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Safety Matting, Wear Area, Non-Slip and Industrial Anti-Fatigue Floor Mats
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provide excellent cushion for industrial and retail standing workstations.

Greatmats has a large selection of anti fatigue mats in various material and color options to meet your comfort and safety needs, whether you're outfitting a factory or want to make your garage workstation more comfortable. Some mats are available with colored safety borders to prevent tripping. To top it off, our anti fatigue mats are designed for quick and easy installation. This fatigue flooring is available in multiple sizes and thicknesses.

The benefits are endless, whether you own a business or just want mats for use around the home. Consider the potential benefits of anti fatigue flooring:

Why should you use anti fatigue mats?

  • Promote comfort, for yourself or employees
  • Make long work hours more tolerable with increased comfort
  • Transform harsh flooring, like concrete, to a more suitable workspace
  • Potentially avoid injuries with the flooring's anti-slip properties
  • Improve employee morale by minimizing aches and pains
  • Get more work done, since you'll be more comfortable and able to work for longer periods of time

Consider using fatigue mats in:

  • Industrial and retail standing workstations
  • Kitchens
  • Home garages and workplaces
  • Offices
  • Any area where you need comfort and anti-slip footing

Anti fatigue tiles are versatile and can make almost any surface more comfortable to stand on. Fatigue mats are frequently used in standing workstations, as well as in kitchens, offices, and other areas where people spend large amounts of time on their feet. With mats available in rubber, foam, plastic, and rubber/foam blends, Greatmats offers an excellent variety of mats that will be excellent choices for your project.

You'll find our most popular fatigue floor mats outlined below.

Plastic Anti-Fatigue Floor Mats

PVC is one of the most common plastic materials used for anti-fatigue flooring. Plastic offers excellent flexibility and durability, both of which are desirable qualities in floor mats.

The Ergo Matta line of PVC anti fatigue mats are available with both solid and perforated surfaces. The perforated design is intended for outdoor use and areas where moisture is present.

The Safety Grit Top Matta interlocking anti fatigue mat offers extra slip protection with its diamond grit perforated surface. Our standard Safety Matta mats offer a similar design without the diamond grit. Comfort Matta mats offer a solid surface with a diamond pattern top, and can even be used in company gyms.

Interlocking Anti-Fatigue Floor Mats

An interlocking type of anti-fatigue cushion mat is a practical choice for large-scale standing work station areas. Interlocking anti-fatigue floor tiles can be made of rubber, foam, plastic, and rubber/foam blends. These interlocking mats mean that you can create fatigue-reducing flooring areas of any size or shape, customizing the floor's size to your project needs. The mats can even be fit for wall-to-wall floor installation. In most cases, you can cut these mats using a sharp utility knife or saw.

Interlocking anti-fatigue mats are available with two different types of interlocking systems: a puzzle style interlock, and a tab and loop connector design. The mats interlock securely, creating a safe, anti-slip surface that won't pull apart despite heavy traffic and use. The mats with the puzzle interlocking system are usually the least expensive options, since they're typically made of foam or recycled rubber. The mats with the tab and loop connecting systems are usually made of a soft PVC.

The benefits of interlocking anti-fatigue mats are, you can:

  • Custom design flooring to the size and shape of your space
  • Easily cut the mats to fit a wall-to-wall installation
  • Expand and add to your flooring as your space and needs change
  • Perform installation easily on your own with simple interlocking systems

Interlocking fatigue floor tiles are an excellent solution for larger-scale projects encompassing large areas.

Industrial Floor Mats

If your project requires industrial safety floors, Greatmats offers dozens of different types of industrial fatigue mats and tiles which will be perfect for your facility.

Our industrial fatigue mats are specially designed to hold up to the rigorous demands of industrial safety floors.

Most industrial fatigue mats offer the following benefits:

  • Extra-durable construction ensures the mats will last, even under rigorous use.
  • Moisture and chemical resistance makes the mats suitable for use in manufacturing and other harsh environments.
  • Special coatings extend the life of the mats, and your investment.
  • Comfortable surface promotes employee comfort and safety.

