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Carpet Tiles With Glue Down Installation

Greatmats offers a fabulous selection of glue down carpet tiles for sale that are suitable for commercial and/or home use.

Glue down carpet tiles are perfect for a setting where you desire the look and feel of carpet but the floor will be subject to heavy foot traffic, equipment, furniture, dirt, or debris. It’s also a great choice for commercial applications.

Peel and stick tiles and interlocking carpet tiles both offer many features and benefits, but glue down carpet tiles offer a surface that is perfectly and securely in place, giving business owners the confidence they need in their floor - knowing they have to choose a product that will be safe and reliable.

Glue down carpet tiles are not the best choice for temporary solutions where you’ll have to remove and transport them. Greatmats does offer products perfect for this type of installation; this style of carpet would not be ideal, though.

There are many glue down carpet tiles from which to choose, all of which are relatively easy to install with adhesive, offer an overall low lifetime cost, and look great while performing well.

Glue Down Carpet Tiles For Moderate to Heavy Traffic

These commercial-grade, glue-down tiles are available at an affordable price while still presenting an attractive appearance.

Most of these carpet squares are eco-friendly and made of recycled materials, and some of them are CRI Green Label Plus certified. They boast soil and stain resistant technology, so they are easy to clean and maintain, and they will resist wear, unraveling, zippering, or delamination.

Most of these budget-friendly carpet tiles come with great warranties, and they are best suited for offices, walkways, and break rooms. Cleaning these carpet tiles is a breeze, as you simply vacuum daily and spot and stain treat as needed.

Fire Rated Glue Down Carpet

If you are looking for commercial carpet tiles that present a nice, professional look while providing a Class 1 Fire Rating, Greatmats has them.

There are economical polyester carpet tiles that are fairly easy to clean and maintain, and they come with the ability to create a full custom floor or rug area. There are a variety of installation pattern options.

Some tiles are extremely affordable while being made of nylon. They are ideal for an office or retail space, as they are wear-resistant and feature a loop-patterned design. These tiles have the toughest fibers on the market and offer exceptional wear resistance and durability. It’s easy to install with the appropriate adhesive.

These tiles offer a flooring solution that is non-absorbent, made in the USA, and accompanied by a 10 year warranty.

Glue Down Carpet Tiles For High Traffic Areas

If you’re seeking commercial glue down carpet tiles for high traffic areas, Greatmats offers those as well. They are super easy to install with pressure-sensitive latex carpet glue, and once the tiles are installed, this flooring solution offers excellent wear resistance, performance level, durability, and endurance, even under super high traffic, use, and abuse.

This type of carpet tile also happens to be Class 1 fire-rated and is very easy to clean and maintain. It’s a low-cost nylon carpet tile that will deliver optimum quality and dependability, making it an excellent alternative to broadloom carpet.

Some of the high-traffic carpet tiles feature technologically advanced fiber systems that guarantee the tiles will not fade and will look attractive for years. This type of carpet is best suited for areas such as department stores, libraries, home offices, high schools, hospitals, and home media rooms.

Made in the USA with a 10-year warranty, this type of commercial carpet will outlast and outperform many of its competitors.

Fantastic Carpet Options at Greatmats

Greatmats has virtually every style of adhesive carpet imaginable. If it is carpet that needs glue to cover a floor, Greatmats likely has it.

Commercial carpet tiles are among the most popular products, and there are so many different options, from economical sale products to top-of-the-line flooring. Carpet tiles are made of a number of different materials, from foam, nylon, polyester, and polypropylene to recycled plastic, rubber material, and more.

This type of carpeting is durable, versatile, and high-performing. It’s also safe and reliable. Carpet tiles that need to be glued down are excellent flooring solutions, and Greatmats has numerous options from which to choose. Reach out to the staff at Greatmats, who are ready and willing to help you decide which flooring option will work best for you.

With a huge selection of options to choose from, the best quality, years of satisfied customers backed by hundreds of positive reviews, warranties, value, and knowledgeable staff, you can be confident in your purchase of carpet tiles when it comes from Greatmats.