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Horse & Dog Rubber, Interlocking, Portable and Stall Mats

Whether outfitting backyard barns or needing to equip a professional training stable, we have animal mats to suit the requirements in place. With a wide variety of 6x6 rubber mat for animals models in different types, sizes, and materials, we’re sure to have the product that works in a variety of settings.

Animal Stall Mat

There are plenty of options to choose from, as we offer numerous animal mats that are set up for use in horse stalls. These rubber livestock mats are heavy duty, durable, and easy to install. They provide important traction, making for a more comfortable experience.

Animal mats are available in two basic designs of straight edge and interlocking. Straight edging rubber cow mats for sale are heavy enough to naturally resist shifting, especially when installed so that the edges press against the walls. It’ll be nearly seamless. It's almost impossible for digging down under these stable mats for sale, especially with interlocked units.

While animal mats are simple to install, our rubber stall mats kit makes the process even simpler. These kits are created to fit pre-determined dimensions, so there's no cutting involved. Simply lay them down, and they’re ready to go. This may be a particularly valuable option if outfitting an entire barn, or if taking on the project largely alone.

If running a breeding barn, then investing in our foaling animal flooring is a must. These animal floor mats are created with a unique waffle weave bottom for anti fatigue properties that are essential for any newborn foal. The kits feature interlocking stall mats that are easily installed to maximize the comfort.

Our foaling kit is found in a variety of size selections. Edges can be straight or beveled depending on the needs. Our animal floor mat designs are cut with a water jet precision. This provides the tightest fit and virtually eliminates the seams. These are 100 percent recycled rubber floor options, so they are earth friendly. We have a 10-year warranty on these kits.

This is a worthwhile investment. Just think of the advantages from horse matting:
  1. Increased comfort for maximized athletic performance
  2. Improved safety for equines
  3. Reduced bedding costs
  4. Easier cleaning, leaving staff free to handle other tasks
  5. Shock absorption for a comfortable surface
  6. Maximized tractioning to prevent slips and falls in both humans and horses
  7. Can prevent horses from digging, minimizing bedding and labor costs
  8. Our equine and goat flooring creates an attractive appearance for any professional facility
  9. Simple installation requires no glue
  10. Guard subflooring, like luxury vinyl flooring or a hardwood floor, from wear, especially in heavily used grooming areas

We offer an extensive line of floor matting for barns, cleaning areas, aisles, or anywhere they will be spending time. Ours will hold up to the rigorous demands of equestrian locations. These animal mats will be easily maintained, and there's no glue required to keep them in place.

Consider puzzle mats for the following uses:
  1. Line the washing and grooming stalls for increased safety
  2. Use them in the aisle to create a safer, forgiving surface
  3. Line the trailer for added protection and tractioning
  4. Install on the side walls to guard against frequent kickers

Wash Bay Animal Flooring

If the bay has a concrete base, then matting can greatly reduce the chance of slipping on the slick top. Many owners opt to use them over outdoor wash bays made of gravel or crushed stone, since it can help to keep the loose base in place.Wash animal mats feature a button top surface which maintains a sure grip, even if wet.

Horse Trailer Mats

Whenever traveling, make sure the horses are as safe as possible. Additionally, trailers are a major investment, so prolong the life as much as possible by equipping them with proper animal mats, accomplishing both of these goals simultaneously.

Many of our animal flooring options are suitable for use in equine trailers. Look for one that is thick enough to protect it from dings and dents, while also giving plenty of traction during the ride. Choose one that absorbs shock to aid with comfort.

If outfitting stock trailers, our Big Sky One Piece may be an economical way to cover the space. This is available in three different sizes and offers the highest traction rating in the industry to help with safety. Just keep in mind that this will be heavier than smaller units, so multiple people are required each time when moving them.

For a more lightweight solution, look at our Portable Horse Stall Mats. These are designed to be transported, so while they're highly durable, they're also lightweight and easy to carry. Use them in the trailer, and then use them at the show after arriving.

Animals mats can greatly improve the professional appearance of the facility.Please contact our professionals for questions. We'd be happy to help find the right cattle mats option for a facility.

We want customers to be happy with the product and shopping experience. That's why we offer a price match guarantee. We operate our business with the Golden Rule model: Treat others as you want others to treat you. Because we ensure that our customers are satisfied with every order, we have earned an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. Buy from us with confidence, knowing that satisfaction is our priority.

Feel good when buying from us. We give back to the community by donating 5 percent of our annual profits to local non-profit organizations.

For questions about these products, for a quote, or for a sample, call 877-822-6622. We would be delighted to aid in choosing the right model to outfit animal stalls and ships fast at the most economical cost.

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FAQ Animal Mats Q&A

What is the best animal flooring?
Consider our Dogs Bone Pavers for a truly eye-catching appearance in floor mats for dog training. These pavers provide excellent cushioning and remain slip resistant, even if they’re damp. They create a stunning barn aisle, or think about using them in entranceways, pathways, staging areas for photos, and more.

What is the ideal pet friendly flooring in dog kennels?
Consider our large selection of popular interlocked dog agility mats. Dog agility foam is lightweight, comfy, and easy to clean. It is high density and long lasting too. As an alternative, some prefer artificial grass for dogs, which is a nice substitute.

What can I put under my dog's crate to protect the subflooring?
Try our rubber mats for sale, which are available in kit sizes of 10x10, 10x12, and 12x12. These come in a 3/4-inch thickness, which is ideal for subfloor protection. Guaranteed for 10 years, they are built of rugged rubberized material. These animal mats are constructed in the USA.

Is concrete bad for paws?
It can be rough on the pads on the paws if they spend a lot of time on it. Instead, try our pavers, which can be adhered or loose laid, depending on the base. Once installed, maintenance is a piece of cake. Just sweep or hose them off.

What's the most scratch resistant animal flooring?
We have animal mats made with high quality 3/4 inch thick rubberized ingredients, which will resist all kinds of damage, including scratches and punctures from claws. They are also stain resistant.