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Greatmats offers the finest selection of martial arts mats for home dojos, dojangs and gyms. Whether you train in jiu jitsu, karate, taekwondo, hapkido, boxing, krav maga, kung fu or any other martial art, there's a mat system designed to meet your needs.

Many of these mats come in a 2x2 foot puzzle mat form for easy installation and storage. These mats connect together in a flash and hold tightly together for training. If you need to lift them up so you can use your living room, bedroom, basement or garage for other purposes. Simply pull the jigsaw puzzle style mats apart and stack them in a corner, closet or behind a door.

We also offer folding gym mats for martial arts that can be installed even more quickly. These generally are 2 inches thick and used for martial arts where throwing and grappling take place as they offer excellent cushion for falls. These mats feature 2 foot wide panels that fold up accordion style. They feature connector strips on all for sides to expand your training space with multiple mats.

Roll out home martial arts mats come with either a vinyl or carpet top. They are usually 5x10 feet in size and can be taped together at the seams.

Feel free to give us a call for help in determining the perfect martial arts mat for your home training space.