Floor Design Online: 3 Free Planner Options

By Brett Hart Created: September, 2019 - Modified: May, 2021

If you’re looking for a free and easy way to plan your room design online - particularly the flooring - you’ll want to check out Greatmats three help tools.
  1. The Floor Plan Designer
  2. The Virtual Room Visualizer
  3. and The Quick Flooring Calculator

Complex Pro Floor Plan Designer

Greatmats online floor planner allows you to provide a layout of your room using exact dimensions so you can figure out just how many tiles, squares, mats or rolls of flooring you’ll need to cover your desired area. As part of that process, you can choose different colored tile, etc., and arrange them however you wish, creating patterns and custom designs. This a a very helpful tool for both interior and exterior floor designs as it takes the guesswork out of creating both standard and custom floor designs. The floor planner even takes into account interlock loss and other unforeseen factors to make sure you’ve got the right number of tiles or mats to complete your install without having to make a second order. Depending on what type of flooring you plan to install, this can result in a significant savings on shipping.

Product Based Room Visualizer

Greatmats room visualizer is also great at taking the guesswork out of a project. This tool allows you to see what different types of flooring look like in your very own dojo, dance studio, gym, basement, living room, etc. Simply upload a picture of the room in which you’d like to install new flooring and choose the flooring options and colors that have caught your attention. You’ll be able to see if the flooring color will work with your decor and more.

Quick Calculator

For basic square or rectangular spaces, Greatmats quick flooring calculator may be all you need to get a quick tile or mat count for your intended space. While these can be very helpful in helping you give yourself a quick estimate for cost and how the flooring will fit into your budget. It’s always best to follow up with a sale representative as they will be able to give you a more accurate estimate - especially when floor dimensions don’t match up exactly with full tiles, mats and rolls. A sales rep will be able to tell you if you can use scraps to fill in the gaps to save money and find you the best shipping rates.

Greatmats strives to make the process of purchasing and installing flooring as simple as possible for you through its online tools and live customer service. Keep in mind that no online tool is perfect. Once you’ve used the tools to get an idea of what will work in your space, be sure to call Greatmats to make sure the estimates are accurate and the type of flooring you’ve picked it is right for your space. Greatmats staff has more than 20 years of experience in specialty flooring and will be able to offer insight you may need to consider.