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Deck Tiles For Patios, Decks And Rooftops

No matter where the decks are located, they will be exposed to harsh conditions. Whether it’s because of sun exposure, precipitation, widely varying temperatures, or humidity level fluctuations, original woods or concrete pads may crack, splinter, fade, or warp.

Water protection allows the material to last longer. For a concrete patio or swimming area, consider an outdoor patio tile. These are cost effective to cover large surfaces.

Foam yields the best slip-resistance material in areas that are wet frequently, like pools, splash pads, or waterparks. They’re soft, and they don’t heat up uncomfortably in direct sun. Should someone slip here, it yields a softer landing.

Rubber Deck Tiles

  1. Heavy duty with longer warranties
  2. Weather resistant versus freezing and cracking, inhibiting the growth of mold or mildew
  3. Certain designs carry critical fall height ratings
  4. Extra thickness versus other materials
  5. Manageable size simplifies the installation process

They deliver one of the most durable options. They work well in any kind of conditions, and they can handle extensive foot traffic without showing wear. They stand up to having weights placed on them, such as furniture or lounge chairs, too.

This pool decking consists of recycled truck tires, which gives them an environmentally friendly design along with amazing toughness. They are made to resist cracking, even when repeatedly subject to freezing and thawing.

They do not draw insects, and they’re naturally waterproof. Certain designs will be rated for falls, similar to what’s found at a playground.

Another plus is its thickness. Typically, it ranges between 1 and 2.25 inches in thickness, with thicker mats providing greater durability and cushioning, but they do cost a little more and are heavier than thinner ones. Even with the extra weight, our pieces are conveniently sized, so one person can handle the installation.

Safe Above Ground Pool Deck Ideas

  1. Anti-slip surface maximizes safety in a wet area, such as pools, waterparks, and splash pads
  2. Walk comfortably in bare feet, even on the hottest days
  3. Has protections to minimize injuries from falling
  4. Anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties contribute to a healthier environment

For swimming walkways, foam makes a popular and practical option. These offer excellent safety and slip resistant capabilities. In the case of a slip, it offers some fall from height protection and helps to absorb impact, minimizing injury.

Another major benefit of it is the fact that it provides a temperature stable surface.

Continually wet environments pose particular challenges to outdoor decking tiles, but ours withstand these demands. They are both resistant to bacteria and fungus, creating healthier spaces. Our Life Floor Slate must be installed using adhesive.

Interlocking Deck Tiles

  1. Waterproof, which enhances durability
  2. Perforations eliminate standing water, encourage draining, and help to prevent slips and falls
  3. Easy DIY installations
  4. Highly economical option
  5. Comfortable, soft surfaces

Our rooftop deck tiles have a perforated design for drainage. This yields a sure traction and minimizes the possibility of slipping.

They handle weather without heating up uncomfortably, and they have UV stability built into them to prevent color fade, which results in a great value. Additionally, these pool deck pavers don’t absorb water, which makes them ideal in constantly damp areas.

These assemble and disassemble quickly and are easy to install with no adhesives required. A customer can cut these to fit any space.

For those who need falls protection, we have models to help. A height fall rating is a smart idea in a home with small children.

PVC Deck Tiles for Sports Courts

These are great for commercial and residential settings. Greatmats offers a variety of outdoor deck flooring materials at great prices.

A customer could use them to make athletic courts outdoors. They yield the footing and traction required for numerous games, including basketball, volleyball, tennis, and pickleball. They deliver just the right level of cushioning properties to ensure safe playing spaces.

With UV resistance often built into them, they can be left in direct sunlight all year around without fading or breaking down. No matter how often athletes use them, they’ll maintain their integrity and provide a high level of value.

Waterproof resistance is another important feature when used for sports. Many of these have perforations. This allows rain to drain away safely, rather than pooling on the top, which creates a safer court for athletes.

For those who enjoy spending time with their pets outside, toughness is a must. Nobody wants the surface marred by stains from pet accidents. Greatmats has a host of options that will withstand pets, while also giving them safe spaces.

Pet nails can scratch the original wood, leaving ugly gouges. If not properly sealed, it could soak up pet urine, leading to unwanted odors and stains.

Ours are tough enough to stand up to all of it. Yet, they are soft for walking, sitting, and laying on, creating a comfortable spot for pets to relax. Many have a tab and loop design, which results in a simple project.

For those who prefer a wooden look, we also offer a composite material. They’re tough and able to bear plenty of weight, while showcasing wooden grain surfaces. With the UV stabilization built into them, they’ll avoid fading when exposed to constant sunlight at any time of the year.

Some of the best places to relax after a long day at work are rooftop patios. It’s important to focus on safety in this area, which protects the roofing, supporting the weight of people and furniture.

Selecting the right kind helps to make the most of this valuable space in either a residential or commercial setting, such as seating at a restaurant.

Rubber roof pavers are an option, as they deliver durability. They are heavy enough to support people sitting on furniture, yet the roof doesn’t require additional reinforcement to support them.

For a more colorful option, some of our customers select plastic. These are inexpensive, yet they’re durable and lightweight. They do not absorb moisture and are treated to resist sun fading, working well as roof pavers.

FAQ Composite Deck Tile Q&A

Can you put deck tiles over an existing deck?

Many of our customers will choose them to go over existing wood decks that have suffered animal damage or other types of wear. Instead of sanding and refinishing them, consider adding our interlocking patio tiles.

What do you put under deck tiles?

Nothing needs to be placed under them. However, choosing the right model does depend in part on the type of subsurface in use. Covering cement may involve a unique model versus covering elevated decks, for example. We have flooring experts on hand, ready to help with questions.

How long do deck tiles last?

Rubber often provides the longest warranty period, which gives the purchaser a greater peace of mind. In fact, it sometimes will provide a limited lifetime warranty, while plastic offers warranties up to 5 years.

Can you lay deck tiles on soil?

Yes. Place them in areas over grass or soil, and use them atop of slightly uneven ground, if needed. The pieces will bend to conform to the shape of the soil. They work for temporary installs outdoors, or they can be left in place for several days. However, they may kill grass by blocking sunlight if left too long.

How do you install an outdoor deck tiles system?

PVC interlock decking squares give a customer a lightweight type of flooring that’s perfect for DIY installations, still maintaining a professional look. The most common connection system is a click-together loop and tab that secures tightly.

Top 6 Tips for the Best Pool Deck Ideas

  1. Will installation be outdoors or indoors
  2. Measure the size of the space that needs cover
  3. Consider all of the seasons, temperatures, and types of weather that they will need to endure
  4. Establish a budget for the project
  5. Decide whether glue down or dry lay installs will be best
  6. Do a DIY install or hire a professional

3 Popular Types of Deck Mats

  1. Plastic pieces are dry laid and feature a snap together connector system.
  2. Interlocking rubber pavers are either glued down or glued together.
  3. Foam pool deck tile is glued, unless it features a peel-and-stick method for use indoors.

Top 6 Benefits

  1. No need to replace existing materials entirely
  2. Protect the original structure from the elements, extending its life
  3. Quick and easy update to the style
  4. Everyone can safely play on it
  5. Provide falling protections
  6. Doesn’t heat up too much in summer