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Having the right sport court tiles plays a significant role in the level of play and safety for athletes. Count on Greatmats to provide the perfect products. These are ideal for both indoor and outdoor sports at schools, homes, and athletic facilities.

Indoor Basketball Court Floor

Before installing any sport court tiles, it’s important to check the subfloors. Consider using a rubber underlay. The underlayment provides a solid material to support the sport court tiles, as well as a bit of cushioning underneath.

Our customers love these because they snap together and are easy to install and clean, whether they’re placed in a school, a home, or a commercial facility. No adhesive is required for installing them either.

Solid Color Sport Court Tile

Toughness highlights the Flat Top Greatmats Court Floor. This uses an unbreakable polypropylene plastic that will not absorb water.

Customers appreciate the numerous color options offered in these, and they can paint field lines or team logos and names directly on the surface. Once painted, it yields a fully finished design that will appear as if a professional did the installation, even if it was a DIY project.

The tab and loop connection system allows for a tight fit without the need for adhesives. These connectors hold the pieces of the flooring together, even if they’re placed under stress.

Wood-Look Basketball Court Tiles

Gyms don’t have to use hardwood to have a sharp-looking setup. Instead, our court tiles deliver the look of hardwoods but at a much lower cost per square foot of coverage. The finish on the top of the sport court tiles mimics wood, meaning they work great for gymnasiums. Use our ramped border edges for the perfect finishing touch.

The Gym Floor Pro features increased durability and longevity. These feature a stain-resistant vinyl top that can withstand significant traffic and daily use.

They are designed to last for many years. These deliver outstanding performance and have a long life span. These snap-in hard sport floor tiles are a very popular choice for facilities that will see busy daily use.

Also, the Max Tile Raised is offered in several wood grain surface designs.

Multi-Sport Backyard Courts

When it comes to sport court tiles for outdoor use, we have many desirable products.
Our perforated outdoor court tile XT3 is popular for inline hockey surfaces. This can withstand 16,000 pounds per square foot of load. Because these are perforated, rainwater drains quickly through the holes. They have a leaf spring-type flex joint system, which makes for a controlled give and reduces the stress on the legs.

The TopCourt Tiles are a unique combination of comfort and resilience. They can be a great choice for versatile spaces in backyards.

Consider the type of quality needed for it, either at home or in a commercial use case, before buying.

Our floors have the following benefits:

  1. Quick installation that can be accomplished as a DIY job to save both time and money
  2. Durable court surfaces are constructed specifically to create ideal play spaces
  3. Reduced maintenance requirements

Indoor Volleyball Court Flooring

These provide the sure footing and cushioned landing that every player needs. Players are constantly diving for balls or jumping at the net to attack the ball or block a shot, meaning sturdiness is a must.

Ours allow practice for longer periods if paired with the right subfloor. It’ll have a desirable amount of softness to keep ankle and knee joints feeling fresh when coaches are running drills where a player does a lot of attacking at the net. A hard subfloor with no give to it can wear down the players’ bodies over time.

Made in the USA Flooring

Our American-made flooring options have a durable construction. These use safe and high-quality ingredients, delivering good value. These have commercial-grade vinyl that has a wear layer of about 0.5 mm in depth. It may seem like a thin layer, but it is specifically designed to provide years of constant use and will not show wear.

Busy facilities that will be hosting games and practices as well as other events will be able to make use of these, thanks to their impressive durability.

It’s a no-break poly plastic, so it’ll stand up to heavy weights without snapping or collapsing. This allows numerous people to stand on it at the same time without causing damage.

Rubberized Underlayments

If you're seeking underlayments, count on us to have the materials required at a great price. We recommend using rubberized subfloors between 3 and 6 mm in thickness underneath these. As these are hard surfaces, providing a firm surface for players and having an underlayment with a bit of give to it is a smart idea.

We also offer rolls of athletic rubber-backed vinyl flooring. Attached to the vinyl layer is a 5 mm rubberized base that delivers the cushioning athletes need to avoid joint soreness and injuries from long practice sessions.

Sport Court Tiles FAQ

How do you clean sports court tiles?
Review the instructions for the specific product that you buy before cleaning the floors. Many of these floors can be swept and damp mopped.

How much does basketball court flooring cost?
It depends on the total coverage area planned, but expect to pay roughly $4 to $7 per square foot.

What is the best outdoor sports court tile material?
For outdoor use, use a plastic tile that has perforated surfaces to allow for water drainage. It should have protection from UV damage built into it too.