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Options for Outdoor Sports Court Tiles

When you want the kids to get some exercise – and when you want to be able to join the game – getting them interested in sports like basketball, tennis, or pickleball is a great idea. It’s fun; they gain some confidence as their skills improve … and you can show off your mighty athletic prowess! But joining an athletic club with courts may not be the right solution for your family. Instead, you may prefer to create a space at home, so you can jump into a game whenever you have some free time.

Outdoor sports court tiles are a perfect solution for creating a safe and durable space for basketball, tennis, pickleball, and gaga ball at home. Athletic facilities, churches, and schools can also use outdoor sports tiles to bring an old, unused space back to life. Trust Greatmats to have interlock floor tiles that will match your needs at a great value, and you’ll be playing your favorite sports in no time.

Best Materials for Outdoor Sports Tiles

Our modular outdoor sports tiles are available in a few different materials. Match the use case you have in mind with the proper material in the outdoor sports court tiles for sale.
  • PVC plastic: When you have a smaller installation in mind, such as a half-court basketball floor or a gaga ball pit, and where you want a softer flooring that’s also flexible, PVC plastic is the right choice.
  • Polypropylene plastic: Polypropylene plastic is firmer than PVC plastic, making it a better option to install over a hard and flat surface, like concrete. It works especially well for tennis, basketball, and pickleball.
  • Rubber: Rubber provides superior traction and is the ideal flooring for gaga ball, which is why we include rubber as the option in all of our premade gaga ball kits. In fact, we have gaga ball kits that fit a specific size of play area, ranging from about 20 by 20 feet to 30 by 30 feet.

Use Cases for Outdoor Sports Court Tiles

If you want the most enjoyable experience with your outdoor sports tiles, it’s important to understand the primary situations where you can use them successfully.

If you need some sports court tiles that will work indoors, too, rather than just outdoors, reach out to the Greatmats customer service team for some advice.

Benefits of Outdoor Sports Tiles

Our outside sports court tiles are weatherproof and waterproof, making them ideal for use outdoors. They will give you a long-lasting design, even when exposed to the sun for long periods of time, as many of them offer UV protection.

Many of these tiles have perforations that ensure water does not pool on the surface, creating slippery areas.

These materials deliver better traction than concrete or asphalt alone in damp or dry conditions.

You don’t need to hire a pro for the installation, either, as these interlocking tiles pop together with minimal effort. They stay together without needing to use adhesive on the edges.

Outdoor Sports Court Tiles Q&A

What is the best portable pickleball flooring?

The best portable pickleball flooring involves materials that provide a bit of cushioning, that allow rainwater to drain away, and that last a long time. Select a lightweight tile that you can easily carry with you to set up a game of pickleball anywhere.

What are the best outdoor basketball court surfaces for backyard courts?

The best outdoor basketball court surfaces offer traction so the players can make safe cuts, while also delivering more cushion than concrete. Durability is important to ensure you receive great value. Having perforations in the tiles allows rainwater to drain.

Can you lay basketball court tiles over grass?

To create a basketball court in your backyard over grass, you should set up a base layer to provide a sturdy surface for the tiles. Then lay the interlocking tiles over the top.

What are normal pickleball court dimensions and some tips for building a pickleball court?

One of the advantages of playing pickleball versus tennis is that the pickleball court dimensions are smaller at 44 by 20 feet. When making a court, create space for an out-of-bounds area that also uses the same flooring, so players don’t risk tripping when chasing a ball off the court. You want to create a sturdy base where you can place interlocking tiles over the top, or you can use an existing concrete or asphalt slab.