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Rubber Dog Day Care Floor Options

Options for Dog Daycare Flooring

Rather than making man’s best friend spend the day on hard, concrete floors at a facility, consider covering the space with high-quality dog daycare flooring. Greatmats has flooring options with excellent cushioning to keep the animals feeling more comfortable and protect their leg joints and hips.

Whether you are looking for a dog kennel flooring you can use at home or you can use at a commercial facility that houses dogs for long- or short-term boarding, having comfortable dog flooring options makes everyone feel better, dogs and trainers alike.

Types of Dog Kennel Flooring

We offer multiple formats of kennel and dog daycare flooring for indoor and outdoor use. Select the type that fits your installation plans.
  • Interlocking tiles: Puzzle-style interlocking mats are among the best options we offer for those seeking a lightweight, easy-to-install floor. They do not need glue to stay together.
  • Rolls: Rolls of artificial turf and rubber are perfect selections when you want to cover a large space in a short amount of time with a highly durable material.
  • Straight edge kennel mats: If you have a particular size of kennel to cover, selecting straight edge mats can yield a perfect fit for an easy installation.

Materials for Dog Daycare Flooring

At Greatmats, we provide several different materials for dog kennel flooring, depending on what you need from the space.
  • Foam: EVA foam is usable as waterproof flooring for dog kennels. This is a perfect material for a DIY installation. However, dog nails can sometimes scuff and indent the EVA foam.
  • Rubber: Rubber mats and rolls for dog kennels are among the most popular options we offer. Rubber dog floors are durable, waterproof, and far more comfortable than concrete.
  • PVC plastic: PVC plastic has a similar durability to rubber flooring for dogs, but it delivers a bit more cushioning. Many PVC tiles have perforations, allowing spilled water bowls and urine to drain through to the subfloor.
  • Artificial turf: Rolls of artificial turf are ideal for indoor or outdoor use, yielding a natural-looking surface that’s comfortable for dogs. Many dog turf options are resistant to the formation of odor and bacteria from urine and feces.

Features and Benefits of Dog Kennel & Crate Flooring

Some of the primary features and benefits of doggie daycare flooring include:
  • Create a professional-looking, finished surface that will impress potential customers
  • Cover large spaces quickly and economically
  • Durable enough to resist the dogs’ digging attempts
  • Efficient drainage of urine or spilled water
  • Maintains traction, even when wet
  • Cushioning for the dog’s leg joints and hips
  • Cushioning for the human trainers, too
  • Gentle enough for puppies to play
  • Free of lead and latex
  • Provides insulation against cold cement floors
  • Easy to clean with waterproof designs
  • Virtually maintenance free
  • Works for a DIY installation
  • Stain resistant flooring options

Dog Kennel Flooring Q&A

What is the best-rolled rubber flooring for doggy daycare facilities?

The best rubber flooring for dog daycare facilities will be a product that’s easy to install, eco-friendly, and waterproof. Our floor solutions are made of recycled tires, making them environmentally friendly. Our rolls have been used as dog daycare flooring in world-renowned centers for more than a decade. Because they are so well-built, they still look new years after installing them.

Is rubber flooring good for dog daycare?

Rubber flooring for doggie daycares is an excellent choice, as it’s easy to clean, extremely durable, and stands up to scuffing. It’s comfortable for the animals. It remains slip-resistant when it’s wet. It provides a reasonable price per square foot of coverage, too.

How do you clean dog daycare flooring?

The best way to clean dog daycare floors is to use a safe cleanser that will not damage the flooring and that will not put the animals in danger. When cleaning, avoid products like bleach, ammonia, and chlorine. Sweep or vacuum the floors daily and do a deep cleaning at least weekly, depending on the amount of soil.

How thick should rubber flooring be for dog daycares?

The perfect thickness for dog rubber flooring depends on the use case in mind. Rolls of rubber that are 8mm or 3/8 inch in thickness cover a large space economically and are durable.

What are the top recommended floors for dog kennels?

The top floors for dog kennels include interlocking foam tiles that are extremely comfortable and waterproof. Artificial turf is comfortable and looks natural. Perforated and raised floors allow water and urine to drain through to the subfloor, simplifying cleaning. Rubber mats for dogs are waterproof and extremely durable.

When should you use foam vs. rubber flooring for dogs?

Choosing to use foam or rubber flooring for dog daycares depends on the planned use cases. Foam is ideal for dogs that need extra cushioning on the leg and hip joints, such as older dogs and dogs in performance sports, but it will show scuff marks. Rubber isn’t quite as comfortable as foam, but it’s far more durable and does not easily show wear and tear. Both materials are easy to clean.