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Options for Rubber Pavers

When you want to create an outdoor gathering or walking area that offers slip resistance and comfort, while also being highly durable, rubber pavers are an ideal selection.

No matter what kind of weather you encounter, the interlocking rubber pavers can withstand it. They are water resistant, while also standing up to UV rays. Many of them make use of recycled content, which delivers eco-friendly benefits, too.

Features and Benefits

Rubber patio pavers deliver multiple benefits for use in residential and commercial locations, as well as in public spaces like playgrounds.

  • More comfortable than bare concrete
  • Attractive designs and colors
  • Requires minimal maintenance
  • Slip resistant, even when wet
  • Often features recycled materials
  • Works in a variety of locations
  • Multiple size and thickness options
  • Replace a single tile, rather than an entire layout, after (unlikely) damage occurs
  • Incredibly durable
  • Can withstand heavy items, chairs, tables, and playground equipment

Where to Use Indoor/Outdoor Pavers

Outdoor and indoor designs are used in a wide range of areas, thanks to significant versatility in sizes, thicknesses, and styles. In addition to very popular patio or playground outdoor uses, we have many customers who are using interlocking rubber pavers in athletic facilities for fitness and weight lifting. Also popular is the use of rubber tiles in equestrian horse barns. These have a 2x2 foot dimension, making them strong candidates for use in wash bays, interior aisles, and outdoor tile walkways, covering big spaces quickly. No matter what kind of installation ideas you have in mind, we have products that will fit.

Rubber Pavers Q&A

What are rubberized paver tiles?

These consist of recycled rubber materials that have outstanding traction and durability. They are attractive while yielding a safer material than bricks. With just a bit of flexibility, they fit nicely over uneven areas while also providing cushioning. They interlock, too.

Can you cut 2x2 pavers for custom sizing?

Yes, cutting rubber pavers is a possible DIY job. Use a sharp utility knife to slice into the material repeatedly, eventually penetrating the entire thickness. If the cut is difficult to make, lay the cut line across a 2-by-4 piece of wood, so the slice pulls open naturally as the cut becomes deeper.

How heavy are rubber patio tiles?

The weight of patio paver tiles depends on the size and thickness they carry. A single 5-inch thick paver could weigh almost 40 pounds. The 24x24 inch pavers that are 1-1/4 inches thick usually weigh about 20 pounds each.

Are rubber pavers eco friendly?

Because many designs use 100 percent recycled rubber from car and truck tires, our pavers keep these tires out of landfills, which is helpful for the environment. Using recycled tires is safe for making new mats and tiles for use around people and pets.

Can you install rubber pavers over grass?

Yes, installing interlocking pavers over grass is possible. The process is easier when the grassy area is relatively flat. Understand that these paver tiles will eventually kill the grass if left in place. If you have a concern about erosion under the tiles, we have special tiles you can install underneath to hold the ground in place.