Below are some of our most popular industrial safety floors.

The Soft Foot mat is a standard cushioned mat which is frequently used in warehouses, factories and retail outlets. This mat, which is available in multiple sizes, provides a comfortable cushion for long workdays. Soft Foot surfaces feature yellow edging for increased visibility in areas where forklifts and other vehicle traffic is frequent.

The Safety Soft Foot with Dura Shield mats are equipped with a polyurethane coating to protect both the look and the lifespan of your mats.

The Supreme version of the Soft Foot provides additional thickness for even more fatigue relief. This mat is available in five size options.

Cushion floor mats are ergonomically structured to provide both outstanding comfort and durability. These mats naturally encourage subtle movements which promote good circulation and comfort.

Cushion floor mats are available as singles, ends and centers. The ends and centers feature interlocking edges so that you can connect multiple mats together. By using ends and centers, you can create a matted floor as large as you need, and can even expand and alter the industrial safety floors if your space needs should change. The single mats have no interlocking edges and are designed to be used independently of any other mats.

Bubble Flex Mats feature an innovative air pocket bubble design. This unique design provides extra comfort and creates a forgiving surface, while the sturdy rubber composition is durable enough to withstand the mat's compression. The sturdy rubber helps to extend the life of the mat. These Bubble Flex Mats are available in two different sizes.

Ridge Scraper Mats are designed to provide extra traction and slip resistance, making them a popular option for areas where the flooring can get slick, such as in kitchens. These mats include raised edging to keep liquid from spilling over the sides and onto the floor, a feature which can contribute to the safety of your entire workspace. These mats come in two different sizes.

Supreme Sliptech Mats are made of closed cell foam for maximized comfort. The large industrial pyramid surface provides excellent traction, and the wear surface will resist most chemicals. These versatile mats are available in 12 different standard sizes, but if you need a specific size, custom-cut lengths are also available.

Diamond Foot Mats are another diamond pattern mat surface designed to maximize both traction and comfort. These mats are also available with colored border edging for safety, and are spark resistant, which makes them an excellent choice for areas where employees will be welding.

There are several variations of the standard mat, including the Supreme, which is thicker than the standard mat for fatigue purposes. The Ultimate Diamond Foot is a full 3/4 inch thick for maximized cushion and comfort.

Marble Foot Mats offer an interesting marbleized surface appearance and fatigue properties. They are remarkably easy to clean. The K-Marble Foot Mat is a thicker option for improved comfort.

Special Features for Industrial Settings

Industrial workplaces often require flooring with special features, such as sound-dampening or spark resistance. Consider the following products for specific workplace needs.

Noyz Mats provide fatigue benefits, but also help to reduce the decibel level in your workspace. These mats are a great choice for environments where you need to reduce the volume for a more tolerable workspace.

Fatigue tiles for welders are spark resistant and are available in either our Weldmaster or Stand-N-Weld mats.

ArmorStep mats are excellent for extreme heavy-duty applications. Use these mats for areas where chemicals and excessive moisture is a problem.

Safety Matta Tiles are constructed with a heavy-duty PVC material. The tiles feature a perforated surface, so if liquids are spilled, they will work their way down through the raised tiles. This design helps to maximize drainage in wet environments. Some of these tiles are also available with a grit top for increased slip resistance.

Kitchen or Restaurant Floor Mats

Greatmats carries five different types of VIP tiles. These tiles are frequently used in restaurants and busy commercial settings where you need both slip resistance and fatigue properties. The red mats are grease resistant, offering an impressive 5-year guarantee against breakdown from grease, maximizing your investment. These tiles offer excellent drainage and are ideal for use in kitchen environments.

Ordering Mats for Your Project

Please note that many of our anti-fatigue materials are available in custom cut lengths. If you have a special location in need of anti-fatigue matting, please contact one of our customer service representatives to find out the best mat for your application. Greatmats offers quantity discounts on tiles for large purchases and bulk orders. Customers can expect ground shipping for most mat orders nationwide.