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1x1 Foot Carpet Tiles, Interlocking Home & Commercial

With 12x12 carpet tiles from Greatmats, customers receive a highly durable product that’s also extremely easy to install. Our 1x1 foot interlock tiles are ideal for use in areas where the customer may need to disassemble them occasionally.

All our models of 12x12 carpet tiles feature a raised design that allows you to use them in areas where moisture is a possibility. By lifting them off the subfloor, the carpet fibers will not absorb moisture and cause potential problems with odor.

Size and Shape Options

At a size of 12 by 12 inches, each of these tiles is easy to carry from storage to the installation location and back. This size is very manageable, as one person can work alone to align the tiles for the installation.

By offering only square shapes in this size of modular tiles, customers will have no problem being able to figure out the correct number of tiles to order for any size of room or layout.

Just calculate the square footage of coverage required, such as 100 square feet for a 10x10 foot room, and you know that you need 100 of our 12x12 carpet tiles to cover the space and to create the floor.

Material Options

These raised, modular tiles consist of two different designs, one of which looks like traditional carpet and works for either residential or commercial locations and one that works especially well for use near the entrance to a business or in a mudroom with a floor drain in a home.

With the traditional carpet square design, the carpet layer on the top of the tile is all that’s visible in the final layout. The base layer consists of a plastic tray that lifts the carpet layer away from the subfloor. It contains the interlocking mechanism too.

For the design of tile made for use at the entrance of a building, the manufacturer mixes carpet strips or squares with strips or squares of perforated plastic. The carpet-and-plastic upper layer sits on a plastic base that contains the interlocking mechanism.

Pattern and Texture Options

For the 12x12 carpet tiles made with a traditional look, the carpet layer will have a low-pile height. This simplifies the cleaning process. It consists of a durable blend of polyester and polypropylene.

The base layer is a durable and firm plastic. Once the layout is in place, no one will see the plastic layer, as it remains hidden under the carpeting layer. Available colors in the carpet layer include gray and tan.

For the blended carpet and perforated plastic tiles, both materials will be visible upon the final layout. The interlocking plastic base tray will not be visible.

The carpet segments in this type of tile will have a rough texture. This allows the carpet to pull soils and moisture from the soles of shoes as people walk across it at the entrance to a building or home.

These tiles use neutral colors, which helps to hide the soils pulled from the soles of the shoes. A charcoal- or dark gray-colored carpet is common, while the visible plastic sections often are black.

Common Use Options

Typically, people will install these raised tiles in areas where moisture is present. In a residential layout, many people like using these tiles in a basement, where moisture may seep through the concrete subfloor or foundation blocks.

If a home is using a water heater or dehumidifier prone to leaks in a basement, these raised tiles will lift the carpet away from the damp subfloor. Air can flow beneath the tiles to help dry the damp subfloor and to help reduce the chance of odor formation.

By placing the tiles with the combination of carpet and perforated plastic at the entrance to a building, the tiles ensure moisture from the soles of shoes drains through the perforated plastic onto the subfloor, allowing the top layer of the tile to remain drier.

Installation Options

Although some carpet tiles use a peel and stick installation system or require the use of adhesive to complete the layout, these 12x12 carpet tiles from Greatmats only use an interlocking base.

The interlocking base has a snap and click design, meaning you simply need to line up the tabs on one tile with the slots and loops on the adjacent tile. Then apply a little bit of force with a hand or foot to click the tiles together.

These interlocking edges will hold together tightly without the need to add glue to the edges. Should the installer want to disassemble the tiles later to remove a damaged tile or to return to the subfloor, these 12x12 carpet tiles pop apart as easily as they went together.

Cleaning and Maintenance Requirements

These tiles do not require any special maintenance techniques to keep them looking like new. Just run a vacuum over them as needed to remove dry debris and soils from the carpet layer.

If you need to remove stubborn soils, use a carpet cleaning machine with these tiles.