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Peel and Stick Commercial Carpet Tiles

When you want a sharp-looking style of carpeting without the hassle of trying to install a roll of carpet, count on our multiple models of Foss carpet tiles. They have interesting patterns and colors, creating eye-catching flooring.

These are extremely durable carpet squares, giving you a long-lasting installation. They are versatile enough to work for an indoor layout at home or in a commercial space. Some models will even work for outdoor floor installations.

Size and Shape Options

We offer our Foss carpet tiles in sizes of either 18x18 inches or 24x24 inches. When ordering these small tiles, you will order them in boxes of between 10 and 16 squares, making it easy to carry them to the installation location.

Each square only weighs a little more than 1 pound apiece, so moving them into place is not a difficult process. Because of the square shape, just lay each tile adjacent to the previous tile to have the layout completed in no time.

Material Options

Foss carpet tiles are environmentally friendly as they use recycled materials. The PET carpet fiber consists of 100% recycled plastic bottles, creating a long-lasting material that can stand up to almost any use case.

Each bottle goes through a sterilization process at the manufacturing plant to ensure that it will be completely safe to use around kids and pets before the manufacturer turns the bottle into carpet fibers.

The manufacturing process tightly weaves the carpet fibers into the backing layer of each tile using Dura-Lock technology. This ensures that individual fibers will not pull loose or fray when under stress.

PET fibers may not seem like they would be comfortable for laying on or sitting on a carpeted floor, but you will not be able to tell the difference between these plastic fibers and traditional nylon carpet fibers in terms of comfort.

Pattern and Texture Options

Customers can select among dozens of color and pattern options with Foss carpet tiles. Subtle stripes, weaves, or other shapes are part of the color patterns available. You can select solid colors too, if desired.

Because each family of tiles often has multiple colors available and because each tile in the family is the same shape and size, you can mix colors to create a checkerboard pattern or another pattern in the final layout.

A few models of Foss carpet tiles offer a slight texture in the top layer of the tile.

For example, making use of a waffle pattern with slightly varying heights in the surface of the tile is a good choice in areas near entrances to buildings, where you may want people to be able to remove dirt or moisture from their shoes before they enter the main portion of the building.

Common Use Options

Because of the durability of these tiles and the multiple colors and patterns available, you can install them almost anywhere and in any use case.

Install them in a bedroom for comfortable flooring where the kids can sit on the floor and play. Place them in a family room where they can enhance the design of the room and where the family can sit on the floor and watch TV.

They also work in an office building or a customer-facing area of a commercial building. They will impress visitors to the space while providing a cost-effective and long-lasting layout.

There’s even a Grizzly Grass model that resembles artificial turf and is popular for installing on an exterior porch or patio area. Even this model is available in multiple color shades, so you can find just the right design or create a patterned layout.

Installation Options

Another significant advantage of our Foss carpet tiles is that they have a peel-and-stick design. This means you do not need to add your own messy adhesive to the back of each tile.

The pre-applied adhesive is easy to use and sticks tightly to the subfloor, creating a secure layout. Just make sure that you do not remove the protective backing layer and reveal the adhesive until you are ready to adhere the square to the subfloor.

Should you need to cut any of the tiles to fit around an obstacle in the room, each one only measures a fraction of an inch in thickness. You can use a utility knife and a straightedge to resize any individual tile.

Cleaning and Maintenance Requirements

These are highly durable carpet squares that often carry a five-year warranty or longer. You do not need to apply any special cleaning or maintenance techniques to preserve the longevity of these tiles.

For regular cleaning, you can use a vacuum cleaner over the top to pull dirt and other debris away from the carpet fibers, just as you would with a roll of carpet. Regular cleaning greatly reduces the possibility of matting.

For a more thorough cleaning, just run a carpet cleaning machine over the top of the fibers. The manufacturer recommends using a cleaning machine annually.