Residential Playground Surface Tiles

Greatmats is proud to carry a wide variety of residential playground surfaces, all designed to deliver a safer space for playing. Ours include a variety of material choices in playground surfaces. Many of our outdoor playground flooring options feature an ASTM Fall Height Rating and offer a non-slip layer to yield safer residential playground surfaces.

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Fall rated playground surfaces, Interlocking rubber playground surfacing, Quality playground surface

Greatmats is proud to carry a wide variety of residential playground surfaces, all designed to deliver a safer space for playing. Ours include a variety of material choices in playground surfaces. Many of our outdoor playground flooring options feature an ASTM Fall Height Rating and offer a non-slip layer to yield safer residential playground surfaces.

Ours feature both straight edges and interlocking edges. Some can be laid out without the use of adhesives, while certain units may need to be glued down. Please refer to the individual product descriptions for more detailed information.

Fall Protection

A popular pick is the 2.5 inch thick rubberized tiling. Best installed atop asphalt or concrete, it protects for falls up to six feet.

Since recycled rubber flooring creates stability underfoot, it is guaranteed for wheelchair accessibility. Many of ours include ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliant edge ramps.

Transition ramps are found in numerous thicknesses and ship with corner pieces to create a fully accessible space.

Outdoor Rubber Playground Surfaces

If working with climbing apparatuses that are taller than 20 inches, a rubber surface tiling is necessary even in residential settings.

Because they have a solid construction, they will not hide buried hazards, such as broken glass or other sharp objects, like loose fill can do.

Rubber playground tiles are available in numerous shades and colors. The in-stock colors are highly resistant to fading, even when under the effects of direct sunlight. Colored options usually come in color fleck variations.

It is also available in varying sizings. These measure approximately 2x2 feet, or 4 square foot. The size is convenient enough so that they can be easily handled and installed. These give excellent water drainage features.

Certain models can also be used atop decks and rooftops, or any exterior where a strong, protective surfacing material is needed. Some can be set using a glue down application. Other tiles are interlocking and require only a small amount of adhesive. Contact a customer service representative for help with choosing the best option.

Our Blue Sky line of rubber playground surfaces range from 1.5 to 3.75 inches thick. The Sterling line has 1.25 to 5 inch thicknesses and are often used on rooftops.

Bounce Back rubber playground surfaces go from 1.75 to 4 inches in thickness. For proper installations, these need to be placed on a concrete or compacted gravel subsurface.

Be sure to consult a Greatmats sales representative to determine if the warranty is affected by the subsurface. Certain manufacturers allow a crushed gravel base, and others require concrete for their products in order to honor the warranty.

In short, these provide the following advantages:
  1. Potentially dangerous items are easily visible
  2. Solid design requires less maintenance than loose fills
  3. They stay tightly in place and are conveniently sized for easy installations
  4. A range of thickness options ensures the proper product is obtainable
  5. Coloring is sunlight fading resistant
  6. If one is damaged, only replace it, rather than an entire install

Affordable Playground Safety Surfaces for Residential Backyards

If working with minimal heights in the climbing toys, then consider our Staylock Perforated.

These are ideal safe surfaces for toddlers, both indoors and out. Made from soft PVC, these are UV treated for long term use.

Staylock snaps together fast and can be dry laid directly over dirt or grasses. They are flexible enough to handle slightly uneven soils and make for great DIY jobs. With perforations over a raised base, these allow for maximum airflow to maintain dryness.

Consider the benefits of PVC:
  1. Has a forgiving subsurface, perfect for toddlers
  2. Quick snap-in-place design
  3. Flexibility
  4. Maintains as dry a top layer as possible

Safe Playground Surfaces for Indoors

High density foams work well in this use case. They are softer playground surfaces, creating a highly comfortable space. Foams are available in multiple rated heights for falls, depending on the style.

Find foams on our Indoor Playground Safety Floors category page.

Our most common 1-5/8 inch foam indoor tiles have a 4 foot head injury falls measurement. These have a no-burn tatami top texture, which helps to avoid knee and elbow burns when trips do occur. These create a comfortable spot for kids to play on, but they have not been ultraviolet treated and should not be used outdoors.

These have benefits like:
  1. Softer, more comfortable
  2. Safe if falling occurs
  3. Many have layers to help avoid skin burns
  4. Design is easy to transport

Another popular choice is playground artificial turf for a natural look. Our outdoor playground turf for backyard stays green all year around. If slides and swings are in use, playground turf padding backed is a nice choice, as is fake grass for playground use.

Commitment to Our Customers

We want customers to be happy with the shopping experience. That's why we offer a price match guarantee, and why we operate our business with the Golden Rule model: Treat others as you want others to treat you.

Because we ensure that our customers are satisfied with every order, we have earned an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. Buy from us with confidence, knowing that satisfaction is our priority.

Feel good about buying from us. We give back to the community by donating 5 percent of our annual profits to local non-profit organizations.
For questions about these products, a pricing quote, or a sample, call us at 877-822-6622. We would be delighted to help choose the right flooring for the project.

Consider the following benefits:
  1. Specially designed products for extra safeness
  2. Fall ratings for each product will meet construction and safeness requirements
  3. Durable and designed to withstand serious use, maximizing the investment
  4. A variety of installation methods simplifies finding just the right option for the project

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FAQ Playground Surfaces Q&A

What are the best playground surfaces for schools?Choosing the right one depends on the planned usage.
  1. Will foot traffic be heavy?
  2. How tall are the climbable toys?
  3. Will it be a professional installation or a DIY job?
  4. If indoors, will boots, shoes, socks, or bare feet be used?
  5. How much time and money are budgeted for maintenance?
  6. When are they needed?
  7. Is there a color scheme to adhere to, or would playground grass in green look nice?
  8. Would artificial turf grass for playgrounds be appropriate?
  9. If athletic teams are practicing, would artificial synthetic turf for playground be worth considering?

How do you make a rubber playground surfacing project?Rubber tile has a great value, keeps the install process simple, and stays in its intended location over time. Crumbs have a tendency to spill outside the confines, sink into soil, and find their way into pockets and footwear, where they will be carried away from the intended area. Because of this, it will need to be steadily replenished. Poured in place rubber playground surfaces are another option with durability, but the layout and setup can be very tricky.

What is the safest soft playground surface material to use under playground equipment?Interlocking rubberized surfaces create a durable and safe selection. They are a longer lasting alternative to engineered wood fiber, chips, sand, or loose mulches that are often used as an attempt to cut costs. Additionally, these are significantly easier to install or repair than poured rubber surfacing.

What rubber playground surfaces do you put under monkey bars?First determine the potential height from which a child could be falling in the area. Measure from the ground to the highest platform that children use. With this measurement, choose outdoor home playground safety surfaces and thicknesses that match.

Is rubber mulch safer versus poured rubber playground surfaces?Yes, it can be, and these mulched rubber play surface installations are much easier. However, rubber surface puzzled pieces are easier to maintain and to do the installation than either of them. Unlike rubbery crumbs, safety surface tilings are manufactured to maintain a reliable rating to protect against falling. These do not shift, maintaining the same thickness and composition throughout their useful life as they did the day they were installed.