Do large anti fatigue mats really work?Yes. Our options are set up to yield a pleasing workspace anywhere. These are frequently used in workstations, kitchens, offices, and warehouses, or anywhere where people need to spend a large amount of time on their feet.

What are the best anti fatigue mats?If looking to truly go easy on the lower body joints, then the Supreme version may be the right choice. These are thicker than the standard versions, so they have even more shock absorption and relief for a tired lower half of the body. They have five size option selections as well as custom cut lengths.

How thick should a comfort anti fatigue mat be?Our models range between 3/16” and 3/4'' in thicknesses, so there are multiple selections available. Look for extra thickness to bring additional comforts, and look at thinner materials to be able to move them around frequently.

Are anti fatigue kitchen mats waterproof?The majority of them are. The rubberized materials will not soak up liquids, while providing good tractioning. Certain ones have perforations to eliminate stagnant waters on the top. The Grit Top Matta features a grit perforated surface. It not only drains water away, but the raised pattern of diamonds combined with gritty texture deliver maximized traction and improved grip for boots or shoes.

How often should interlocking anti fatigue floor mats be replaced?It depends on the model in use. Some of our units have warranties that last 5 years or more. Others have 1-year warranties. With occasional cleaning, these can last far longer than the warranty period.

Whether you are ready to checkout with your credit card or still simply in the research phase finding mats with the ideal cushioning, give the great customer service staff a Greatmats a call. They'll be happy to help.