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Garage Flooring Options

Garage flooring from Greatmats is available in multiple designs, fitting several potential installation types. Such versatility makes these floors extremely popular. 

Our garage floor tiles are available in several types of materials and sizes. Additionally, unlike some other types of garage floor coverings, our tiles make a DIY installation possible, saving you money.

Material & Style Options

We offer garage flooring materials that support the weight of vehicles, making them useful in a residential or commercial garage. The primary materials available for our garage tiles include:
  • Polypropylene Plastic Garage Tiles
  • PVC Plastic Garage Tiles

Rubber/Foam/Carpet: We also have other material options that can be used in a garage, but you should not use rubber garage floor mats, foam tiles, or carpet tiles if you plan to park cars in the space. Carpet, foam, or rubber mats for a garage can support a garage gym, man cave, or workplace area instead.

Multiple Sizes and Designs

We offer raised tiles or flat tiles that are potentially suitable for parking cars on top of them, although rubber flooring is not suitable. The raised tiles allow air to flow underneath them, evaporating moisture that's present in the area. Size options for tiles and rolls include:

We also have custom cut lengths for rubber rolls, should you need a particular size of covering. 

Versatile Location

Our garage floor mats are available for either residential or commercial locations. 

Residential users can place them over a concrete floor that's showing its age or to yield a space that's ideal as a gathering space or gym in the garage.

Commercial users can create a non-slip surface in a garage that keeps employees safe around cars, especially those vehicles that may have rain or snow dripping off them. Some of our garage tiles can withstand more than 20,000 pounds of static load per square foot.

DIY Installation

Our interlocking garage flooring tiles have designs that are ideal for you to do the installation yourself. They often use interlocking edges that fit tightly together without the need for glue.

Many of our designs work for repeated assemblies and disassemblies, so you can pick up the tiles and return to the subfloor whenever needed. 

10 Best Features and Benefits of Interlocking Garage Flooring

Interlocking tiles made for the garage have quite a few benefits and features that make them highly appealing. Here are the top 10 reasons to install garage floors from Greatmats.
  1. Aesthetic appeal with multiple styles that transform the space
  2. Quick installations with designs made for DIY jobs
  3. Durable tiles, many of which can support the weight of vehicles
  4. Shock-absorbing materials for comfort and noise absorption
  5. Resistance to chemicals and liquids
  6. Designs made for portability and repeated installations
  7. Easy to clean and maintain
  8. Non-slip surfaces, even in wet conditions
  9. Protects the concrete subfloor while hiding imperfections
  10. Versatile enough to handle multiple plans for the space

Garage Flooring Q&A

What is the best way to cover a garage floor?

With concrete, dampness can become trapped, which may cause early deterioration of the concrete, meaning eventual repair and replacement will be needed. This can be a significant expense. By covering the garage floor with a raised base tile, air will flow underneath, drying the cement without having to remove anything, which is convenient. This is a great alternative to a more expensive epoxy coating on floors.

Can you use rubber flooring in a garage?

Using rubber mats in a garage is possible if you are transforming the space for a workplace, for a man cave, or for a gym. Rubber garage flooring can support having vehicles driven on it. However, anything that leaks out from your car, such as oil or fluid, could potentially damage the rubber.

Are garage floor interlocking tiles any good?

Interlocking tiles are available in snap-together or interlocking designs. Our products provide a tight fit with no seams popping loose. Even when placed under stress or heavy weights, they will not separate. They also hide cracks.

Are plastic interlocking pvc garage floor tiles easy to install?

The designs we carry at Greatmats make it easy to install plastic garage floor tiles on your own, saving you money versus having to hire a professional. We have designs that contain a hidden interlocking tab and loop system or a connecting puzzle edge. Even people who have no experience with flooring installation can do the work successfully.

What are the pros and cons of vented garage floor tiles?

The benefits of using vented garage flooring tiles include:
  • Easy drainage of water
  • Encouraging airflow to resist mildew formation
  • Great traction for slip resistance
  • Can support the weight of vehicles
  • Do not block rising heat from an in-floor heating system
  • Multiple color options for unique designs

Perforated tiles do have a couple of disadvantages, including:
  • Debris and items can fall through the perforations
  • Must disassemble the tiles to retrieve items that fall through