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Options for Gymnastics Mats for Home

Whether kids are looking for extra opportunities outside of class time to work on new gymnastics skills or are just getting started in the sport, using gymnastics mats for home can help them stay safer when practicing. As an added benefit for kids who like to play just a bit too rough in a basement rec room or playroom, these pads deliver cushioning at home for almost any kind of activity.

At Greatmats, we offer dozens of gymnastic pads for home that you can put out for temporary use. Pick them up and store them after the practice until the next time you need them. Certainly, you don’t want kids trying crazy stunts at home without adults or coaching available for safety reasons. But these home gymnastics mats are perfect for safe practice time for gymnasts, cheerleaders, wrestlers, martial arts athletes … and the occasional rambunctious kids.

Options for Gymnastics Mats for Home

At Greatmats, you could purchase three primary types of gymnastics mat designs for sale.
  • Interlocking Mats: We offer some thick interlocking mats that have a puzzle-style edge to easily connect them. These mats have a coverage size between 1x1 and 3x3 feet, so they’re easy to handle. They have less padding than other options, so you can use equipment over them, as they yield a sturdy base.
  • Folding Mats: Folding gymnastics mats for kids are popular for these types of workouts, as this padding is thick and safe for making hard landings. It consists of four or five connected panels that can fold on top of each other, meaning you can adjust the thickness when desired by folding them.
  • Roll Out Mats: Roll out mats are perfect tumble mats, as they provide a landing spot after a run-up approach for gymnasts or cheerleaders. The force of the landing can require several feet of space to stop safely, making these long roll out pads safe to use.

Where to Use Tumbling & Gymnastics Mats for Home

You can deploy our tumbling mats for home in a variety of locations, including:
  • Indoors
  • Outdoors (for some designs)
  • Temporary practice areas
  • Basements
  • Garages
  • Sheds
  • Attics
  • Lawns
  • Playrooms
  • Rec rooms
  • Spare bedrooms

Our home gymnastic mat options are best for temporary installations. You can pick them up and store them between practice sessions.

Benefits of Thick Gymnastic Mats for Home

Our gymnastics mats for home offer multiple benefits for our customers, including:
  • Folding down to a small size for storage
  • Bright and fun color options that kids will love
  • Soft and forgiving surface for better safety
  • Versatile sizes and secure connectors on the ends for multiple layout options
  • Ideal mix of traction for tumble runs and cushioning for tumble landings
  • Incline designs and wedge mats help with learning basic skills
  • Octagon shapes for practicing walkover skills
  • Durable vinyl cover that’s easy to clean and disinfect

Gymnastics Mats for Home Q&A

What style of flooring is best for practicing gymnastics at home?

The best style of flooring for home gymnastics practice for most people is a foam tile. The foam delivers cushioning while protecting the gymnasts from potential falls. The tiles are easy to install, too. Some people prefer thicker roll out mats and fold out mat panels for more cushioning, though.

What are the best home gymnastics tumbling mats for cheap?

The best home gymnastics tumbling mats for a low price are the Discount Gym Mats from Greatmats. Even though these mats are inexpensive, they offer 1.5 inches of thick foam protected with a durable vinyl cover. When fully unfolded, each mat measures 4x8 feet in size.

What is the best quality gymnastics mat for home use?

The best quality gymnastics mats for home use from Greatmats are the 2-Inch Gym Mats. In addition to the high-quality cushioning in the 2-inch foam core, the mat has durable vinyl that protects the foam. The vinyl cover includes double stitching, so it can withstand repeated use.

What are the best crash mats for gymnastics?

The best crash mat for gymnastics is the Gymnastics Training Single Fold Crash Mat. When you need a maximum level of cushioning for workouts at home, this crash mat has a 4-inch foam core that provides excellent fall protection. It measures 5x10 feet in coverage when unfolded, so it’s large enough to provide protection during all kinds of skill-building workouts.

How thick should a gymnastics mat at home be?

The best thickness for a gymnastics mat at home is 2 inches. A 2-inch mat provides a high level of cushioning as athletes work on new skills where they may fall or hit the ground hard. Yet, a mat with this thickness measurement also is easy to move around and store, which is important for home use.