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Sports Field and Stadium Fence Padding

Greatmats is proud to offer a wide variety of outdoor wall padding selections. These are perfect for high school fields, stadiums, tracks, and other facilities and daycares. Designed to provide safety and protection, this outdoor fence padding is suitable for all climates. We offer these with and without grommets. A custom design featuring an imprinted mascot may add a specialized touch.

1. How Can I Use Outdoor Wall Padding?

Consider fence post padding for the following applications:
  1. Softball backstops
  2. Baseball fence padding
  3. Football stadiums
  4. Track and field arenas
  5. Sport facilities
  6. Outdoors playgrounds

While these outdoor wall padding options are frequently used for sporting stadiums, they also make excellent outdoor playground wall padding. Consider these backstop pads for any space where activities, like competitions or practices, could result in a person colliding with walls.

2. Where Can I Find Outdoor Sports Wall Padding?

We at Greatmats have a variety of top-quality units set up for use in sporting arenas, fields, and more. The benefits of these include:
  1. An ability to create a safe environment to protect players and athletes
  2. That they’re suitable for solid fencing or open-style fencing
  3. That a variety of attachment styles make for easy installs
  4. That they can withstand very low temperatures
  5. The fact that screen printing is easy makes for a perfect branding opportunity

3. Are vinyl outdoor padding wraps difficult to install?

Not really. Some people choose to do this as a DIY job, while others hire professionals. The ease of installing them depends in large part on the type of background to which they will be attached, but we at Greatmats have multiple systems available for matching any use case and material in use.

4. What are the Uses of Outdoor Wall Padding?

Fence padding for baseball and other sports can increase the safety of a space, reducing the potential for injuries sustained in the event of a collision. They're an essential step in reducing a commercial or public space's liability.

To explore our outdoor wall padding, think about the following factors:
  1. What types of fences are involved?
  2. What is the lowest temperature that it needs to handle?
  3. How much exposure to sunlight will there be?
  4. Are particular colors required?
  5. Will team logos or mascots be imprinted on the field wall pads?

For starters, we've outlined some of our baseball wall padding below.

How to Use Outdoor Wall Padding on Chain Link Fences

Our Outdoor Sports Padding for Chain Links is crafted from poly foam to give athletes maximum shock absorption. This is ideal for use in football, softball, and hardball fields.

This removable wall padding features 3-inch thick foam for maximum safety. It is made with 18-oz vinyl, which is UV-protected and has Class A flammability ratings. The backstop padding with custom graphics is engineered with a 5/8 inch thick moisture-resistant sheathing panel for all-weather use.

Each wall pad is equipped with 3 weep holes to get rid of moisture. There’s no worry in a cold climate, as this can tolerate low temperatures without cracking.

Installation is a snap, since the kit includes bolt and plate attachment brackets. Z-Clips are also available.

This is found in multiple sizes, simplifying finding the perfect product for a stadium. Our custom padded outfield wall is an excellent way to represent schools, teams, or brands. These work nicely for:
  1. Working with many styles of fences, as Z-Clip installation is set up for wood or masonry structures
  2. Seeking one that resists UV rays and is Class A flame retardant
  3. Winter weather that does not surpass minus 20 degrees F
  4. One that’s customizable with a school's or team's graphic

How are Grommets used in Outdoor Wall Padding?

For a truly durable and versatile adhesive wall padding, try our Safety Wall Padding with Grommets. This is suitable for use at a stadium and features a grommet installation method that adds to its versatility. Because these are much lighter than plywood-backed boards, it is far easier to install and handle them.

These are designed with durability and top performance in mind. They feature 3-inch high-impact polyurethane foam to provide cushioning. The 18-ounce vinyl coverings have a 5-year limited no-fade warranty and are resistant to sunlight, so they will continue to look great for many years. Additionally, they are rot, mildew, and fungus-resistant. These have an incredibly impressive cold crack rating.

These are sold in multiple sizes. Choose from 11 eye-catching colors. It’s a piece of cake to customize them with a graphic for a one-of-a-kind finish. These are ideal for:
  1. Hanging on masonry or wood
  2. Looking for a pad that is lightweight and easy to move
  3. Needing a unit with a 5-year no-fade limited warranty
  4. Locations where air temperatures do not dip below negative 50 degrees F
  5. Seeking an option to add the team's graphics

How are Z Clips used in Outdoor Wall Padding?

If you're working with wooden or concrete walls, our Field Wall Padding With Z Clip is the answer. These feature Z clips for installations, which include stainless steel bolts. This innovative hanging system simplifies installation on solid walls without causing unnecessary damage. It's a secure, long-lasting way to mount them.

These include 3-inch polyurethane for absorbing shocks. The backing is a 5/8-inch composite backer board that resists moisture, and all of the sides are stained with an exterior-grade finish. This 18-ounce vinyl is UV, tear, and abrasion resistant, so it will look amazing even when exposed to the elements.

These are rated Class A in terms of protection from flammability, maximizing their safety.

These are sold in several sizes and colors so that a facility can find the exact pads that it needs. Consider having the school's graphics printed onto them for a customized, cohesive style. These are backed by a 1-year manufacturer's warranty. Look to these for:
  1. Working with cement or wood
  2. Wanting a durable pad designed for years of outdoor use
  3. Locales where temperatures do not go past a negative 20 degree F level
  4. Searching for an option to customize with a special graphic