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Interlocking modular PVC and rubber garage flooring tiles for home and pro

At Greatmats, we offer a large selection of garage flooring designed for quick installations. Most garage floor tiles can be uninstalled in the future if desired. They are easy to install and transport too. This makes them ideal for events such as car show floors or home or commercial work spaces.

PVC plastic tiles offer the greatest comfort and a low profile design. Meanwhile, polypropylene interlocking garage floor tiles create the fastest installation, while accommodating wet environments. Rubber flooring for garage tiles yield strong and durable products. Rubber garage floor mats are a practical choice for use in garages used for purposes other than storing or working on vehicles.

DIY Garage Floor Tile Installation

If hiring someone to perform a reflooring, the costs add up quickly. That’s where DIY installs make a huge difference, creating a budget friendly option.

Our individual rubber garage floor mats have a lightweight design and a size that’s convenient for one person to move and install. We have multiple inexpensive garage flooring ideas for our customers.

Our products offer versatility and portability. Disassembling them to move them to a new location goes fast.

They’re made for repeated installations. Additionally, a customer may cut them as needed for a free flow wall-to-wall layout. The Greatmats discount garage flooring options consist of more than 40 choices. Each model provides excellent durability at unbeatable prices.

Many will successfully stand up to more than 20,000 pounds of static load per square foot. They are perfect for a large number of use cases.

Our Garage Floor Tile Diamond and Garage Floor Mat Interlock Coin pieces neatly snap in place during the install phase. This style can hold 10,000 pounds of weight per square inch. A customer can successfully drive cars and trucks onto it.

They include a raised base that allows airflow beneath them. This keeps subfloors dry.

Rubber Interlocking Garage Tiles

  1. Economical option
  2. Non-absorbent and easy to clean
  3. Sound buffering properties
  4. Helps prevent damage to subfloor

Rubber garage floor tiles cheap priced are highly economical and have a variety of forms available, including great mats, rolls, and tiles.

Rubber garage flooring rolls are an excellent option if converting a space where cars have been parked into a home gym or workshop. Keep in mind, garage rubber flooring should not be used in active automotive areas.

They are large and weighty. Usually, at least two people are required for installations.

When it comes to budgeting, they are economical. Rolled rubber starts at just over $1 per square foot. Though rolls are heavy, a lot of customers prefer them, thanks to the affordable cost.

They most frequently come in black. A few models could contain color flecks for a different appearance.

They are made from recycled tires, which means fewer tires end up in the landfill each year. They are extremely durable, so the investment will last for years.

Our Utility 8mm puzzle types of garage floor squares deliver both low pricing and installation convenience. At roughly $2 a square foot, they're extremely affordable.

It is a nice choice for garage mats to protect workshops, man caves, or gyms from impact of dropped items. Harsh fluids that leak out of vehicles can cause it to break down, though. For this reason, vehicles should not be parked on rubber flooring garage surfaces.

A flat bottom in the floorings can trap moisture. Make sure that the seams are tight, and it is not installed over subfloors prone to condensation.

Although non-absorbent, water can permeate through non-vulcanized material over time, so it shouldn't be power washed or soaked for this reason. However, vulcanized is completely waterproof.

PVC Residential or Commercial Garage Flooring

  1. Supports weighty loads
  2. Multiple colors and textures
  3. Comfortable for standing
  4. Resists oil and chemicals

These deliver a high-end aesthetic look. The seams are hidden below. With the hidden seam garage tile floor, it has no visible connection lines, which results in a beautiful finish.

Contributing to the high quality look is the number of surfaces available. Greatmats offers textured surfaces including, diamond plate, slate top, leather top, and coin top. Each has a waterproof construction.

SupraTile 7 mm leather texture is a popular option. It can withstand the harshest environments. It will withstand up to 20,000 pounds of pressure per square foot without becoming indented. It’s nice for busy traffic spots, such as warehouses, loading docks, airports, and museums.

SupraTile connects via hidden dovetail joints. The joints can even be melded together with heat welding equipment, making them waterproof. Once welded, SupraTile also offers outstanding sound absorption.

It is comfortable underfoot, making long hours of standing much more tolerable. It is resistant to mold, mildew, and chemicals, making employment environments healthier.

