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Temporary Gym and Laminate Flooring Over Carpet

When seeking to lay flooring over carpet, it is important to make use of a firm style of flooring. Without firmness in the layer going atop the carpeting, the flooring could sink too far into the carpeting, creating uneven layouts and a potential tripping hazard.

Greatmats offers multiple models to create temporary floor layouts that work for athletic workouts or other activities that simply don’t work as well when doing them on carpeting.

Size and Shape Options

Commonly, when creating flooring over carpet, installers will make use of an interlocking tile format. The interlock edging on the tiles makes the flooring easy to install.

Just assemble the floating floor for the planned activity and then disassemble the tiles and place them in storage to return to the carpeting after the activity.

The best size for most square tiles is 1x1 foot, as this size is easy to handle and move back and forth from storage to the room where the install will take place.

We also offer dance floor kits that will go over the top of carpeting. After assembly, these multi-piece kits can end up with a coverage size of between 3x3 and 6x6 feet, providing plenty of space for dance practices.
If you're looking for a super heavy duty gym flooring option for over carpet, you may even want to consider one of our UltraTile products that feature a either a rubber or turf surface over a 1 inch thick raised rubber base.

Material Options

As mentioned earlier, a firm material is important for creating flooring that will go over the top of carpeting. We offer our tiles in multiple types of materials that deliver the firmness required for a successful installation.

PVC plastic is a common material to find in interlocking tiles designed for home gym flooring over carpet. PVC plastic works well for a home gym setting, as it can stand up to people jumping on it, and it can support the weight of exercise equipment.

For a material that is even firmer, consider polypropylene plastic tiles to create this flooring over carpet. These are hard tiles that work nicely for basketball-style workouts.

When seeking to create a dance practice area using a kit, we offer vinyl tiles that have a plastic base layer for rigidity that is different from what laminate over carpet will deliver. The vinyl can resemble hardwood, creating an eye-catching look.
While most rubber flooring products are not suitable for use over carpet, UltraTiles are designed to accommodate just that using their quad block connection system.

Pattern and Texture Options

When using our tiles to create a hard flooring over carpet, a few texture options are available. With the PVC plastic tiles, the manufacturer builds texture into the surface layer. These can include bump top patterns or textures that resemble a pattern kind of like an orange peel.

Multiple color options are available in these interlocking tiles. To create a checkerboard pattern or another flooring color pattern, mix and match colors in tiles from the same manufacturing family.

Our dance floor tiles that look like wood do not have a texture, allowing dancers to slide their feet easily.

UltraTile flooring comes with either a smooth rubber surface or an artificial turf layer on top of the rubber.

Common Use Options

Frequently, homeowners will use these tiles to create a space for a workout in a room where carpeting is already in place. It can be difficult to gain the most from a workout on a carpeted floor, as your feet may sink into the carpet.

Our firm flooring over carpet tiles gives athletes and dancers the sure footing they need to make controlled and sudden movements.

Some installers will use these interlocking tiles to quickly lay out a segment of flooring of a certain size, depending on the type of workout planned. Then, after the workout comes to an end, the installer can disassemble the tiles and place them in storage, revealing the carpeting again.

It’s easy to lay out these tiles in almost any room of the home, including in a bedroom, a basement, a child’s playroom, a family room, or a media room. Install these tiles anywhere carpeted flooring exists to gain a new use case for the room.

Installation Options

Installation of our tiles to create a workout flooring over carpet is an easy process. The tiles feature interlocking edges that enable them to pop together with only a little bit of force on the part of the installer. Do not add glue to the interlocking edges or to the back of the tiles.

Then, after the workout session is complete, disassemble the tiles, and they will pop apart just as easily as they went together. The interlock design of these tiles means they work nicely as a temporary floor.

Cleaning and Maintenance Requirements

Our tiles do not require any special cleaning or maintenance tasks to keep them performing and looking like new. Sweep these tiles to remove dry debris as needed.

Mopping or wiping the tiles is another option. With the PVC plastic, vinyl, or polypropylene plastic tiles, just use hot water and a gentle cleaning solution to mop them as needed. Do not use bleach on these tiles.

Because these are temporary tiles, many installers move them in and out of storage on a regular basis. While moving them around, installers may choose to wipe the surface of the tiles with a damp sponge or rag to keep them clean. Allow them to air dry before stacking them in storage.