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Dance Floor Tape, Carts and Barres

When creating a space for dance classes and practice sessions at home or at a commercial dance facility, trust the quality of the dance studio accessories that Greatmats offers.

We have a wide range of products that will help you set up your practice space for dancing. Once you have the appropriate dance floor in place, use our dance studio accessories to create the perfect and safest workout space for dancing.

Studio Accessory Options

We have barres available that will allow for practicing ballet and for stretching. Customers also use our barre products to create an area for stretching before an exercise class.

We include a carrying case with the portable barre product. The barre may extend to 9 feet in length.

For times where you want to be able to clean the dance floor properly, treating it safely, we offer multiple types of floor cleaners among our dance studio accessories. We offer cleaner products from Rosco in up to 1-gallon sizes. This is a trusted brand name that is safe to use on marley floors.

When you want to help dancers safely work on leaps and other skills that can be hard on their joints, we even offer foldable padded mats that deliver the right amount of cushioning. These mats are as large as 4x10 feet.

Material Options

When you want to secure your dance floor to the subfloor, count on the high quality of vinyl dance floor tape products that we offer among our dance studio accessories.

For a portable dance floor installation, the tape works on the edges of the flooring layout. We offer multiple colors in tape that are safe to use on the floor, including a transparent type of tape. The 2-inch-wide tape is able to connect the flooring to the subfloor securely.

We also offer borders among our dance studio accessories that connect to the edges of dance floor tiles and provide a ramp to the subfloor. This greatly reduces any tripping hazard from the raised edge of the subfloor. Our edge ramps connect securely to the tiles on the floor using the same tab and loop connectors.

Pattern and Texture Options

Our barres consist of powder coated aluminum that provides excellent levels of performance and that can support the weight of those using it for stretching exercises. We offer two different sizes of portable barres, one weighing 25 pounds and the other weighing 35 pounds.

Our padded mats are available in several different colors. These mats have an 18-ounce vinyl covering that protects the foam inside from damage. The manufacturer uses double-stitched seams to ensure durability. The polyethylene foam core compresses under weight and bounces back to its original shape to absorb force.

Common Use Options

With our accessories and equipment, customers can perform a large number of functions that are important in a commercial dance studio or in a home studio.

The barres we offer have both an upper barre height and a lower barre height, helping dancers and other athletes stretch at the most comfortable height for their needs.

With our folding padded mats, you can create the exact thickness of padding you want to use. Just fold the desired number of panels onto each other to create a particular thickness in the padding. We also offer octagon-shaped rolling mats that help with specific skills.

Installation Options

When installing a marley dance floor roll, you can use our vinyl dance floor tape to adhere it to the subfloor. The one-sided tape can secure the dance floor at the edges of the layout. We also offer a double-sided floor tape that you can use underneath the roll of floor to secure it to the floor without having to see it.

When installing border ramps at the edges of a tile layout for the dance floor, installers can connect the ramp directly to the existing tile, as long as the ramps and tiles are compatible. You do not need to include glue or adhesive to hold the ramp to the tile.

If you are using tiles or heavy rolls of dance floor, key pieces of equipment are portable carts. These four-wheeled carts can handle weight of up to 1,600 pounds, making it easy to move the flooring in and out of storage for the installation process.

Cleaning and Maintenance Requirements

When looking to clean your dance floor, our all-purpose cleaner is an important item to have on hand among your dance studio accessories.

With our Rosco cleaner, we recommend daily use to keep the studio flooring at the highest possible level of quality. For standard cleaning practices, you should dilute the cleaning product with warm water as indicated on the bottle. Use a damp mop to apply the cleaning solution to the flooring material.

For tape residue and tap shoe marks on the floor, you can use the Rosco floor cleaner at full strength to remove these marks effectively. You may want to apply the full-strength cleaner with a cloth for spot cleaning, rather than mopping the spots.