PVC garage flooring offers a number of advantages, including durability and strength. Because these products are so durable, some that we offer come with warranties of up to 20 years.

Raised Garage Interlocking Floor Tiles

We carry a variety of raised floating floors. This allows air to flow underneath. Rather than condensing, a little bit of moisture dries naturally with airflow.

Excessive moisture building up underneath is no problem either. Pull them up to allow drying and then reinstall them. This unique design saves time if you have an issue, and it can help to protect the integrity of the subfloor.

They connect just as jigsaw puzzle pieces do. Align them and step on the seam areas to create a strong, secure connection.

Meanwhile, snap together tile features a heavy duty hook and loop system, which creates a smooth, secure finish. They can be disassembled and reassembled multiple times without affecting the integrity.

To clean beneath, disassemble them, do the cleaning, allow for drying time, and reinstall again. This is a convenient advantage. It works especially well in an area where access to the subfloor is needed repeatedly.

The variety of colors simplifies creating patterns and other eye catching designs. There are endless possibilities.

A discount product, like plastic garage floor tiles Home Depot or Amazon has, may not provide the level of performance desired to survive a wet environment, while also remaining slip resistant.

Our products have the quality and durability required for all kinds of contaminants. They will continue to look great, no matter how tough the environment, and last quite a while.

If constantly exposed to liquid, a water-protected style is a must-have, keeping subfloors protected from liquids. Additionally, it adds a nice level of traction to avoid slips in wet conditions.

If the area will be exposed to quite a bit of dampness, consider a style that encourages drainage. Perforations allow water to pass through the surface.

Certain styles are resistant to liquids, oils, or acids. In a professional working setting, having a surface that can resist corrosive liquid is important.

We have many styles that have the toughness to stand up to this type of environment. Always count on us to give professional and residential customers a quality product delivered at a competitive price.

Garage Flooring FAQ and Q&A

What is the best garage flooring?

PVC plastic yields the greatest comfort and a low profile design. Meanwhile, polypropylene interlocking garage floor tiles create the fastest installation, while accommodating wet environments. Rubber garage floor matting yields strong and durable designs and is a practical choice, except for an area for storing or fixing vehicles.

Is vinyl flooring good for a garage?

Garage floors are exposed to tough conditions that are hard on vinyl. From working on cars with oils and corrosive fluids, to rain and snow tracked in, exposure to many different liquids occurs. Some car tires can cause stains on garage floor coverings made from PVC or vinyl materials if not properly sealed.

What is the best way to cover a garage floor?

When working with cement, dampness can become trapped, which may cause disintegration to the cement, meaning eventual repair and replacement will be needed. This can be a significant expense. With a raise-up base, air will flow underneath, drying the cement without having to remove anything, which is convenient.

Are garage floor interlocking tiles any good?

Garage floor rubber tiles and other materials provide snap together or interlock designs. Our product provides a tight fit with no seams popping loose. Even when placed under stress or heavy weights, they will not separate. They also hide cracks.

Can vinyl flooring be installed on concrete?

Vinyl checkered garage floor coatings are often ideal for multi-purpose usage plans, including dance floors, workout areas, and athletic courts. Some come with a vinyl surface that creates a polished appearance. Vinyl atop a PVC garage floor tiles base is available in a wide array of wood grain and faux stone patterns.

How to Clean Commercial Garage Floor Tiles Vs. Epoxy Paint
  1. Sweep to remove debris.
  2. Use a shop vacuum for further cleaning.
  3. Damp mop with hot water and a common household cleaner.

Why You Should Choose Interlocking Garage Flooring LLC
  1. Multiple styles and aesthetic appeal
  2. Ready for quick layout
  3. Weight bearing load
  4. Shock absorption properties and comfort level for those standing on it
  5. Liquid and/or chemical resistance
  6. Several use case options
  7. Price
  8. Portability

Interlocking Garage Tile Flooring Benefits
  1. Excellent traction, even if wet
  2. Transforms a location with no need for a significant investment
  3. Creates softer surfaces on which to stand
  4. Muffles noise
  5. Prevents wear and tear to the concrete floor and conceals imperfections
  6. Delivers a multi-purpose space for gyms, a man cave, et cetera