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Turf Infill, Turf Glue & Artificial Turf Underlay

Setting up a layout of artificial grass is not as simple as rolling out the turf and beginning to play sports on it. To properly install this type of layout, it’s important to use the right artificial turf accessories from Greatmats.

Such accessories can include infill to create a flat base for the installation, adhesive to hold the roll of turf in place, and padding to go underneath the turf for a safer playing surface.

Size and Shape Options

At Greatmats, we offer artificial turf accessories that can help with maintenance and installation concerns. No matter the overall size of the layout, we have products that can fit the requirements installers have.

Prior to rolling out the turf, we have products that help with preparing the subsurface for the install. If the soil underneath is prone to problems with erosion, we offer drainage tile products that will hold the soil together, ensuring a more secure layout.

When trying to improve the quality and stability of the soil or sand underneath the roll of turf, we have infill products that can stand up to rain. In a high foot traffic area, the filler material holds together nicely.

At a playground where kids may have a risk of tripping and falling, placing a foam pad underneath the turf delivers better cushioning than rolling out the turf directly over concrete or asphalt.

As additional types of artificial turf accessories, we offer buckets of glue in 5-gallon sizes that will secure the turf to a hard subfloor for a permanent installation.

Material Options

Our artificial turf accessories work with nearly any type of artificial grass product. Although most of these accessories are best to use with large layouts of turf, they work on any size of layout, indoors or outdoors.

When selecting a foam or infill product, it is important to seek products that are safe to use around children and pets.

Our products do not include dangerous ingredients, making them safe for all use cases. Even though these materials go under the artificial grass, they potentially could work their way through the back of the turf roll and end up exposed to the elements.

Our infill material does not contain toxic materials, making it safer for kids and pets than other types of infill. Our infills contain antimicrobial technology, which resists the formation of mold or mildew as well.

For our roll of padding, the materials consist of closed-cell polyethylene foam, which is safe to use around pets and children. Our foam has no lead or heavy metals included, either.

Pattern and Texture Options

Because these artificial turf accessories go under the roll of turf, they will not be visible to visitors. Consequently, most customers do not worry about the colors or textures available.

For example, our colorful foam padding is safe to use outdoors, but it is not made to be the primary area where people will walk. It’s designed to have the artificial turf over the top at all times.

Common Use Options

Our artificial turf accessories primarily work as products that go underneath a roll of artificial grass.

However, some people may choose to place our roll of padding under a set of rubber tiles or hard plastic tiles to yield a safer place to play and run. Should someone fall, the padding helps to provide cushioning. Our thick padding may generate a fall height rating in some circumstances.

Some people choose to install our drainage tile to help with erosion problems on a walking trail, covering the drainage tile with soil or gravel, rather than artificial turf.

Installation Options

Installing our accessories for artificial grass is an easy process. After these accessories are in place, they should simplify the process of installing the artificial turf system, too.

For example, we offer seam tape that includes a hook-and-loop fabric design. Just attach this system to the adjacent edges of rolls of turf that you want to connect, and the hook-and-loop tape will hold the rolls together securely.

When installing the roll of padding underneath the roll of turf, you can glue the pad to a firm base, such as concrete. However, only glue the foam padding to the base if you are seeking a permanent installation. Use a dry lay method if you want to remove the turf and padding later.

Our adhesive product is easy to apply to the firm base. Just use a trowel to spread the adhesive as evenly as possible before placing the roll of turf over the top.

Cleaning and Maintenance Requirements

Should you install any of these artificial grass accessories with your full layout, they should not significantly affect the ability to clean or rinse the roll of turf.

The padding and infill products we offer will stand up to all kinds of weather, including rain, so there’s no concern about rinsing the faux turf and causing the padding or infill to wash away. Avoid using a power washer, though.

Additionally, you may not want to run a vacuum over the top of the powdery infill, or you may remove some of it.