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For environments where controlled cleanrooms are essential, our clean room mats ensure a top performance. These are designed for static dissipative clean room flooring environments and are ideal for industrial settings.
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Tops FAQs for Clean Room Floor Mats

For environments where controlled cleanrooms are essential, our clean room mats ensure a top performance. These are designed for static dissipative clean room flooring environments and are ideal for industrial settings.

What Are Cleanroom Floor Mats?

These deliver the ability to protect against static discharge, while also catching debris on the feet of visitors before it contaminates a particular space. For computer manufacturing facilities or other buildings working with sensitive equipment, consider our clean room ESD flooring. These products will have undergone testing that ensures they will protect sensitive high-tech gear to prevent unwanted electrical surges that could cause significant damage.

What Are Cleanroom Tacky Mats?

These handle a variety of situations where keeping dust and other particles out is vital. The blue sticky mat for clean room product may consist of Desco or of sheets of adhesive film, which removes dirt and debris from shoes before they’re tracked into a locale that needs protection. Cleanroom mats are useful for a number of applications, including:
  • Medical building
  • Food processing facility
  • Hospital
  • Laboratory
  • Manufacturing
  • Operating area

How Can I Remove Dirt and Dust From Clean Room Anti Fatigue Mats?

If using the sticky pads version of the sticky floor mat for clean room, simply remove the top sheet from the sticky mat frame after it becomes soiled. The next sheet of the disposable tacky mats will be immediately ready to begin grabbing dust. Otherwise, if attempting to perform cleaning on rubber floorings with fatigue relief properties, just vacuum the surface first. Then using a mop with warm water and a neutral pH cleaner to eliminate stubborn stains.

How Can I Install Washable Sticky Mats?

Here are some tips for installing these clean room floor mats:
  • Start by identifying an appropriate location for the clean room mats.
  • Thoroughly work on the surface to take out any particles that may interfere with the adhesion to the subfloor. Be sure it is completely dry prior to laying out the clean room mats.
  • Peel off half of the backing, exposing the adhesives.
  • Align it to its desired position and start to smooth it out by working from one edge into the center. Make sure that there are no air bubbles trapped.
  • Peel the rest of the filmy material and continue smoothing it.

Clean room mats are only effective if they are appropriately and strategically placed within the facility on hard floorings that have been cleaned thoroughly before installing.

Place a clean room floor mat just in front of the doorway and another just behind the entry/exit point. It should be located in a way that anyone who goes in has no choice but to step on it. Positioning it in the door properly ensures the most successful outcome.

How Can I Choose The Right Size of ESD Clean Room Mat?

Clean room mats need to be appropriately sized for effectiveness. The ideal size for a situation will depend on the width of the doorway.

Place the longer edge so that it follows the flow of people and equipment. With this layout, people can step on it multiple times. If seeking to choose appropriate sizings of clean room mats, keep the following guidance in mind:
  • Traffic generally passes through the middle of a doorway, so it doesn't necessarily need to be as wide as doorways.
  • If people enter the door from a sharp angle, a wider unit can account for this.
  • Correct length is essential, as it should allow each foot to land on it at least twice for the best results.

When it comes to this, there is no surpassing the Statfree B2 Roll. It helps to prevent electrostatic discharge damage to ESD sensitive components. This matting both creates a worksurface area that limits the generation of static electricity and helps to remove the charge from conductive objects that are placed on the worksurface.

Intended for use in industrial areas and computer rooms, these feature three layers for a dependable performance:
  • Heat fused thermoplastic 2-layered vinyl: This provides a reliable path to the ground, which eliminates the buildup of a charge on the cleanroom LVT flooring.
  • Dissipative top color layer: Backed by a limited lifetime warranty, electricals will not drift for the life of it.
  • Conductive bottom black layer: This layer reduces the resistance to the ground.

Additionally, these clean room mats have been treated with a Lo-Char flame retardant additive, meeting the minimum standards for NFPA fire and smoke safety.

Measuring 50x2.5 feet, this generously sized roll is an excellent addition to any workplace. It is backed by a 1-year manufacturer warranty. Please be sure to review the installation instructions for specific details on properly installing and grounding this. Use it:
  • On a worksurface table
  • As a shelf liner
  • As a cart liner

When Should I Replace My Clean Room Mats?

This matting needs to be changed regularly in order for it to be effective, but the exact change-out schedule will depend on several different factors.
  • How dirty is the location that is funneling into the cleaner space?
  • How much traffic will the cleanroom mat see? Consider the number of employees scheduled per shift, and the frequency with which they pass into and out of the rooms.
  • How large are the clean room mats? Larger units, or those that are positioned side by side, will not need to be changed as frequently.

Depending on the location, the foot traffic, and the soils in the exterior area, they may require changing every 1/2 hour, every 4 hours, or less frequently. Don't forget that they will yield a visual reference of the amount of soils they’re holding.

Where Is It Appropriate to Use the Tac-Mat Contamination Control Model?

Tac-Mat is designed for use in:
  • Pharmaceutical facilities
  • Microelectronic areas
  • Medical centers
  • Food processors

These clean room mats have thin layers of adhesive coated polyethylene film, which pulls particulates from both shoes and wheeled equipment, helping to keep contaminants out. And while the adhesive is strong, it is also resistant to transfer, so it stays where it belongs.

These are easy to use. Each frame has 30 peel-off sheets. When one sheet is dirty, peel it off to expose the next. Because they are numbered, it’s always clear the number that are left, so there’s no risk of running out. Available sizes are:
  • 18x36 inches
  • 26x45 inches

Create custom coverage spaces by placing them adjacent to each other.

How Effective Is the TackyMat Product?

Thanks to its antimicrobial design, TackyMat is a great choice for:
  • Hospitals
  • Laboratories
  • Manufacturing spaces
  • Operating rooms
  • Medical facilities

Not only does it effectively pull particles from wheeled vehicles and shoes, but it also contributes to the overall safety of the space. This offers anti-slip traction that’s ideal for busy areas and will attract both dusty particulates and dirt.

These clean room sticky mats feature a tacky surface and come with 30 disposable sheets per unit. Choose from sizes of:
  • 18x36
  • 18x46
  • 24x36
  • 36x46

If needed, line up multiple pieces together for a customized size or for larger dimensions.