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Vinyl and PVC Garage Floor Tiles

The Perfection floor tile models are extremely durable, providing long-lasting performance and great value. These tiles consist of PVC plastic and vinyl, meaning they’re easy to handle for installers.

Multiple colors and textures are available, combining to yield a great-looking floor with a texture that provides sure footing. Textures include a coin top or a diamond plate, both of which give customers the ability to walk safely, even in areas where the floor may be damp.

These designs are ideal for use in areas visible to customers as well. You can select a solid color finish as well as faux leather, slate, or stone finishes.

This Perfection floor tile makes use of interlocking edges, which greatly simplifies the process of laying out the tiles. The installation instructions are easy to understand, as installers will simply pop the tabs on the edge of one tile into the slots on the adjacent tile.

Coin Top Pattern Tile

The coin top texture on some Perfection floor tile models creates a raised pattern of rows of circles across the face of the tile. This pattern looks amazing, and it delivers a sure footing for people walking across the floor, reducing the possibility of slip and fall accidents.

The coin top tile is great for use in a setting where it could receive exposure to variable temperatures, such as a working garage, as it will not show weaknesses in extremely high or low temperatures. This material does not suffer damage from a multitude of chemicals, oils, gasoline mixes, and solvents.

Colors available in the coin top models include black, dark gray, light gray, beige, white, tan, terra cotta, forest green, blue, and yellow. If the installer wants to mix and match colors in the final layout, this is possible because each tile uses the same interlocking edge pattern, regardless of the color.

Diamond Plate Pattern Tile

Another texture pattern that’s ideal for delivering a high level of traction for people walking across it is the Perfection floor tile diamond plate pattern. This is a common floor pattern in areas where people need to provide a sure footing for customers and employees, including in areas that may experience dampness.

The PVC plastic material in these tiles is highly durable. These tiles have a 10-year limited manufacturer warranty. They only measure 4 mm in thickness (about 1/6 inch), yet they can go over the top of slightly uneven subfloors without showing the imperfections in the subflooring.

Colors available in the diamond plate tile include blue, forest green, orange, terra cotta, beige, tan, white, dark gray, light gray, and black. All of the tiles use the same interlocking pattern, meaning customers can create color patterns by ordering tiles of varying colors.

Faux Leather Pattern Tile

Leather delivers a rich look for furniture or vehicle interiors. With these Perfection brand leather tiles, though, you can add the look of leather to a flooring design.

Even though the flooring tiles look like leather, they deliver the same level of toughness as the other Perfection tile designs. These tiles carry a 10-year limited manufacturer warranty and can withstand heavy loads. This is an ideal type of flooring for basements, entryways, playrooms, and retail locations.

Colors available with the leather pattern tile include buck, camel, light gray, dark gray, ostrich, rawhide, and black. Each tile features an embossed pattern that resembles leather, creating a sure footing and slip resistance for those walking across it.

It uses a hidden interlocking design on the edges, which creates a secure fit between tiles without having a visible puzzle edge detract from the final look of the flooring.

Faux Stone and Slate Pattern Tile

Stone and slate floors are expensive and difficult to install, which makes the faux slate and stone Perfection tiles a highly popular alternative. These tiles mimic the look of slate and stone, yet they use a simple interlocking design on the edges of the tiles that allows anyone to perform the installation quickly.

This is a loose-lay style of floor, meaning installers do not have to use adhesive on either the interlocking edge or on the underside of the tiles. The installation process is easy to handle for anyone in a residential, retail, or commercial location without having to hire a professional.

This tile is available in a number of different color patterns and shades, including imperial gold slate, white marble, sandstone, Sedona slate, graphite, piazza clay, terra cotta, and many others. The majority of patterns contain neutral colors, which means the flooring will fit nicely into almost any type of decor.

Common Textures for Vinyl and PVC Plastic Tiles

  • Coin top
  • Diamond plate
  • Faux slate
  • Faux stone
  • Faux leather