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Carpet Tiles For Basements

If you’re in the market for basement carpet, Greatmats offers a number of solutions that are durable, easy to install, simple to maintain, and affordable.

Many basements are prone to excess moisture, so you may not think carpet is an option. However, when you choose a non-absorbent, waterproof, carpet tile product, it most certainly is.

Many people find carpet tiles to be the best choice, because they tend to be more suitable for basement environments.
They come in many forms, with certain types that feature a raised, modular design to allow for air and water flow beneath, and others are non-absorbent and designed to resist the growth of mold and mildew - making them desirable for damp basement settings.

Another reason why people often choose carpet tiles for basement installations rather than traditional carpet rolls is the mere fact that they generally do not require professional installers, and instead, offer a DIY solution that doesn’t require a pad or special tools. This can save a lot of time and money.

Modular Carpet Tiles

Modular Carpet Tiles are perfect if you’re shopping for highly durable basement carpet. This type of carpet tile features a raised design to allow for air and water flow beneath, which also reduces the transmission of cold temperatures from a concrete subfloor.

This floating floor is often made using recycled materials with a carpeted top that resembles traditional berber. It is a style of carpet made to endure heavy furniture and foot traffic with its quality construction, and it is easy to snap together and install without padding or adhesive. It’s also equally as doable to remove tiles for temporary basement installations or to check subfloors.

Interlocking Carpet Tile

Traditional indoor/outdoor carpet tile is one of the most popular basement floor ideas to explore. These carpet tiles interlock for an extremely easy installation process that results in floors that look good and perform well in damp settings.

This type of basement carpet tile product features a soft, closed-cell foam base topped with a durable plush carpet. It’s designed to withstand heavy foot traffic, furniture, and years of use. Many of them can even be used on stairs.

These carpet squares can offer water and stain resistance. Some are odor proof, easy to clean, and provide a comfortable anti-fatigue surface with an insulation value similar to traditional plush carpet rolls.

Designer Interlocking Carpet Tile

This type of basement carpet tile is a great product choice if you want to cover a large amount of space with a manageable weight tile. This is easy to install over concrete or tile without the need for adhesive, and its interlocking design makes for a continuous surface system. It can be custom cut with a utility knife and straight edge - allowing for a wall to wall installation or island installation.

With anti-fatigue and insulative value similar to traditional carpet and available in a variety of designer color and style options, choose this product for a large basement space you wish to carpet yourself.

Plush Luxury Carpet Tile

Plush luxury carpet tile is a healthy, soft, attractive option that can bring any area of your home back to life - including a basement. It’s the perfect product for today’s DIYer, as the look and feel of a plush, luxury carpet can be achieved without bulky carpet rolls or expensive equipment. So, it’s a wonderful option for a budget conscious homeowner, as it is very competitively priced and can save installation time and money.

This type of carpet tile is available in different weights, and some are machine washable. The tiles can be stain and fade resistant, hypoallergenic, pet and kid friendly, and made in the USA. They are often partially made from recycled material.

Robust Carpet Tile Suitable For Multiple Settings

There are super robust options that are also eco-friendly, as they are made from recycled, purified plastic bottles. These carpet tiles feature a crochet look on the surface that presents the appearance of individual square patches across the top.

This basement carpet tile has fibers that will not fray or fade. It is an extremely durable solution with a peel and stick, pressure-sensitive adhesive that makes it fast and easy to install.

Because many of the products within this category are suitable for indoor outdoor use, they are also perfect for wet basements. These tiles are commercial grade, fade proof, wear resistant, and stain resistant.

Many Choices

Greatmats offers the very carpet tiles perfect for basement use. Where traditional carpet rolls look nice and feel great underfoot, they are not always basement friendly like carpet squares often are. Most are waterproof and deliver a fast and easy application process, look great, have mold and mildew resistance qualities, are affordable, and are among the best performing basement floor options.

Reach out to the staff at Greatmats who are ready and willing to answer questions, provide you with samples, help with ordering, and work with you to decide which of the basement carpet products is the perfect one for your basement space. Regardless of the particular product you choose, you can be confident that you’re getting the best value, service, and quality when you purchase from Greatmats.