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Incline Wedge Gymnastics Mats - 13 Products

Gymnastic Skill Builder Wedge Incline Mats
13 Products

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Single Fold Incline Mats, Colorful Wedge Mats, Gymnastic Wedge Incline Mats
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are widely regarded as a functional and versatile progressive skill building tool for gymnastics or cheer programs. Used as a training tool for all skill levels, incline mats can be used by 'Mommy and Me' classes, recreational centers and elite professional training facilities. Used extensively at elementary and high school levels, incline wedge mats for uphill vaulting, transition training on bars, basic tumbling on floor and basic conditioning.

ncline wedge gymnastics mats are valuable tools for gymnasts working on cartwheels, log rolls, forward and backward rolls, bridges, jumps, splits, handsprings and donkey kicks, among other skills.

Greatmats offers non-folding incline wedge mats ranging from 24 to 60 inches wide and 48 to 84 inches long. Heights of non-folding wedge mats range from 14 to 18 inches.

Folding incline wedge mats offer a great size range. Widths of these mats are vary from 24 to 72 inches while lengths can be as long as 144 inches. Heights be be as tall as 22 inches among folding incline wedge gymnastics mats.

Larger Gymnastic Skill Builder Wedge Incline Mats allow for consecutive moves and can be transformed into firm mini-pits or spotting tables. Non folding gymnastics incline mats are offered at a lower price than folding versions.

Greatmats offers 16 color options for incline wedge gymnastics mats. Order in one solid or two contrasting colors.

The vinyl used with this product is 6P compliant for Phthalates and Lead Free and meets California state law Proposition 65 requirements. Our vinyl covered foam incline wedge gymnastics mats are made in the USA and feature a 3 year limited warranty.

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