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Choose these for fast setups for temporary indoor flooring for events. Use them for portable outdoor flooring or live dancing performance requirements. Our products will give customers a higher level of quality than portable dance floor rental models. Additionally, these segments can be quickly disassembled once the special performances for the day are completed.

Choosing the Right Portable Event Flooring

When exploring our temporary flooring catalog, we have multiple products from which to choose. Portable flooring systems are perfect for stages and platforms, as well as outdoors.

For questions about any of our event flooring products, please give us a call. We would be happy to deliver product samples and detailed shipping information.

Modular plastic tiles are a popular choice. They are made with repeated installations in mind. Plastic is usable for a variety of applications, such as display rooms, studios, and basements atop existing floors. It is even suitable for portable sports flooring for basketball, tennis, pickleball, or volleyball.

One of the greatest benefits of plastic materials in portable floor tiles is that they do not suffer water damage. Many types of plastic tiles have a raised base. This allows moisture and air to freely circulate underneath. This design helps to prevent the growth of mold and mildew. Should the basement subfloor become wet, the tile can remain in place while air flows beneath.

There are multiple choices for portable tiles designed specifically for outdoor use. They may have perforations to allow water to flow through them. This design avoids the safety issue of standing pools. It creates a safe level of traction.

Additionally, some outdoor portable flooring for grass will allow air, water, and sunlight to reach the lawn, meaning it won’t kill the grass if used atop it for a short period of time. Just don’t leave it in place, or it could kill plants after a few days.

It connects securely and will not pull apart until it’s time to separate them.

Portable Flooring for Events

Foam will have anti-fatigue properties. This style is extremely comfortable too. This is an excellent choice for conventions. It works especially well in any situation where a customer will be spending long hours standing.

The portable flooring pieces are lightweight and easy to install and disassemble. They're easy to clean too. Spills are no big deal. Even in a high-traffic area, maintenance will be minimal. Most foam puzzle mats interlock like puzzle pieces. It takes just seconds to connect them, leaving time for more important priorities.

Foam is found in a number of different finishes. A customer can choose from a stone finish, a portable wood floor tile, a brilliantly colored foam piece, or anything in between. These colors are sure to catch anyone's attention.

This click-in faux wood flooring often features a raised plastic base. This allows the portable wood flooring to be used in areas where moisture is an issue.

These modular tiles are available as vinyl tiles in many different finishing options. This provides the look of luxury commercial-grade laminate floors. Yet they still have the benefits of a removable model.

Peel-and-stick vinyl flooring is highly durable, and it will continue to look great even if used repeatedly. They interlock together for strength. There's no adhesive required for installation, meaning this can be a DIY project. They won't separate until disassembly time.

Some carpeted tiles are built on a raised bottom section. They feature luxurious surfaces. They are elevated slightly above the subfloor on plastic pegs so that moisture can drain through and they can dry quickly.

These are ideal for a basement. Customers don't have to worry about the mildew and mold that could result if the carpeting gets wet. Another option utilizes a waterproof foam base with a puzzle-style interlocking system design.

Carpet tiles are popular options for convention booths, celebrations, basements, and more. A carpeted area gives a convention booth a real at-home feel. It is welcoming, creating a space where everyone can be comfortable.

Carpeting is also a great way to transform an outdoor tent space into a livable area. Using shelter flooring inside the tent maximizes the usefulness of the portable flooring. Our models will provide value and durability, outperforming Fastdeck pricing.

Another potential item for trade shows is portable indoor turf. These are available in numerous colors beyond the traditional green, making the booth with portable turf stand out from the crowd.

Some people may be seeking a portable basketball floor to yield surfaces suitable for a 3-on-3 tournament. Our portable basketball court delivers outstanding traction and cushioning for players, creating safe playing areas.

Roll Out Temporary Flooring Over Subfloor

Our huge sheets cover large areas quickly. They can then be rolled up and stored away once the event is done. We have different materials and designs that are usable for various applications.

We sell flooring for gymnastics, cheerleading, and athletic practice. These instantly add cushion anywhere. They work to create temporary flooring over concrete if a customer doesn’t have permanent practice spaces.

Our marley rolls are an excellent option. This dance deck portable flooring provides a professional feel anywhere required. They can be installed, used for rehearsals or performances, and then rolled up again. Using rubber flooring underneath yields a bit of cushioning for the marley floor.

Greatmats rolls of rubber are versatile. They can be used for everything from an underlayment to an extra protective layer. They keep subfloors from being damaged due to activities like weightlifting or heavy traffic. Keep in mind, though, that they can be very heavy. Multiple people could be required to help with its installation and removal.

Portable Flooring FAQ

How much do portable dance floors cost?

The cost will depend on the size of the coverage planned. Pay less per square foot for a wall-to-wall installation that will use a roll of material, such as $2 to $5. When customers select flooring for smaller spaces, it will deliver an easier installation process, but it costs more per square ft., such as $4 to $10.

What type of flooring is best for tap dancing?

A portable tap dance floor needs to deliver a responsive feel to the dancers, allowing them to achieve the sound they want. For practice at home, our Tap Dancer Kit consists of nine interlocking pieces for a 3-by-3-foot coverage size. This is an ideal size for temporary usage.

Can I put temporary flooring over carpet?

Yes, although only certain types are appropriate to use. Find tiles with a raised base that are recommended for being installed over low-pile carpet.

How do you make a portable dance floor?

Greatmats has portable dance floor tiles or panels that allow installers to cover a lot of space quickly. Once the dances are completed, each piece can be disassembled and placed back into storage. Our most popular option is the EZ Portable Dance Floor Tile.

What are the benefits of a portable flooring system?

  1. Lightweight portable flooring for sale is easy to transport.
  2. It is designed for fast installation.
  3. It will withstand numerous assemblies and disassemblies.
  4. The portable floors are durable, making them an excellent investment.
  5. Many are designed to withstand moisture and weather elements.