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Quality Indoor and Outdoor Waterhog Mats

When seeking durable and sharp-looking interior or exterior mats for commercial use, Waterhog mats from Greatmats are a popular choice. Even though these mats are most useful at business entrances, you can use them in mudrooms at home.

Some Waterhog mats are going to give you eye-catching branding opportunities for your business. Yet they still have the durability and level of performance that you need to deliver protection for interior floors and safety for visitors.

Size and Shape Options

Waterhog rugs are available in a wide range of sizes and shapes. This variety makes it easier for you to find just the right size of doormat or runner to fit the style of entrance for the building or home.

Installing a long runner outside is a wise decision to ensure that people can wipe their boots or shoes before entering the building to keep the interior floor clean.

Maybe you want smaller, indoor floor mats to use at entrances, so visitors don’t slip as they walk onto the tile or slate floors in the building. Some businesses use our rugs in both locations for maximum protection.

We even have interlocking carpet tiles available in this brand, giving installers the ability to create a unique coverage size.

Material Options

Our Waterhog mats are made of polyester carpet fibers, which guarantees a long-lasting design that will hold up to outdoor installation in areas with heavy foot traffic and various weather conditions.

These are Made in the USA rugs, which means you can trust the quality of the materials used. Consistency in the material quality is important to ensure the mats will not have weak spots that could tear or show excessive wear when exposed to significant pedestrian traffic.

The manufacturer uses a rubber backing that gives the low-profile mat a sturdy base layer. The entrance mats will not curl at the edges or wrinkle, which could cause a tripping hazard or premature wear.

Additionally, the tacky rubber layer holds the mat in place against the subfloor without the need for tape or adhesive.

Pattern and Texture Options

Depending on the model you choose, you can find this fashionable entrance mat in a variety of colors and textures.

The most common color option is a darker, neutral color, such as gray, brown, dark blue, or black. This allows the material to hide dirt, meaning you don’t need to clean it as often to keep it looking great.

We even offer a style of these Waterhog mats where you can print your company logo or your family name across the top of the rug. This creates a memorable entrance piece for your home or business.

The base layer of the logo rug is offered in almost 20 different colors. You can choose a color that contrasts well with the printed layer.

Waffle patterns and herringbone textures are common with these mats. This provides a rough surface texture that will naturally pull dirt and moisture off the soles of shoes as people walk across them.

Common Use Options

The most common use case for these mats is to serve as an entrance mat. The mats provide a safe place for people to step as they enter a building on a wet day, limiting the chances of a slip-and-fall accident.

Homeowners may want to place the rug in a mud room where the kids will be taking off wet and muddy boots after a day of playing outside.

Because of the textured surface of the mat and the rubber backing layer, moisture and soil that come off shoes will drain to the bottom layer until evaporating. The rubber prevents the moisture from leaking through to the subfloor, protecting it.

Installation Options

Our Waterhog mats are simple to install. Choose the right-sized mat for the entrance area and lay it flat over the subfloor or concrete. You will not use adhesive on the mats. You can pull them up for cleaning or replacement, as desired.

Some of these Waterhog runners are long and narrow, which is advantageous in entrance areas where you want people to take a few steps on the runner before moving onto the building's main floor.

This reduces the possibility of a visitor slipping when they step onto the building's tile or slate floor. It also causes visitors to track less dirt into the building, helping your maintenance staff.

Cleaning and Maintenance Requirements

These are highly durable runner rugs, meaning maintenance and cleaning requirements are minimal. To clean dry dirt, you only need to run a vacuum cleaner over the surface. Vacuum daily in a high-traffic area or a couple of times a week in a low-traffic area.

To wash the rug to remove stubborn debris, use a garden hose with a sprayer outdoors or use a carpet cleaning machine. These mats only need occasional washing. Hang the mat on a frame so it can dry naturally in the air if needed.