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Showing 1-12 of 12 Products

Todays Sale Save Up to 48% off Buy Now

Outlet Pricing for Flooring Tiles, Mats and Rolls

Get these extreme discount flooring products while supplies last! Whether you need safety flooring for kids play areas, home wrestling or yoga spaces, outdoor event areas and patios, garage floor tiles, or discount rubber flooring, there's something for everyone. We usually have a wide range of products listed on our sale page.

At Greatmats, we’re proud to bring you a wide selection of flooring at great prices. While our everyday prices are already excellent, you can find increased value when you shop our clearance flooring outlet. This is your chance to get a great deal on high quality flooring products.

Buying Clearance Flooring at Greatmats

The Clearance Flooring store at Greatmats features low priced specialty flooring that can help you to save money on your projects. Available for purchase online, these products offer excellent savings without sacrificing quality.

Placing an order is quick and easy, and our clearance flooring section offers a wide selection of catalog items to choose from. We update this page continuously with products that offer the best savings opportunities, so be sure to check back often.

The Greatmats Clearance Flooring Selection

While the selection of the clearance flooring section changes often, it includes a wide array of products in different sizes and made of different materials. You’ll find foam and rubber mats, interlocking tiles, flooring planks, and rolled flooring that is made of vinyl, wood, foam, PVC, and more.

Whether you’re looking for flooring that’s suitable for your home gym, wrestling practice, a car display, yoga exercises, or kids at play, you’ll find the quality products for sale within our clearance section.

Why does flooring go on clearance?

At Greatmats, we put flooring products on clearance for several reasons. Our warehouse may be overstocked, and we might need to free up room to bring in new products.

Certain types of flooring, like patio tiles and outdoor flooring, may be out of season. Rather than storing that flooring for another year, we add those items to our clearance flooring category. You’ll enjoy a discount, and we’ll free up some storage space.

Sometimes, products are discontinued. We reduce the price on these products so what we can sell them quickly and bring in a new product to replace them.

Do you sell used flooring or have scratch and dent sales?

Yes, we offer scratch and dent sales on many products. The items in our scratch and dent sale are still usable, but they’ll have imperfections like color variations, minor scuffs, or marks and scratches.

Some of these flooring rolls are pre-cut, or they might be at the end of the roll, so their dimensions are limited. Flooring tile quantities may also be limited.

Remember, quantities of these products are limited. If you’re eyeing a certain product, please call and speak with one of our representatives would be happy to help you place your order.

Check out our Great Deals - Scratch and Dent page for truly great deals. This page includes used flooring, discolored products, new end-of-batch products, as well as items that have been damaged during shipping. If you need a functional floor, but don't need it to look perfect then check out the Great Deals page.