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Interlocking and modular plastic flooring tiles

Plastic floor tiles from Greatmats are among the most versatile styles of flooring available. They can fit a wide range of use cases and installation conditions, including both indoor and outdoor usage.

Our interlocking tiles are easy to install, and they provide years of high-quality performance. Multiple colors and design styles are available, too, ensuring the flooring fits in perfectly with the existing design of the room.

Size and Shape Options

Most commonly, our plastic floor tiles carry a 1x1 foot size. Because each tile offers 1 square foot of coverage, it greatly simplifies the process of ordering the correct number of tiles to fit a particular space.

The majority of these hard plastic and flexible plastic tiles use a hidden interlocking edge design. This creates a square look in the tiles and eliminates the chance of interlock loss, which can occur with a puzzle-style interlocking tile.

For those who prefer a larger tile, we also offer sizes of 20x20 inches and larger. Some of these larger designs make use of a jigsaw puzzle style edge, while others use a hidden interlocking edge.

Rectangular interlocking tiles are available too. We even offer some flexible plastic rolls of flooring.

Thickness options in these tiles commonly range from about 3/16 inches to about 3/4 inches, although we do offer some thickness measurements outside this range.

Material Options

It’s important to choose the right material in the plastic floor tiles to match the desired use case, as we offer a few different types of plastic in these modular tiles.

Many of our tiles consist of extremely rigid materials. We have durable polypropylene plastic tiles carrying up to a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty. We also have tiles with a thin vinyl top layer and a hard plastic base layer. This design also carries up to a 5-year warranty.

For a bit more flexibility in the design of the tile, consider our PVC plastic options. These tiles flex, which simplifies installation, and they also provide a little bit of cushioning in areas where slips and falls are a concern.

We even offer a few carpet tiles that feature fibers made from 100% recycled plastic bottles. These are highly durable carpet fibers that maintain a level of cushioning you might not expect from plastic.

Pattern and Texture Options

One of the biggest advantages of our plastic floor tiles is that customers can order them in almost any color or texture.

Neutral colors like black and gray are available for areas that will see a lot of foot traffic. Customers also can order from several brighter colors, like blue, red, yellow, and green. Darker colors of tiles don’t show stains and scuffs as clearly as lighter colors of tiles.

We offer plastic tiles that carry a design made to resemble wood floors or stone floors as well.

Some plastic flooring tiles have a smooth top layer, while others may have a pebble top texture or diamond plate texture molded into the surface, creating additional traction in wet conditions.

For those who are installing these tiles in areas with excessive water or other liquids, we offer perforated tiles. The holes and grooves in these tiles allow water to drain through to the subfloor without affecting the ability of the tile to bear weight.

We also offer plastic floor tiles that contain varying surface height levels that allow people to scrape their shoes effectively as they walk across the tiles from outdoors.

Common Use Options

Customers can install our plastic floor tiles in almost any location. They work in a garage, a basement, a home workout gym, a bathroom, an entryway, or a kitchen where moisture may be present. Some models work indoors only, while some are usable indoors or outdoors.

Some people will use the firm plastic tiles as an underlayment, creating a stable subfloor before placing another type of flooring over the top.

Installation Options

The majority of these tiles feature a snap together design. There is no need to glue these tiles together, as the interlocking edge secures the layout. Installers do not need experience with creating flooring layouts, as novices can handle the job easily.
For a clean look in the layout, seek plastic squares that feature a hidden interlocking edge. This design results in a grid with straight lines between tiles.

With a puzzle-style interlocking edge, installers may have to cut the tiles at the perimeter of the layout to remove the puzzle edge to create a flat edge.

Cleaning and Maintenance Requirements

Keeping these tiles clean is an easy process. Just sweep or vacuum the surface of the floor to remove dry debris that could grind into the surface of the tiles and create staining.

To mop the surface of the plastic tiles, make use of a neutral pH solution or another household floor cleaner. Make sure the cleaner does not contain any bleach. Allow the area to dry naturally in the air, rather than applying heat to try to speed up the drying process.

With an outdoor installation, just rinse the floor with a garden hose and sprayer.