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Carpet trade show flooring, Booth carpet tiles, Cushion tradeshow flooring

Trade show flooring is comfortable and easy to install in booths for conventions. It is transportable, affordable, and long lasting. Count on Greatmats to deliver quality models that presenters at shows and expositions require for the best result. Our trade show floor tiles are easy to take apart and put together, which is important in this use case.

Carpets for Expos

Among our most popular trade show carpet tiles are the Royal Interlocking Carpet Tiles. These carpets have the benefits people want to use at their convention, keeping vendors engaged.

We have an EVA layer on the back side measuring 0.47 inches in thickness (12 mm), delivering cushioning and durability. It provides cushion advantages, helping those working at the site to stand for a full day comfortably.

Additionally, we have carpeting for expos with a firm base. This supports the weight of furniture.

We can match all demands for expositions, including durability requirements and budget situations. We have various convention solutions in a wide range of price points, colors, and designs.

Custom trade show flooring ideas can involve soft and comfortable materials or firm and durable, depending on customers’ needs.

Trade show carpet 10x20 pieces create a welcoming feel. This is ideal for entertaining attendees, customers, and other vendors.

Our customers love them, because they’re lightweight and simple to carry. Once the day is finished, disassembling them is a piece of cake. Ours appear in numerous neutral and earth tones. They will provide a nice complement to any product materials, artwork, and logos in use.

Expo carpeting ordered from Greatmats is perfect to carry anywhere. It will stand up to years of use. It delivers waterproof protection and will not absorb odors. It resists punctures from objects like high heels, which can be important at an exposition, where visitors are dressed in business attire.

Use it over whatever kinds of subfloors are found in the building, including concrete. It doesn’t weigh much, enhancing portability and making it unbelievably simple to assemble.

Foam Flooring Tiles Vs. 10x10 Trade Show Carpet

Foam tiles provide an economical option that’s offered in many color choices.

Our EVA foam mattings have outstanding cushioning properties. Those working will be able to stay comfortable and avoid sore joints, even after a few hours of standing.

Our anti fatigue and eco friendly tile is very popular for these reasons. Attendees will want to spend more time in the booths, looking at the information and displays.

A customer can pick among 15 colors. Each 5/8-inch thick piece ships with border edges. This simplifies the process of creating a finished look with an island installation, which is common for this use pattern.

Feel free to mix and match colors to create a unique pattern. These snap together designs have a universal interconnect system on the edge of each side, so they’ll fit properly.

Faux Hardwood Mat for Conventions

Another popular option is the wooden plank simulated design. It has a natural appearance on top but has cushioning underneath.
There are interlocking floor mats choices with a wood grain. They feature the finish of natural hardwoods and a tan thatch surface on opposite sides.

Three different designs are offered. They have the perfect style for formal business situations, while resisting the appearance of scuff marks. They come close to matching the look of hardwood flooring products.

For a lower cost, we have non-reversible, one-sided products with the same natural grain look and cushioned construction. Select light, dark, or faux cork in this product.

Our Max Tile provides tough vinyl surfaces that we offer in five different hardwood patterns, as well as white, black, and slate tones.

It has a raised base. With dimensions of only 1x1 foot per unit, transporting to and from various locations is not a problem. A durable material like this works perfectly in high traffic areas.

Business Exhibit Plastic Tiling

When showcasing large objects, we have units that will support a lot of weight.

For automotive displays, consider polypropylene or PVC plastic. Some of these can handle static loads of up to 10,000 pounds per square foot.

When assembling and disassembling them, the tab and loop connectors deliver performance that lasts a long time. They pop together and apart quickly, which is ideal for this use case.

This event flooring is available in multiple solid color options. A couple of surface textures are in stock too, consisting of slightly raised coin and diamond shapes.

We have PVC interlock mat units ready to purchase to match almost any situation as well. These appear in several textures and patterns on the top layer, including coin, slate, orange peel, bump, leather, and diamond tops.

For situations where weight support is important, consider a flat bottom PVC. As an alternative, the raised bottom delivers flexibility and a maximum level of comfort for those who must stand for quite a bit of the day.

For those looking to cover a huge area, consider trade show vinyl flooring rolls. Rollable trade show flooring appears in thicknesses up to 3 mm. It can cover a large area in almost no time. However, it does weigh a lot, affecting portability.

Create an attention grabbing area with our High Gloss Event Floors. They work for displays, showroom, and runway settings.

FAQ Trade Show Flooring Q&A

What tradeshow flooring can you use?
Multiple materials are available, depending on the needs of the customer. Trade show flooring faux wood, carpeting, EVA, plastic, or vinyl will work in the right situation. Think about the types of equipment that will be used. Then pick an option that can support the heft of the largest object in use. Various color and design picks are offered as well.

What are tradeshow floors called?
Some people refer to these interlock panels as modular. Basically, any floorings that are easy to transport and that will assemble and disassemble with little effort, making them ideal for exhibits. Visit the link to learn more about the key features of indoor trade show booth flooring. We also offer selections made for use when exposed to weather.

What is the best trade show flooring beveled edges?
Tiling from Greatmats with a slightly ramped edge to reduce tripping hazards will consistently outperform cheap trade show flooring rentals. The build quality of our choices is the best on the market. We can fulfill orders in a hurry, as we have most interlocked pieces for conventions in stock. Printed trade show flooring shipments go out quickly. Just contact us to learn about our fast shipment options.

Where can I find lightweight trade show floors?
Small sections of convention carpets are easier for people to handle and carry between locations, which is helpful for using in booths at expositions. We also have containers to help with transporting them to and from the location. These containers even work for protecting the temporary flooring solutions from damage during transport.

Does outdoor tradeshow floor exist?
Setting up for an outdoor exposition requires a trustworthy product selection. Our outdoor mats resist rain and other weather issues. They can be installed atop grass, dirt, or asphalt. We recommend portable trade show flooring for applications outside. The hard material is durable, allowing it to resist weather damage. With drainage holes in the surface, water will not pool, avoiding a slipping hazard. Additionally, grass will survive for short periods underneath them, so they can be placed over a lawn. Or install them over firm surfaces. They disassemble extremely quickly too.

How much assembly do the interlocking trade show flooring options require?
As a general rule, they use a tab and slot or hook and tab system to connect the units securely. This design is easily assembled and disassembled, as it is made for fast installation jobs. For example, with tradeshow carpet tiling, there’s a hidden interlock system underneath each edge. This clicks securely in place, holding all of the pieces tightly.