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For those who need high-level martial arts mats at a dojo or at home, Greatmats has all of the highest quality units at desirable prices. Our customers include studios requiring mats for Taekwondo, BJJ, Jiu Jitsu, Judo, Hapkido, Karate, Muay Thai, kickboxing, and more. We have more than two decades of experience sourcing the best martial arts mats for home from manufacturers around the world.

With our expertise, we can deliver value for grappling mats, tournament matting, and home training surfaces. Contact customer service for volume discount pricing.

Professional Martial Arts Mats

Professional dojo owners seeking the best puzzle, roll out, or folding mats can find them here. We have a variety of thicknesses, densities, textures, and materials.

Our customer service team is happy to answer any questions regarding our extensive catalog of martial arts flooring options. We provide free samples upon request, and some orders may be eligible for free shipping.

No matter what type of density a particular studio or school requires, we have the perfect product. For example, a Shore C hardness rating will have just the right level of hardness to yield a proper footing for judo athletes. This differs from the measurement of density. Manufacturers express density as the kilograms of weight per cubic meter of material.

We have many sizes on hand for martial arts floor mats. For use at the house, the most common size is 2’x2’.

In a professional setting, martial art mats measuring 1 square meter are recommended. These will yield good value for a long time. They provide durability for use with a soft-soled type of shoe.

We recommend installing these atop concrete or other hard flooring types. For those who want to install them on carpeting, please contact us for help.

Our karate mats provide a perfectly smooth surface. This gives an athlete a sure footing that’s also durable. We use high-quality EVA foam. This ensures a long lifespan when used with bare feet.

We’ve designed these with features specific to the needs of karate floor mats. Athletes in this discipline are on their feet frequently and rarely crash to the ground. These don’t need to support an athlete falling down as often, and they will have a higher hardness and density rating.

Count on us as a karate mat wholesaler to generate the best possible quality. Greatmats typically has 60,000 square feet of martial arts mats in stock and ready to ship the next business day. Trust us to bring outstanding MMA mats for sale, as well as Kenpo floors and many others.

Martial Arts Flooring Systems

In grappling, where the athletes will be performing takedowns and throws, extra cushioning is needed. Our 1.5-inch-thick mats work especially well for workouts.

Additionally, ours has a tatami surface. This reduces the possibility of skin burns. Tatami is a smart choice for kids who may be skittish about falling onto them.

Small commercial studios and residential users will like our Home BJJ puzzle mats. These BJJ mats have the same texture and depth measurements as the commercial mats. However, they cover less square footage per tile. Each has a head injury ASTM fall rating of 4’.

Another option is our 1.25” judo product. This style of martial art flooring prevents skin burns, making it ideal for classes and training.

For those who need even more padding for certain types of workouts, we recommend a 2” folding mat. Just place it over the top to yield durable-style mats.

Our most popular option is the 20 mm Pro Taekwondo flooring mats. They have a no-scuff surface designed for taekwondo shoes. These are the most durable taekwondo mats we offer. They are desirable for boxing gyms and tactical training environments where shoes and boots are worn.

The Home 20 mm Exercise Tiles are the residential version of our Pro TKD. Both options feature a scuff-resistant thatch on top that is suitable for boots and shoes.

Residential Martial Arts Mats

These martial arts mats are suitable for use at a residence. We have several 2’x2’ interlocking foam tiles.

We have interlocking 1.5” models available in 2x2 foot sizes that are perfect for use at the house. These floor tiles are easy to handle and can be shipped via ground delivery.

These feature the same high-density foam that is used in the larger version. The 2x2s tend to be more efficient for smaller areas. Roll out matting is a good choice. Full-length rolls are 6’ wide. We can cut them to a custom length over 18’ linear per roll. We also offer ones that will encompass 5’x10’.

Ours are made in the USA and are available in either a tatami no-burn or a smooth top texture. The upper layer on these is a tough, commercial-grade 24 oz. vinyl material.

These are available in 1.25” and 2” thicknesses. Connect multiple mats side by side using vinyl tape to create full-size spaces.

We also have 1.25” or 2” thick rolls to use as an underlayment. The PE materials come in 6x42 foot rolls and can be easily cut to fit any space. This closed-cell polyethylene provides excellent shock absorption.

Folding Martial Arts Mats

For throws and takedowns, consider a folding gym crash pad. These appear in a range of sizes, colors, thicknesses, and price options, including 4x8 ft x 1.5 inches and 5x10 ft x 2 inches.

These are easy to clean. Just use a damp clean mop, a basic household cleanser, and hot water. For outstanding results, sweep or mop them daily. Vinyl surfaces can be cleaned in a similar fashion.

These are not intended as outdoor martial arts mats. Heat and humidity can cause EVA material to expand over time. For the longest lifespan, a temperature- and climate-controlled environment is best.

Our professional sales team will work to find the fairest shipping rates while meeting delivery deadlines.

Our martial arts mat is easy to move. At either 2x2 ft or 1x1 meter with a lightweight design, one person can do the installation.

They can be disassembled as quickly as they were assembled because no adhesive is required. This allows customers to use the room for a variety of purposes.

For those who may have obstacles in the room that cannot be moved, count on us. We have a padding option required to keep students safe too.

Some studio rooms have support posts spread throughout the room. We offer pads for poles and posts designed to keep an athlete safe should he or she crash into the pole during a workout.

We have some that have no coating layers on them too. This padded roll works as a cushioned underlayment for martial arts mats, providing additional padding where required.

FAQ Martial Arts Mats Q&A

What do they use in training mats for martial arts?
Martial arts puzzle mats are highly popular products. For studios needing a wall-to-wall installation in a facility, we have numerous choices. The tabs fit together tightly without adhesives.

What is dojo matting called?
Portability is a key component. We have multiple models that can move from practice to a performance or competition location. We stock thousands of products for dojos in our Wisconsin warehouse in order to meet customer timing needs.

How thick should jiu jitsu mats be?
They can be as much as 1.5 inches in depth and as thin as 20 mm (or about 3/4”).

Are jiu jitsu puzzle mats good?
Yes. For a studio that specializes in throwing, striking, and ground combat, these don’t require much time or effort to install. They will fit with no edges popping loose under stress.