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Benefits of Roof Walkway Mats

4x6 foot roof mats are very popular thanks to their combination of durability and affordability. They have both sound and thermal insulation while making electrical gear on the top of buildings accessible.

In addition, we have a variety of rolled units that are suitable for rooftops. Our roofing mats work well for roof walkway pads wherever a large area must be covered.

Our Firmagrip Industrial Matting can be used on rooftops for walkways. They are available in black, green, and red. These are perforated to allow water to pass through. They feature a non-slip surface to keep employees safe.

Rubber Roof Deck Pads

If you're looking for something a little bit lighter and easily manageable, look into buying tiles. We have an assortment of interlocking models that are easy to install, yet they have the durability to hold up in outdoor use.

Our Sterling 2 Inch Black is a great way to get the durability of rubberized products in a tile format. These roof pads feature interlocking edges for fast installation. They're easy to clean, last a long time, and are a great choice for use in a smaller area.

Choosing Rubber Roof Protection Mats

Here are the advantages of investing in roof mats:
  1. Protect high-level foot traffic areas, minimizing wear and tear and saving maintenance traffic costs
  2. Avoid punctures and abrasions, saving potential repair time and cost
  3. Lay out a safer surface that lets people use roof walkways
  4. Enjoy a quick installation and be able to remove the roof mats in the future, if desired

Consider the many ways to put these to use:
  1. Create walkways for equipment that must be regularly accessed and maintained
  2. Use them for servicing rooftop equipment safely
  3. Protect vital areas, such as access doors, hatches, built-in ladders, and skylight trim

While exploring the various options available, think about these factors:
  1. For larger areas, a roll may save money. For small spaces, a tile is a more manageable option.
  2. Look for those that optimize traction in any condition, even rain.
  3. If you are up on the roof during the rain or snow, seek out an option that provides drainage in a rainstorm.
  4. Consider the environmental conditions they will face. Look for those that are resistant to ice, snow, and extensive sunlight.
  5. Our roofing system can be installed in a number of different ways, including laid out with or without adhesive.

Keep in mind that some of the larger products, like rolled products, may require multiple people to transport and install them. Smaller and lighter items can make for a good DIY project for a single person.

FAQ Roof Mats Q&A

What are roof mats?
Roof mats are durable enough to handle the outdoor elements while providing long-lasting roof walkway matting to service important gear on rooftops.

Why use a recycled rubber roof mat?
With flat roof protection mats made from recycled tires, they will be an eco-friendly product that helps keep workers safer from slipping in all weather conditions. Additionally, the roof pads provide thermal and sound insulation within buildings. Invest confidently, as our roof mats are tough and can withstand even the harshest conditions.

How are rubber roof pads used for flat roof walkway tiles?
To provide a safe base layer for a large air conditioning unit, a walkable flat roof material is an excellent selection. It can withstand freeze-thaw conditions, creating safe roof walkway mats. Roof pads for mechanical equipment are a good value too.