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dance flooring sale ends august 31
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dance flooring sale ends august 31

Types of Portable Dance Floors

At Greatmats, we have a wide variety of portable dance floors for sale. Whether looking for a temporary floor for your event, a performance venue or if you need a removable marley dance floor for a touring dance troupe, Greatmats offers all the available options in the portable flooring space.
  • Marley flooring rolls
  • Interlocking dance floor tiles
  • Tap dance kits

Our portable dance floors are DIY friendly and versatile. Install them over an existing stage floor for a tap performance, or choose a product designed for weddings and events. These floors support a wide range of dance types, including options for high heels, ballroom, ballet and tap. We have portable dance flooring tiles and rolls for indoor and outdoor use.

Where to Use a Portable Dance Floor

We carry portable dance floors suitable for installation in many different locations: 
  • Temporary outdoor use: Dance floor tiles can be used outdoors in tents and installed over grass or dirt for weddings and events. 
  • Stage performances: Marley touring rolls are ideal for stage, theater, and auditorium use. Quickly convert an existing stage into a dance floor. 
  • For home use over carpet: Modular dance tiles can be installed over carpet to convert your home into a temporary dance studio or practice space. These tiles are excellent for tap and jazz.

Portable Dance Floor Q&A

What type of flooring is best for tap dancing?

Practicing tap and clogging on the wrong surface can be a frustrating. A dancer doesn’t receive the desired audible feedback from the tap shoes if practicing elsewhere. And when tappers are holding practices at the house, working out on hardwood could potentially cause scuff marks and other damage. We have a couple of smart solutions in our pre-sized tap kits, which deliver a perfectly sized finished area for tappers and cloggers and also for our Rosco Adagio Marley.

How do you make a portable dance floor for your home?

One option is to lay out marley flooring on top of hardwood to create a portable dance floor at home. Another option is modular flooring tiles, designed to be easy to install and disassemble, so you can repeatedly lay them out and store them away. 

Can a portable flooring product be used outside?

Yes, our portable dance floor kits often accommodate both indoor and temporary outdoor use. Our 1x1 ft tile dance floors are particularly suitable for outdoor use temporarily. These tiles are built on a plastic base, so air and moisture can circulate underneath them. Marley dance floor rolls should not be installed outside for extended periods.

How difficult is a DIY dance floor system to install?

Many portable dance floor systems are designed to withstand repeated installations. Our marley floors can be easily installed and taped down for a temporary installation. Our portable dance floor tiles for sale have a tab and loop connector system that is designed for repeated installations. The tiles take just a few minutes to lay out and connect together and they will hold together securely until separated.

Can you tap on a marley floor?

Yes. Certain marley floors are a popular choice for tap, make sure to purchase a Marley that is hard enough for tap dancing, some marleys are only made for ballet and are too soft for tap. Understand, though, that a specific type of underlayment is required to deliver the sound qualities desired.