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Options for Pole Padding

When you want to protect kids who are playing and athletes who are working out from inadvertent collisions with support posts, the best solution is pole padding wrap products from Greatmats. These pole pads are designed to precisely wrap all the way around whatever size and shape of post you have, guaranteeing a secure fit.

Whether you need padding for a basketball pole, playground, support column pads, I-beam pads, or post protectors in a basement or garage, we have the products you need in a range of colors and heights. Greatly reduce the worry over collisions with stationary objects by installing our padding for poles.

Types of Pole Foam Padding

You have multiple options for the design of the column pads based on the shape of the column.
  • Round: Round supports on basketball poles, volleyball net poles, football goal posts, support columns, and other structures are suitable for round post pads. These will fit round posts and poles up to 7” in diameter.
  • Square: Posts that have a square shape can accept four-sided, vinyl-covered foam protector wraps. 
  • I-Beam: If you have I-beams inside an open area as a support beam, we have pole pads specifically designed to handle the odd angles these posts provide, including for channel-style I-beams. Custom options are available for slopped or tapered beams or more coverage to your beams.

Features and Benefits of Foam Pole Covers

You can trust our column pads to give you a good value, as they will last a long time when you purchase them. 
  • Safety: Our pads’ primary purpose is to create a safe atmosphere for children and athletes who may inadvertently crash into a stationary object. The cushion from the foam absorbs impact, reducing the likelihood of injuries.
  • Protection: Pole pads can be installed in parking garages, car dealership garages, or in a residential garage where the parking spaces are tight, to protect vehicles from door dings or scrapes.
  • Versatility: We have pole pads available that work for use either indoors or outdoors, ensuring you can match the product to your specific needs.
  • Varying Heights: You can select different heights of these pads, so you can cover the post at the perfect height for maximum protection without having to cut it shorter and affect the integrity of the padding. These pads can be made in any height starting at 1ft H up to 8ft H. They can be stacked to achieve padding above 8ft.
  • Custom Graphics and Color: We offer many different colors in the vinyl covering layer over the foam, so you can match your room’s color scheme. You also can choose to have customized graphics printed on the vinyl for the perfect finishing touch.

Where to Use Pole Padding

Many different kinds of posts are suitable for installing our pads for posts, including:
  • Football goal posts
  • Indoor volleyball court net posts
  • Sand volleyball court net posts
  • Indoor basketball court goal support posts
  • Outdoor basketball court goal support posts in a park, at a school, in a parking lot, or in a driveway
  • Indoor and outdoor playground posts
  • Posts on playground equipment
  • Indoor support posts
  • Indoor support I-beams
  • Gymnasium and athletic facility area posts
  • Martial arts studio posts
  • Warehouse support posts and columns
  • Basement support posts and columns

  • Garage support posts and columns

Gym Pole Padding Q&A

What are the best basement pole covers?

The best basement pole covers will be those that look great while also providing protection in an area where the kids may be playing rambunctiously and could bump into a support post. Just select a pad that matches your post’s size and shape.

What are the different kinds of pole padding?

The different kinds of metal pole padding include round, square, and I-beam padding to match the shape of the post you have. All of these pads have a polyethylene foam core that absorbs shock and provides protection for someone bumping into it. 

How do you install goal post pads?

To install your goal post padding, peel the hook-and-loop fastener flap away from the main section of the padding. Wrap the foam-covered vinyl around the goal post and reattach the hook-and-loop flap to secure the ends of the vinyl pole covers together.

What are the benefits of using a basketball pole pad?

Some of the benefits of using a basketball pole pad include providing protection in case players stumble into or run into the post while playing. Such pads often can withstand different kinds of weather, so they can stay in place outdoors.

Where can you use pillar padding?

The areas where you can use pillar padding include places like indoor playgrounds, martial arts studios, athletic facilities, school gymnasiums, church gymnasiums, and basements. Anywhere you have an exposed support pillar is a good place to install these pads.