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Rubber pavers are a comfortable, weather-resistant alternative to sidewalks made of stone or concrete. Our paver tiles offer slip resistance, even in the wettest conditions, making them a safe and popular option. Install these on firm surfaces, and installation involves either gluing or a tab connection method.

Greatmats offers large rubber pavers 24x24 inches, which is the traditional size. We have a variety of rubber roof pavers. These are made primarily from recycled content, so feel good about purchasing these earth-friendly products.

Benefits of Outdoor Rubber Pavers

These yield many benefits, including:
  1. Comfortable surfaces for walking and standing on without the cold, hard feel of cement
  2. An attractive, eye-catching appearance is reminiscent of brick or tile, but this is a safer alternative
  3. There's no chipping or cracking to worry about, so maintenance is minimal
  4. Yields a recycled rubber floor
  5. Slip-resistant, even in wet weather
  6. Suitable for use anywhere
  7. Manageable sizes are easy to move, transport, and install, even by a single person
  8. If there’s damage, replace the single unit rather than having to replace the entire surface
  9. Various installation methods mean they fit in with multiple projects

Potential Uses for Interlocking Rubber Pavers Outdoor

  1. Patio floor
  2. Deck floor
  3. Walkway
  4. Aisles
  5. Rooftops
  6. Playgrounds
  7. Weight room floors
  8. Locker rooms
  9. Professional sports facility
  10. Golf courses
  11. Equestrian facility

Choosing Rubber Tile

  1. Where will they be used?
  2. What type of style and size is preferred?
  3. Is glue down or interlocking tab preferred?
  4. Which color would look ideal with the existing scheme?

We've outlined some of our most popular models below.

Athletic Pavers
The Sterling Athletic is one of our most commonly sold selections. Found in six colors, including black, it is non-absorbent and easy to clean.

Measuring 1.25” thick, these feature a glue-together and interlock installation for a sturdy, durable, finished layout. They're backed by a lifetime limited warranty, so you can buy with confidence. They are among our lowest-priced models to suit any budget.

They're frequently found in weight rooms, as rubber deck tiles, and everything in between.

Consider our Sterling Roof Top too for extra toughness. It measures a full 2” in thickness.

Made in Canada, these both interlock and glue, ensuring a tight, long-lasting installation. They can be easily cleaned for great-looking surfaces.

These are delivered in multiple color options, giving plenty of control over the finished look of projects. Because they are so durable, they are ideal for use on patios, rooftops, golfing practice areas, and decks.

Playground Pavers
For our thickest selection, look toward our Sterling Playground 5 Inch Black. These measure 5 inches thick and are 2x2 feet in size. Weighing 39.49 pounds, this is one of the toughest, heavy-duty play area options.

It is among the safest materials too, featuring an ASTM fall height rating of 10 feet. This unit, which is manufactured in Canada, consists of 100 percent recycled tires.

Rubber Pavers for Equine Facilities

This patio paver has a soft and forgiving surface for both horses and handlers, making it a popular choice within the horse community. These are durable and will enhance the appearance of any equine facility when used for paddock areas, barn aisles, wash stalls, breeding barns, and walkways.

While brick and cement are traditionally used in walkways and barns, rubber pavers are a much safer selection. They are distinctive enough for use in elite facilities, but they're still affordable enough to be practical for everyday operations too.

These have a 2x2 foot dimension, making them strong candidates for use in wash bays, interior aisles, and outdoor tile walkways, covering big spaces quickly.

Our Equine Rubber Pavers are 30 mm thick and weigh 20 pounds each. These straight-edge squares can be both dry-laid and glued. They deliver high-level shock absorption, which is a far better option than the concussive effect of concrete.

Additionally, these help to control dust and bacteria, which is a valuable benefit in keeping a horse's respiratory system healthy. These have a dog bone shaped paver design. For the exact appearance desired, choose from four different colors: black, gray, terra cotta, and green.

FAQ Rubber Pavers Q&A

What are rubber paver tiles?
These consist of recyclable rubberized materials that have outstanding traction and durability. They are attractive while yielding a safer material than bricks. With just a bit of flexibility, they fit nicely over uneven areas while also providing cushioning. They interlock.

Can you cut rubber pavers for custom sizing?
Yes. Use a sharp utility knife to slice into the material repeatedly, eventually penetrating the entire thickness. If the cut is difficult to make, lay the unit across a 2-by-4 piece of wood, so the slice pulls open naturally as the cut becomes deeper.

What do you put under outdoor rubber patio flooring?
These will go directly over cement or wood. For uneven ground, consider adding a sand or gravel base to create a slightly smoother base. We also offer geogrid drainage tiles for a rubber patio subsurface.